Mom is not easy to do 丨 Talk about my twists and turns!

I was pregnant on August 10, 2013. After a long pregnancy, I finally reached my baby with the ovulation test paper. When I was more than 40 days of pregnancy, nearly 50 days of pregnancy, that day was the night of the Mid -Autumn Festival.He also endured it for a long time. I told me that my wife couldn’t bear it?We were in the same room that night. After the same room was over, I went to the toilet and saw the blood. This was scared at 10 o’clock at that time. My husband and I went to the hospital with my husband.Doctor, I did a B -ultrasound, did not see the fetal heart buds, beating existence, and gave the luteal ketone a fetal medicine. The doctor told that I came home to rest in bed for ten days to come and review.When I got home, my long ten -day bed was resting. I didn’t know how to spend it, I was worried and scared, and the mood could not be speechless.

Ten days, I finally spent the time and went to the hospital to review again. At that time, I was pregnant for 57 days. I did a B -ultrasound, but the original heart tube beating of the fetal heart and fetal buds still did not exist.Come and review, if there is no fetal heart bud!The baby can’t ask. He returned home with his worries and fear and his husband. It was more than 10 days and did not eat seriously. I did not review it according to the seven days of the doctor said. I waited for more than ten days to review it. OneSitting on the road, I was silent in my heart, Amitabha, told the baby in the belly that you must cheer!Don’t torture your mother anymore. The baby should hear my prayer, and finally see the fetal heart bud!

That kind of excitement, happy mood, can never forget, Amitabha, I thank you, the next time, the next time the check -up has been fine, and it has also been screened by the Tang family. There is no problem.When we week, I said that the baby was less than 4 weeks, isn’t that a few months younger?The double -top diameter is also very small. It is said that the baby may be a small head deformity, which scares me. Let me go to Shenyang for a prenatal diagnosis. I really don’t know what to do. I washed my face with tears all day. My mother -in -law sighed every day.My husband also went to work. I was not by my side. Only my mother -in -law accompanied me. To be honest, I dare not go to prenatal diagnosis. I am afraid that my baby has a problem. I do n’t know how I should choose at that time?

I cried before going to bed every night. It was dark during that time. I told the baby that if your baby gave you birth, you would not complain about me for a lifetime, but I induced you?I really can’t bear to you. You are my baby. I use my mobile phone to check Baidu every day to see if there is the same situation as me. I will find out what is a small head deformity. I cry every day. Later, I didn’t go to do it.Pre -delivery diagnosis, thinking that even if the baby is not healthy, I have to raise a baby for a lifetime. The time passes quickly. It is almost 40 weeks immediately. I went to the hospital to check the fetal position.The overall is small, not only the small head, but the doctor who is a B -ultrasound told you if you remember the wrong pregnancy time, but I know if I am?

Finally, the expert department was hung. Experts said that the double -top diameter exceeded 8.0 to cesters section. In the last 40 weeks plus three days of caesarean section, the baby was born, weighing 2800 grams, 5 pounds and 6 two, height: 50cm. Fortunately, the baby is very healthy.Child, baby is great!It’s one year old and there are one or four months old, and you have you in your life. You are the continuation of my life, my baby!

In fact, this baby has a lot of stories before. I now write it down. I have no two babies before this baby, so this baby is my only hope. Now talk about the first baby?It was a cold winter. Because I rode a bicycle for too fast, I had a miscarriage. At that time, I was pregnant for almost three months. I was stupid at that time. I knew that I was pregnant and rode so fast.I want to get home earlier. After half an hour at home, my stomach started to hurt, and the blood clots in the toilet had flowed out. I was terrified. Because I had not got married at that time, my parents did not know that I was

I guess I had my blood on the taxi. I went to the hospital with too much blood flow. The baby did not keep it, but it was not clean. I had a curettage surgery in the hospital that night. The pain was really unforgettable. My husband was at work.In the same city, I spent 500 yuan in the car in the evening, and rented it. The next day I took me. My mother -in -law’s house, the little confinement did not do it well. At that time, I left it.After a fault, the pain of unmarried pregnancy first is difficult to open up.

Let’s talk about the second baby, right?It was also when I was pregnant for nearly three months, because I often hurt my stomach before, and then I had a low fever in the afternoon. I went to the hospital for examination. I learned that the baby had been born in the stomach for a long time.Hospital, the same result, I died, crying heartbreaking, why did the two babies pass by with me, I was painful, the hospital prescribed the medicine, but the medicine was lost, and finally the curettage surgery was performed again.In the second time, I was not as nervous for the first time. After I went home after the operation and did a small confinement, 2013.01.15, my husband and I got married, but I did n’t have a child, and the menstruation didn’t come.The luteum acupuncture, menstruation came normally. In the end, I did n’t know where I heard the ovulation test strip. After I went to the pharmacy to buy it, I was used to use it. I finally measured that I was in the same room with my husband.The two bars of the test strip, I told my husband with joy, my husband was very happy to hug me. Later, you know, this is my twists and turns and bumpy breeding history. I am pain and happiness.God still cares for me and gives me a cute baby daughter.

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