My elementary school classmate, pregnant at the age of 14

I went back to my mother’s house two days ago. In the northern countryside in winter, the family chatted around the stove and watched TV. I heard a gossip.

It is actually uncomfortable to say that it is very uncomfortable. The sufferings of others have become the topic of our chat.

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When we were chatting, my grandmother saw that my child was full of courtyard and could not enter the house. It was not cold. Speaking of me when I was young.

When I was very young, I didn’t like to wear shoes. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, I took off my shoes first when I entered the house. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, wind frost, rain, and snow, I like to step on the ground barefoot.

At first I didn’t even want to wear shoes when I went out. Later, I was taught by glass dregs once, and I never dared to go out without wearing shoes.

At that time, I had a good friend who used to the same habit as me.I often come to my house to play because I am in the same village, my parents, and my grandparents and grandma.

Therefore, we often run around in my yard.

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It can be said that the entire elementary school is inseparable.

In junior high school, I went to school in the county seat. She went to the school in a nearby village, and we were separated.

At the beginning, it will still play on weekends.Later, I had a heavy schoolwork. The education in the county and the village was very different. Often, she went to my house to find me. I was still in school at school. I rest for a day on the weekend. She has to write homework at home.And it ’s unrealistic to write homework together. Although the textbooks are the same, the homework is different. I’ m going to get seven or eight test papers. She is the exercise book.

Why do students passionate to do homework together?The atmosphere is a reason. It is more for the answer, plagiarism, or tutoring each other.Both of us have different questions, so we cannot answer the answer. The topic that cannot be seen by the other party, because the learning progress is different, the other party may not learn there.

In short, since we go to school separately, we have less time to meet.

After the third grade, I completely lost her news.

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Hearing her news again, this time grandma told us.

She is not studying well. When she was in elementary school, she was medium -sized, and there were more junior high school disciplines.Coupled with family reasons, the second day is not on.

At that time, she was only 14 years old, and we said that we were empty, and that was 15 years old.

She was too young to go out to work, and her relative asked her to go to the Internet cafes as a network management.

Speaking of this relative, that’s really … stupid and bad.

This Internet cafe is a small black Internet cafe opened by relatives. She did not hire a network management. She shifted in her family. Knowing that she was idle at home, she asked her to do network management, eat it, and pay hundreds of dollars at the end of the month.

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If this is the case, it can only be stupid, not bad.

Why is it stupid?Relatives let a girl who has not established the correct three views at the age of fourteen and five to go to the Internet cafes with mixed fish and dragons. It seems stupid to me!

In addition to stupidity, worse on the back.

The relatives’ family did not really introduce the work, but to liberate the labor force of her family. After she passed, the male host of the relatives went out to work.The male owner’s original night shift was given to her.

When I played this text, my hands were trembling and lost several times.

I really don’t understand, what resentment and grievances, let a minor girl alone in the Internet cafe alone.Still the kind of black Internet cafe in the alley!

Who are those who go to the black Internet cafe?

After a month, she was raped.

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A boy who raped her was a minor who dropped out of society.She is already over 14 years old, and the boy is not an adult, which means that the alarm may not be able to look forward to a few years.

However, this is just the beginning of her tragic experience.

She told her parents about this.Her parents resigned to work.

Do you think parents hurt her?No!Her parents think she is shameful!Lock her at home.

She experienced such a thing, and she was afraid of contacting the crowd, but nothing happened at home.

But she was pregnant.This is another tragedy.

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She was not measured, but she was seen by her parents when she was big.

No one taught her physiological knowledge, and no one told her to remember to take medicine afterwards.

More than four months of pregnancy.The belly was protruding, and her parents discovered that they took the hospital for examination and confirmed that she was pregnant.

At this time, her parents did not choose to give birth.It is also known that the fetus is made of evil, but letting the daughter is spoiled.

The more terrible operation of parents is still behind.

Pregnancy means that the things she had happened before will be discovered by relatives and neighbors, so how to deal with it as soon as possible?Send her to the rapist’s house and let her marry a rapist.

As mentioned earlier, rape criminals are as 17 years old, and two minors get married?Funny!

But they did so.

I am still afraid that the man does not want her, and throw her directly to the man’s house. Without a wedding, there are no gifts, and send it directly to let her face the man who forced her alone.

We don’t know if there are abuse in a man’s house, but from what happened later, it would definitely not be good for her.

Soon, she gave birth to a daughter.

Because of this, she was returned to her mother’s house after confinement.

Fortunately, the man’s house just didn’t want her, her daughter was still willing to raise it, so she returned to her mother’s house alone.

However, her ignorant parent, suspected of abandoning her shame. On the street, she scolded her not to love. It was a seduce of men who seduced a man.

She said that she couldn’t hold her in the man’s house, don’t want her, not that she was unwilling to live with her in -laws.

Her mother didn’t listen, and she shook out of what happened earlier.The villagers learned that the girl’s tragic experience.

Classic quotes,

"You don’t seduce a man, how can you rape you? Why didn’t you rape others?"

"It’s definitely you!"

"Being pregnant at a young age is shameless!"

"Go to my in -laws’ house to seduce people and be found before you don’t want you!"

Similarly, it was said from the mother’s mouth, and everyone would collapse.

She really collapsed.

I heard that she knelt down and moved forward, begging her parents, and let her go home.Her parents blocked the door and pushed her out.

She kneeling for more than an hour, without in exchange for a concern, neighbors couldn’t stand it, and persuaded her parents to be scolded.

In the end, she could only leave.

After leaving, she never returned.

I don’t know why her parents do that, and others hurt her. From a young age to the big baby, it is shameful if it is bullied?

When the villagers talked about her, no one felt shameful, but felt that her parents were shameful.

In short, I hope she lives well.

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