Mom pay attention during pregnancy, 3 reactions in the body may be alarm, not pregnancy

When I ate again in the morning, facing the preserved egg lean porridge carefully prepared by my mother -in -law, Xiaoli couldn’t hold back the uncomfortable drinking in the stomach and ran to the sanitary room to vomit.

The mother -in -law in the living room was quietly told to the father -in -law, "It must be pregnant, this is a few mornings, vomiting every day, I changed the tricks and made some greasy dishes."

When Xiaoli came out, it was the face of the whole family’s little Mimi, which made Xiaoli Yun in the mist and didn’t know what happened in the mist. My mother -in -law stepped forward and pulled Xiaoli and said, "Lili, you are pregnant, you are pregnant, you are pregnant.Child. "

Xiaoli felt very incredible. She had no reaction for her long -term pregnancy. Where did my mother -in -law look at it? "Mom, do you see it, or go to the hospital to check it."

"No, what’s going on that money? Listening to the mother’s mother has experience. Mom wants to vomit when you are like you at first sight.In his expression, Xiaoli also reluctantly lived at the life of pregnant mothers with peace of mind.

In this way, Xiaoli had never been to the hospital when I heard her mother -in -law. Every day, she ate pregnant women’s meals carefully prepared by her mother -in -law.The next day becomes larger.

But just one morning, Xiaoli suddenly found herself bleeding. At that time, she was particularly scared. The family immediately rushed to the hospital.

How can pregnant women come to menstruation?The doctor’s words stunned the whole family. The good grandson chicken flew eggs. The mother -in -law sat in the corridor and cried. It turned out that Xiaoli’s previous vomiting was only because of gastrointestinal discomfort. After a while, it would be fine.

Is it easy for the young couple during pregnancy to encounter such a dilemma? A little physical response can think of pregnancy. If Xiaoli went to the hospital at the time, it was okay.Pseudo -pregnancy reaction.

Once preparing for pregnancy, it seems that a little response in life will be enlarged infinitely, and the inadvertent temptation from her mother -in -law can’t stop it.

When watching the TV series "Brave Heart", the old lady in order to judge whether her grandson daughter -in -law was pregnant, so she tested her granddaughter’s reaction to the grandparents of her grandson every morning.

But pay attention here!There will be reaction changes in the body anytime, anywhere. This is normal, but do not pull everything to pregnancy. If the following reactions occur, it is recommended to go to the hospital for inspection to get a conclusion.

When a friend Xiao Meng went to college, there was a problem with breast pain. The standard signal before the menstrual period came to the chest pain each time, so as long as she felt uncomfortable, she knew that it was ready to be aunt’s towel and other things.

Later, when I was working, I also had 3 breast nodules because of too much pressure. It was really uncomfortable that day. I have been following the conditioning of Chinese medicine and western medicine. It is much better than the beginning.Essence

Until last year, I was preparing for pregnancy and preparing for a child. There was a long time in the middle of the small dreams very healthy and nothing, so I decided to start preparing for pregnancy.

After nearly a month, Xiao Meng had breast tenderness again, and this time the pain was relatively strong. There was no way to come to the hospital, but the results of her mother -in -law were different.

Xiao Meng is a mild breast hyperplasia. Be sure to pay attention to daily lifestyle habits. Only if the body is raised can you consider pregnancy? Otherwise, there is no way to use drugs when you are pregnant.of.

Some time we will say that if women’s pregnancy of the body hormone is different from the previous, the body may develop secondary, and the breasts of pregnant mothers may feel painful, and some people will treat this as a pregnant body signal.

However, for some female compatriots with menstrual pain and breast nodules, they must pay attention to see if there are any problems with the breast.Don’t miss your body warning.

There are many typical symptoms of pregnant mothers in their lives in the early stages of pregnancy. They often sleep without knowing it. These are typical reactions of the body after pregnancy.

But it is not absolute. Sometimes, people will have symptoms of insufficient blood supply to the brain, and even brain diseases will also have symptoms of fatigue and fatigue.

In the early stage of fertilized egg development, there will be slight bleeding with the development of the embryo. The color is generally a small amount of red or pink, which is a normal reaction.

However, for novice mothers who have been preparing for a long time but have not had good news, it is inevitable that psychological tensions will inevitably cause pseudo -pregnancy phenomena.

The situation of vomiting, drowsiness, sleepy, loss of appetite, and belly of the belly will occur like the real pregnancy phenomenon, but the B -ultrasound will be in the original shape.

Most of these situations are preparation for pregnant mothers who are under too much pressure, and they feel a little bit of grass and trees. During pregnancy, we must maintain calmness and relaxation of the mentality. Do not apply too much pressure on your family.

Pay attention to maintenance. Don’t wait until you are pregnant before quitting some bad habits. Good living habits should be developed daily. If the body occurs, please consult a doctor to get the most scientific conclusions.

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