Moving must pay attention, you can’t move casually

The Chinese generally do not like to relocate since ancient times. As the saying goes, "people are poor, the fire is extinguished", "people move three emptiness, and the fire moves three exit."Hi and disgust.As a farming nation, it has a very deep complex for its own yellow land. In special circumstances, most people will not leave their hometown easily.

What are special circumstances? Generally, floods, earthquakes, famine, snow disasters, and dysentery of epidemic belong to special circumstances.

In this case, people think that "people are living and trees are dead". This is the most important thing for the land plot to be thrown. Living is the most important thing.For thousands of years, our ancestors have experienced countless natural disasters and human disasters on this vast land, so that there are countless people’s relocation, so our ancestors have summarized some experience and taboos of relocation.

The following editors will explain some taboos about relocation.

1. Avoid too old.In ancient times, it was too old to relocate."On the Heng • Difficulties" records: "Migration Law" said: ‘Migration reaches Tai Sui, and it is also fierce in the age of Tai Sui.Ling Tai Suizi, people in the world must not be migrated from north and south, and they are avoided by getting married and marrying. "Because in the face of the position where the Tai Sui is located and the position of the back to the Tai Sui, the people must avoidOpen too old.

2. Avoid relocation of pregnant women.When you move your new home, if you have a pregnant woman at home, try not to move as much as possible.Suggestion: If you have to move, let the pregnant person leave the scene.During the relocation, it is best to cook water, cook and other work.

3. Do not boil water on the day of living.On the day of staying in a new home, don’t forget to boil a pot of boiling water, which means that the source of wealth is rolling.At the same time, stuffing various pool pots (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.), open the faucet, and slow water flow, because the long water flow of water is full of meaning, a fan can also be opened in the house, and it must be blowing on all sides.Blowing, this means the meaning of the wind and water.

4. Avoid moving.You must choose Jiri, you can choose Ji Ri to see "Daily Victory"; Van Tong victory records; stage horses, Tianma, Dehe, Kaijine, Rising Day, Tianzhu, Four Phases, Shi De, Min, Min, Min, Men, Min people, people, people, people, people, people, people, people, people, people, and people.On the day, Yueen and others should be relocated.Do not record in the victory: Four wastes, five tombs, four leaves, broken days, weekdays, closing days, closed days, four must, death, avoiding, heavenly officials, big days and other days to relocate.In addition, it depends on whether this day is suitable for moving time.Generally, you need to choose to move during the day. Moving at night may affect your luck.In addition, in addition to avoiding the Tai Sui God, the folk also has the custom of "six lunar month".The Zhejiang area is not avoided in the first month, and I moved in September, thinking that it was not good to move in the past two months.Because the tiger day, the dog day, the rat day, the snake day is the fierce day, taboo taboos to relocate this day.It can be seen that people should be relocated as major events and must not be treated carefully.Otherwise, this will be fierce.

5. Do not move the stoves and idols first.When moving, the Han nationality thought that "moving the stove first", the king of the stove and the family genealogy must be moved to the new place first, and then they could move other things. When the Orole Chun tribe was relocated, they must first move the idol box behind the "fairy column".Go, then move again.

6. Do not move the pillow.People think that when moving, they must move their pillows. Folklores believe that "entry" is the transfer of gas field. Therefore, the pillows need to be entered first: according to the number of family members, enable new pillows to open the door to enter the house.Put separately according to the personal bed.In Hong Kong, China, Chinese people in Singapore and other places are also equipped with envelopes in the pillow, with 138 yuan in the inside, with the meaning of "lifetime" in the figure.

7. Do not sleep on the day of moving.Do not sleep at the new home on the day of moving, otherwise it is easy to get sick in the future. When you sleep that night, the owner will get up for a few minutes and then work for a while, saying that you have to get up when you sleep.

8. Do not burn incense.In many places, we need to take 21 incense and click on the left side of the house.In the place, remove it to remove evil spirits.

9. Angry and curse on the day of moving.Don’t be angry on the day of moving, you must not scold others, especially don’t scold children.Be sure to say auspicious words and do auspicious things.

10. Do not "make troubles" after moving.On the first or first day after moving, you must make a house, that is, you must ask relatives, friends, and relatives, left neighbors to go to the home for a while, or chat or eat or entertain.

11. Do not leave things when moving.When the people moved to live, avoid "head painting" on the indigenous wall.When Ewenk moved, he also taboo unclean things at the place of the dead, such as nails, hair, clipping bags, bags, etc., must be thrown away.These are taboos that people take by psychological reactions caused by fear.(Ancient people were more superstitious and thought that these things were symbols of "unclean".)

Some people may think that the above methods are feudal superstitions, and there is no role. In modern society, these feudal superstitions should have been scanned into the historical garbage dumps.But in fact, these so -called feudal superstitions are all the lessons accumulated by the wisdom and accumulation of their ancestors.According to the investigation report, these so -called feudal superstition Feng Shui and taboos are actually inextricably related to Zhou Yi, gossip, feng shui, meteorology, geography, civil engineering, philosophy, and psychology.

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