Moms, do you really breastfeed?5 points, don’t talk about breastitis at that time

Mastitis is a gynecological disease with a high chance of onset, and most of them will appear after women’s production, which will not only affect the health of patients, but also cause infants to be unable to eat sufficient milk. ThereforeWork to avoid affecting its own health and baby growth and development due to mastitis.

1. Avoid milk accumulation

Milk stasis can cause mastitis, so women should avoid milk accumulation after production.The reason why this phenomenon occurs is because after the milk is accumulated, the baby cannot eat milk, which will increase the strength of sucking, and the nipples of the novice mother will be absorbed, which will cause infection. When the bacteria take the opportunity to enter the breastAfter the organization, it is easy to cause mammitis.

2. Maintenance of nipples

Before production, expectant mothers must maintain their nipples. This can avoid being sucked by the baby because the nipples are too delicate. After the nipples are damaged, the bacteria will take the opportunity to enter the tissue of the breast, which will cause mastitis.Therefore, women should maintain nipples before and after production.In the later stages of pregnancy, you can wipe the nipples with 75%alcohol, or clean the nipples with warm water to enhance the flexibility and resistance of the nipple skin.

3. It is recommended to breastfeed

Some women choose not to breastfeed in order to avoid breastfeeding due to breastfeeding. In fact, this approach is incorrect. Breast milk is the most suitable baby’s food.The most important thing is that it is safe and can make the relationship between mother and child better.In addition, if breastfeeding is not carried out after production, breasts will also occur due to milk stasis. Therefore, female breastfeeding is recommended.

4. The posture should be correct during feeding

Many novice mothers suffer from mastitis because they cannot maintain the correct posture when feeding their babies.Because incorrect posture can make the baby particularly laborious when eating milk, which increases the attractive strength, and eventually leads to nipple rupture, which causes mastitis.Therefore, novice mothers must master the correct way of feeding, so that it can make it easier for babies to eat milk and prevent mastitis.

5. Take a short breast when feeding

When feeding the baby, let the baby eat the breasts on one side first, and then eat the other side. You cannot eat alternately on both sides, because this can prevent mastitis caused by milk accumulation.If the maternal milk is sufficient, the baby can only eat it aside, so you can squeeze out the milk on the other side.

Kind tips

If you suffer from mastitis after delivery, don’t worry too much, actively take effective treatment.Under the guidance of a doctor, you can take some drugs that have not harmed the baby, or you can dredge the milk pipe by massage to discharge milk, thereby playing the role of swelling and dispersion.If the course has exceeded 10 days and the pain is constantly worse, and even if there is pus, it is necessary to go to the hospital for drainage in time to cause more serious situations.

If the symptoms of mastitis are not very serious, you can use a warm towel to make the breasts with hot compresses.In addition, if the symptoms brought by mastitis are obvious, it can be temporarily stopped to breastfeed, but it still needs to squeeze out the milk in the breast in time.

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