Meibao Star: Pregnant women should not be ignored during pregnancy!

Dizziness and dazzling after pregnancy are the common symptoms of hypoglycemia in pregnant women.Pregnant women with light blood sugar will have dizziness and unstable steps; in severe cases, they appear dark, unclear, and even syncope when they suddenly stand or walk.

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Pregnant women must go to the hospital for examination to avoid danger.When pregnant women’s blood glucose level is too low (less than 50 mg/dl or 2.8 mmol/L) or blood sugar is too fast, pregnant women’s hypoglycemia may occur.The occurrence of hypoglycemia is common in patients treated with insulin or pregnant women who have insufficient feeding due to pregnancy drama.Some patients do not have less than 50 mg/dl, but there are some symptoms of hypoglycemia, which are called hypoglycemia.

The effect of hypoglycemia on pregnant women on the fetus:

Insufficient eating of pregnancy vomiting often leads to hypoglycemia. The symptoms of hypoglycemia in pregnant women mainly show dizziness, panic, hunger, blurred vision, and may even appear full -body convulsions and coma. ThereforeThere will be a dead child in coma. Once it is not treated in time for more than 6 hours, there will be severe brain damage or even death.

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1. Symptoms of hypoglycemia:

Early symptoms of hypoglycemia are mainly manifested by palpitations, fatigue, sweating, hunger, pale complexion, tremor, nausea and vomiting, etc., usually appear after hunger and exercise, and can also occur before lunch or dinner.Light and heavy.

2. The more severe hypoglycemia often has the manifestation of the lack of sugar in the central nervous system. In the early stage, it is manifested as mental unimpruyable, dull thinking and language, dizziness, drowsiness, unclear vision, and unstable gait; there can be hallucinations, restlessness, easy to easyEthics such as anger and weird behavior.If the condition progresses, the unclear consciousness, muscle shocks and dysfunction, and even epilepsy, paralysis, pathological reflexes.In the end, he fell into a coma, his body temperature was low, and his pupils disappeared to light reflection.

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What about hypoglycemia?

Pregnant women have mild blood sugar symptoms, such as weakness, dizziness, dazzling, etc., can eat candy, biscuits, or drink sugar water to quickly correct the state of low blood sugar.Generally, symptoms of hypoglycemia after ten minutes disappear.After eating above, you can eat some foods or dried tofu and dried tofu to prevent the recurrence of hypoglycemia.

If you still have weakness, dizziness, dazzling or dazzling, or often occur after eating, you should seek medical examination in a timely manner.Patients with severe hypoglycemia should not feed them, they should be taken to the hospital immediately.

It is worth noting that the hypoglycemia performance of each patient can be different, but for the patient’s own, the symptoms of each attack are basically similar. Therefore, diabetic patients and family members should pay attention to identify the symptoms of hypoglycemia in order to take measures in time and actively deal with it.Essence

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