Men are diagnosed with "sperm -free", but the wife is pregnant?Doctor: I can explain all this

Invited experts: Gou Jiang, the attending physician of the Division of the Fourth Hospital of Xi’an Fourth Hospital

Promoting eugenics and eugenics, doctors suggest that both husband and wife should go to the hospital for pre -pregnancy examination.For male compatriots, semen analysis and sperm malformation rate measurement is the most important test item in male pre -pregnancy examination. This examination can evaluate the condition of male semen, sperm, sperm vitality, and sperm malformation rate.

In modern society, we often hear someone being diagnosed as "sperm -free" in life, so what is sperm -free?What are the types of sperm -free and how to distinguish it?How to treat sperm -free?Let’s talk about them one by one.

Sperm -free, refers to the case where there is no sperm in the semen. Before diagnosing sperm -free, there are at least 2 to 3 semen analysis checks that meet the testing conditions. In the case of conventional computer analysis, semen orThe urine specimen after ejaculation (patients suspected of retrograde ejaculation) for centrifugation, and the sediment detection still failed to find sperm, in order to eventually be determined as sperm -free.

In clinical, sperm -free is divided into two types: obstructive sperm -free and non -obstruction.

Obstructive sperm -free

It means that the testicular can produce sperm normally, but the passage of the transportation sperm is not accessible, so there is no sperm in the semen.

It should be explained here that some semen does not necessarily represent sperm, because semen is composed of prostate liquid, seminal vesicles, epididymia, etc., and sperm is only in these liquids, just like the relationship between the pool and fish.Essence

Non -obstructive sperm -free

It means that there is no problem with the passage of the sperm, but there is a disorder in the testicular sperm function, which cannot produce sperm.

For these two types, you can initially judge the testicular size, the amount of semen, and the pH value of semen.

Targeted examinations mainly include testicular B -ultrasound, sex hormones, chromosomes, and Y chromosomal micro -lack. These examinations have been evaluated in all aspects of testicular size, sperm function, genetic factors, and spermatogenesis.

Of course, these inspections are performed from the side. The most direct and accurate is the testicular puncture biopsy, take a small tissue tissue, and send it to the laboratory or pathology department. After processingIn the end, it can be determined as an obstructive sperm -free disease. At the same time, the pathological examination can also evaluate the spermatogenesis of the testicular fine tube, providing a certain basis for subsequent treatment.

For patients with obstructive spermatozoa, you can first judge the obstructive parts of the vasal pipeline through clinical indicators.Rebuilding, but most of the other vasters obstruction cannot be reconstructed by surgery, and at the same time reconstruction surgery also has a certain chance of failure. Therefore, most patients with obstructive sperm non -sperm can use testicular thorns to take sperm and cooperate with the second -generation IVF technology (single sperm follicle follicleInjecting in the slurry, ICSI) for pregnancy.

For patients with non -obstructive sperm non -sperm, the possibility of conventional testicular puncture is less likely to get sperm, but it does not mean that there is no sperm in the testicles. In some places, there may still be scattered sperm points. At this time, you can at this time.It is necessary to rely on micro -sperm surgery. Micro -sperm is like looking for an oasis in the desert. With the amplification of microscope, it is used to find raw essence and accurately obtain materials to increase the chance of obtaining sperm.

Sperm -free is only part of the small proportion of male infertility. The infertility caused by any cause is recommended to go to the regular reproductive and male department for treatment. According to the specific situation, corresponding intervention and treatment.

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