My girlfriend lied that she was pregnant, divorced after marriage, and her boyfriend regretted it

"Bai Jie, I’m pregnant, are you going to get a gift, are we getting married?"

Hearing the news of Ning Ning’s pregnancy on the phone, Bai Jie was startled, and he was full of happiness when he thought about it.

After telling her mother about getting married as soon as possible, Bai Jie ran to Ningning.

Bai Mu was angry with her son, and did not agree to continue to associate with Ning Ning. She did not expect Ning Ning to get pregnant directly.

Now I am pregnant, and my home is not unreasonable. I need to prepare some colorful gifts. It is not possible to not get married. I have to get busy marriage.

The 200,000 Caiging money is just enough, and the money required for the wedding has to borrow money from the relatives of the family before preparing the wedding.

Bai Mu thought of the house bought in the city, and drove his son out after getting married, letting them live, and I was annoyed.

Unexpectedly, Ning Ning told Bai Jie that he was not pregnant and said that he was not intentionally cheating Bai Jie. He reacted like a pregnancy and was very pregnant before he told Bai Jie that he was pregnant.

Bai Jie, who was in gentleness, did not blame Ning Ning. He also gave all his salary every month to Ning Ning, so that Ning Ning bought what he liked.

After all, someone was willing to be willing to be with himself. Only Ning Ning was willing to get along with himself. Without dislike himself, he should be better to Ning Ning.

However, after a long time, Ning Ning proposed a divorce, and said that the property after marriage should be divided by half. Bai Jie tried many methods and did not successfully retain.Ning’s last request also agreed, and hurriedly sold the house, and afterwards, it was half of Ning Ning.

Bai Mu learned that his son’s divorce was jumped, and he knew that his son sold the house at a low price and was half -half of Ning Ning. After waking up, no matter what the son said, the tens of thousands of yuan left by the house sold.Go, drive Bai Jie away.

Bai Jie felt that his approach was not wrong. He just sold the house to Ning Ning halfway, and he couldn’t buy it in the future.

After leaving, Bai Jie was addicted to it for a while, and he rejoiced again. He firmly believed that he would be able to meet a woman who was willing to live with himself, but was quickly defeated by reality.

It turned out that when Bai Jie took Ning Ning to home at that time, everything in Ning Ning was seen by Bai Mu. I also knew that such a girl was not sincere and her son lived.After rushing to Ning Ning, Bai Mu had to let her son go, but I did not expect to fall to understand in the end.

Now Bai Jie is divorced, the house is not, and the car is just an old battery car. There is no deposit, and no woman is willing to get along with Bai Jie.

Bai Jie was awakened, and he was nothing. He did not know when he worked hard to buy a house again. Later, he doubled hard and transferred all monthly income to his parents and left a little.


Bai Jie was spoiled by his parents from an early age. He never knew the hard work of making money. When he grew up, he sold the house that his parents could not easily buy. Fortunately, it was not too late to repent.

Bai Jie’s story also tells us:

Children cannot be used to raising from a young age, let alone understand the money. Parents cannot raise their children for a lifetime. The truth that can teach the child in advance must let the child know in advance, but the lesson of blood can make the child know more!

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