Many pregnant women will insomnia early in the early days. This situation must be paid attention to.

Pregnant women are more likely to insomnia

Pregnant mothers, do you feel that you are easy to insomnia?

In fact, in the first three months of pregnancy, about 44.2%of pregnant women would insomnia.

Why is this?

1 Modern society is under great pressure, and many people have insomnia, and pregnancy has intensified insomnia;

2 The first three months of progesterone has risen, it is easy to be sleepy during the day. As soon as you sleep during the day, you can’t sleep at night;

3 Other hormones after pregnancy cause gastrointestinal problems, which will inevitably affect sleep.There are also problems such as pregnancy and anxiety.

What would you look like if you can’t sleep well?

One -third of a person’s life spent in bed.

People have lost their ability to move when they sleep, which is very dangerous during ancient times.So why did n’t it be eliminated by the evolution mechanism?

Because sleep is really important.

The brain will detoxify the brain during sleep, and "throw away" the waste produced during the day, so that the next day can be a hundred times more spiritual.I ca n’t sleep well.

Sleep, the body can be adjusted.

Therefore, both normal people and pregnant women need good sleep.Insomnia, it doesn’t work ~ What should I do?Try this.

1 Keep a good sleep habit

Don’t look at this sentence is common, but not easy.

Too many things in modern society are competing for people’s attention.Mobile phones, television, work.Everyone is used to sleeping late, forming bad sleep habits.

If you want to get pregnant, even if you are not pregnant, you need to form a good sleeping habit.

Go to bed regularly and do not play with your mobile phone before going to bed, because the blue light emitted by the phone will interfere with people’s sleep.Adjust the bedroom environment and make a comfortable bed.Relax, wash the hot bath, bubble your feet.

But don’t take medicine randomly.Many medicines are not good for the body and have great side effects.Don’t listen to the faith.

2 Exercise and relax exercise

Exercise is actually helping to relieve insomnia.After exercise, the body will return to normal, but it is best to exercise 4-6 hours before going to bed.Daily exercise for a while, the overall essence is different.

Relax exercises, including yoga and meditation.Especially meditation, it is very good for people.There are many videos or audio of meditation exercises on the Internet, you can follow the practice.

3 If the insomnia is serious, you need treatment

I did the two steps above, and I was insomnia, so you have to treat it.Insomnia is very painful.People who don’t insomnia don’t know.

Cooperate with some psychological or physical therapy.Help yourself recover.

In fact, the change of anything must start with the brain.As long as people have the right understanding and they want to change themselves, they will be more handled.

I’m afraid that others will say that if you don’t pay attention to it yourself, you will not have any changes.I remember watching a show in the past, Yuan Hong shared his fitness experience in it and said: Before fitness, he was healthy, and he had to realize that he thought.Then you are easy to succeed.

I wish you all a good pregnancy.

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