Mother -in -law smoke?How much is smoking during pregnancy?You know after watching it!

Speaking of smoking, I believe that many people who do not smoke particularly hate smoking, the smell of smoke on their bodies is extremely unpleasant and even disgusting.The current female friends are accustomed to smoking, and I won’t feel awkward, but have you seen smoking smoking?Yes, there must be!There are expectant mothers for drug use, let alone smoking.Today, I will take you to see how deep the expectant mother smoke is to the baby. I believe you will regret it.

1. Affect pregnant eggs in bed

In the early stages of pregnancy, because of the nicotine and its metabolites in the tobacco, the amount of luteal ketone in the expectant mothers decreases, the endometrial decreased reaction is limited.Pregnant eggs will die soon, and spontaneous abortion in early pregnancy will occur.

2. Affect growth and development

During pregnancy, expectant mothers smoke, nicotine in tobacco and the carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other substances contained in their smoke will be inhaled into the blood. In this wayThe situation of the fetus is prone to delay in the fetal palace.

3. Affect fetal intelligence development

During pregnancy, expectant mothers will seriously affect the intellectual development of the fetus. Tobacco contains up to 1200 toxic substances. Such substances can easily affect the fetus through the placenta. Some studies have stated that the expectant mothers smoke during pregnancy will cause the fetal brain to develop poorly.Sludge intelligence.

4. The fetus is prone to deformity

If a large number of smokers smoke in early pregnancy, the incidence of fetus can cause teratogenic fetuses, such as cracks, cleft cleft lip, palate, and pyloric stenosis. In addition, the chances of incidence of brain -free and congenital heart disease will be greatly increased.

5. Discontinue premature birth rate internal suffocation

During pregnancy, expectant mothers smoke because nicotine’s toxin has reduced the oxygen content of the placenta. In order to meet the needs of the fetus, the placenta will cause compensation hypertrophy.The possibility is greatly improved.

6. Prone to intrauterine suffocation

Smoking during pregnancy has reduced the oxygen content of the placenta because of the toxins of nicotine. In order to meet the needs of the fetus, the placenta will cause compensation hypertrophy.The sex is greatly improved.

7. It is easy to cause newborn diseases

The expectant mothers smoke during pregnancy, and the chances of newborn diseases have increased significantly. The carcinogens in the cigarette oil are carcinogens and stay in the liver of the fetus through the mother’s blood. Newborn may suffer from liver cancer. Prospective mothers smoke pneumonia and bronchis within the age of age.The possibility of respiratory diseases such as inflammation is also about two times higher than ordinary children.

Do you dare to smoke when you see these hazards?Good luck!

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