Must -see during pregnancy: Choose a hospital for inspection after pregnancy, these 4 points are indispensable

With the advancement of medical technology and public concepts, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the production inspection during pregnancy.Especially in such places such as Beishangguang, expectant mothers will also be suggested to find a hospital in a local area to conduct a regular inspection.However, there are many types of hospitals, including public and private; and in public hospitals, they will be divided into comprehensive hospitals and maternal and child health hospitals.So how should expectant mothers choose the hospital for their own production inspection?Let’s take a look at Xiao Meng ~

1. Look at the technical level of the hospital

The first thing to consider selected hospitals is the technical level.Specific mothers can learn about the levels of equipment, medical staff, etc. in advance through the birth of relatives and friends or the Internet, and then make their own decisions.

2. See if the mother has a disease or pregnancy complication

If the mother has diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and systemic lupus erythematosus, it is recommended to choose a comprehensive public hospital, which can make her entire pregnancy process and childbirth safety.

Third, look at the distance from home and far away

The expectant mothers have to do a dozen examinations during pregnancy, and after the third trimester, they have to conduct a birth check every week. If it is too far away from home, it will be inconvenient.And the emergency department may need to be needed near delivery. If the journey is too far, accidents may occur and delay production.

Fourth, look at the high and low economic ability

Do not compare and avoid getting into economic distress.If you have good economic ability, you can choose a private hospital with reputation. Prospective mothers with general economic ability or no basic disease can choose the maternal and child health hospital.Maternal and Child Health Hospital provides medical services for women and children, with complete facilities and low fees.

Mo Meng warmly reminds: The checkup is a major event, but it does not mean that I have to go to a large hospital for examination.On the one hand, there is a large amount of people in large hospitals, and there are often dumping of the production inspection. It takes a lot of time to exhaust the expectant mothers; on the other hand, almost all hospitals can complete the production inspection items.Or the fetus has no special requirements, and there is no need to squeeze the hospital.In short, when selecting the hospital for inspection hospital, expectant mothers must consider their own needs reasonably so that they can choose a hospital that is more suitable for you ~

(Refer to the book "Xiehe Pregnancy Encyclopedia" He Cuihua; "Edited by the Second Tempeering Notes of the Elderly Second Tibetan"

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