Moms, what are you pregnant before you know?

There are many things in life that you need to experience it after you experience it. It is good or bad, sorrow or joy!

Just like pregnant and having children, many women are looking forward to the arrival of the baby before they are not pregnant; but once they have children, there will be a hint of minutes to return him back to the furnace.In the process of parenting, there is really joy, pain, satisfaction, and trouble.EssenceEssenceI feel like a mood.

It can only let some women know that it is not so simple to be a mother who has experienced parenting.In the process of pregnancy, women will experience a lot of things. Some people may know a little, but there will be some questions, so let’s take a look at some people’s experience together.

1. The first three months of pregnancy and the first three months of pregnancy need to take folic acid (during the process of pregnancy, Dad also needs to take folic acid).

2. If you are preparing to get pregnant, it is best to go to the hospital for a full body examination (both husband and wife) in advance to eliminate the health and worry of the body.

3. When choosing a hospital inspection hospital, be sure to choose a hospital with a close home, convenient driving, and relatively high reputation. In this way, the post -production inspection, service during production, and a series of inspections can be completed at one time, and it is more convenient, so it is more convenient. Therefore, it is more convenient. Therefore, it is more convenient. Therefore, it is more convenient.It is recommended to consider comprehensive.

4. In the early stages of pregnancy, go to the local supervisor’s maternity department to issue a "maternity registration certificate", that is, the "quasi -birth certificate", which is related to the child’s construction file and the cost of subsequent maternity insurance.

5. For the working mother, it is best not to leave the job and continue to pay social security, especially for a 1 -year maternity insurance, which can enjoy the collection of maternity allowances and insurance for production hospitalization.

6. There is no need to supplement a lot of nutrients for pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy, because during this period, the fetus is still in the embryo, very fragile, too much to eat, and it is not good for the child.It is generally recommended to start nutritional supply in the second trimester, but pay attention to nutritional balance to avoid causing excess nutrition and huge children.

7. If the fetal examination is small, it is generally normal. Do not worry about whether pregnant mothers, and do not blame if they do not eat enough nutrition and cause their children to develop.

8. As far as possible, the check -ups are hung on the same doctor, so that the doctor is familiar with the situation and can better inform the situation.

9. During pregnancy, you should be familiar with the knowledge of pregnancy and childcare, so that you can do not panic and face it calmly, and do not be confused by rumors when facing some pregnancy knowledge.

10. Pay attention to counting fetal movements during pregnancy. This is very important. As a fetal supervision at home, record data in a timely manner and pass to the doctor in the background.

11. To understand several signals of production, "seeing red", "breaking water" and "contraction". When you meet production, don’t panic, go to the hospital in time.

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