My girlfriend is pregnant, the child is not mine

"My girlfriend is pregnant, the child is not mine."

Li Wei said calmly, and then buried his head into his arm. The young man who was almost thirty cried in front of me.

"She is my first girlfriend, I am so good to her, why, green me?"

Li Wei was a technical worker in the factory. After graduating from high school, he came to the factory to do it. After almost ten years, he was considered an old man in the factory.Chen Wei came from Guangdong and worked as a female worker in the factory. It was just a few months.Chen Wei is the most beautiful of this group of female workers. The girl in the south has white skin and the softness of the water villages.A pair of round eyes, as if there are many feelings, a pair of cherry mouth, pink and tender, thin and thin, like weak Liu Fufeng.Beautiful girls are scarce resources everywhere. As soon as Chen Wei entered the factory, there were some young guys in the factory showing her good.However, Chen Wei did not show obvious preferences for anyone. She smiled all day and did not refuse.

"Hey, do you say that this Chen Wei is good, how can so many people chase her, she doesn’t have any template?"

"I see, she is fishing, riding a donkey to find a horse, you see that she is like that, just recruit bees and butterflies!"

"I think so, do you think her mouth is scratching red every day, what does it look like?"

The most difficult thing to control is the mouth of others, especially in women’s piles.There were rumors that the story became a good thing in Chen Wei. When he was unmarried, he was pregnant. The other party refused to be responsible. Chen Wei ran out to work after giving birth to a child. The child threw it to his grandparents.

"Chen Wei? Why are you here? Are you crying?" Li Wei passed the lounge next to the cafeteria and saw Chen Wei crying inside, and couldn’t help but step forward to ask.

"I’m okay, Brother Wei." Chen Wei stretched out his slender and soft fingers and wiped his tears.

"Well, Xiao Chen, I heard your business, don’t go to your heart, those people are unsaturated at work, idle. Don’t rest assured, they are all chewing roots and nonsense." Li WeiThe comfort of Chen Wei has been warm with unprecedented warmth.

"Thank you, Brother Wei." Chen Wei was a pair of pupils, and she was more and more impressive with tears. She looked at Li Wei like that.Li Wei’s heart, pounding, this was the first time he talked to Chen Wei at close range.This woman’s eyes have a kind of charm, Li Wei’s heart moved.

Since then, Li Weiyue has taken photos of this girl.

"Wei Wei, the cafeteria has your favorite shrimp today, I will give you a copy of you by the way."

"Thank you Brother Wei!" The smile on Chen Wei’s face turned her cheeks.

One or two went, everyone in the factory knew that the two had something to do, but the two did not break each other.When the meal was dinner in the factory, everyone coaxed, and Li Wei asked Chen Wei to be his girlfriend.Chen Wei agreed shyly.

The love of the two began.Every day, Li Wei goes to the staff dormitory to pick up Chen Wei, buy Chen Wei for what she likes to eat, buy her good -looking clothes, and want to buy everything to Chen Wei.The female workers in the factory envy Chen Wei.The two were so sweet for a year.

Until one day, Chen Wei didn’t come to the moon."Wei Wei, haven’t you come to your aunt this month?"

Chen Wei Zhili said he didn’t know.

"Wei Wei, don’t you buy a pregnancy test stick, I wear that thing every time, if this is there, we will get married.Hey! "Li Wei was very happy, but Chen Wei was silent.Li Wei felt strange, but didn’t ask much.

One week later, Chen Wei left a note and left the factory.

"I’m sorry, Brother Wei, I have returned to my hometown, my ex -husband came to me. I am pregnant, the child is not yours. I wish you all good, don’t read it."

It turned out that the once -words were true.Chen Wei really had a child in her hometown. She was really pregnant before she was unmarried. The man left her out of work at that time. Now she turned back to find her. Chen Wei still loved that man and eloped with him.

Li Wei collapsed completely.He resigned and left the place where he had done it for ten years, which was a sad place for him.

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