My daughter -in -law is 27, and she is pregnant for the first time. She told me like this, how can I comfort her?

My daughter -in -law is 27th this year, we are together for 5 years, and we just got married last year!

Just found out in March this year, and then the emotion is obviously different from before!

I work in the company this morning, and she watched a video of a tone blogger about pregnancy.

Then send it to me, the video content is probably:

"On the day she got married, she embedded her little girl in that wedding frame!

She looked at her and let her fade!"

Then I intercepted some comments she felt very agreed with:

"I didn’t feel so difficult when I got married!

I didn’t feel so difficult when I was Huaibao!

But is it so difficult when I reached out for money?"

"I have seen such a sentence:

The mother was pushed out in the delivery room, and the girl could never come out again!"

"Tianliang is about to divorce, and the five -month -old baby in my belly will leave me!"

In fact, after watching this video and these comments, the first feeling is comparison!

But when I thought my wife was pregnant for the first time, her identity changed hugely, maybe she was not ready!

Then see these pictures and remarks that are easy to incite emotion, it is naturally easier to become sentimental!

However, I still don’t know how to comfort her for a while!

I just want her not to see these poisonous chicken soup first, and then return to her!

"South Douyin North Quick, a good helper on the road to divorce!

Look at Douyin less!"I answered like this!

"Is this true?

People are right, it was originally!

You are still you, I am no longer myself!

Is it wrong? Isn’t me before, can I still go back to myself?"Unexpectedly, the emotions of the daughter -in -law were even more excited, and I could feel her excitement!

I suddenly, I don’t know how to answer!

I have never seen these rhythmic rhythm, but I feel distressed by my wife!

Pregnancy is really not easy. Early pregnancy vomiting, cramps at night, pain in cramps when sleeping.It’s really not easy. I know that it is important to persuade it, and the mood of pregnant women is very important!But I really don’t know how to persuade!

Do you have any good ways?How to comfort?

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