My mother -in -law firmly believes that Jun daughter -in -law did not dare to regret marriage, and determined to give colorful gifts.

My name is Wang Hao, a mountain village baby. After graduating from university, I stayed in Jiangcheng. Unfortunately, I was just a graduate of a third -rate university. I ca n’t find a good job at all.

On this day, I was unemployed again. After paying the rent next month, I only had more than 300 yuan left on my body. This money could not stand for a week even if it saves flowers in Jiangcheng.Even in the mind, there is a dangerous idea of risky risk. People are forced to be in a hurry.

When I was in a trough of my life, an unexpected call made my fate an inflection point.

Sister Zhang, the personnel manager of the previous company, she called me somehow calling me inexplicably. After the phone call, after listening to Zhang’s narrative, I was completely obsessed.Until the phone came from the phone, Zhang Group’s urging voice came: "Wang Hao, can you do it, Sister Zhang sees you honestly and meets the requirements of the other party. Then you will introduce such good things to you. Do n’t you know it."

"Sister Zhang, let me think about it." My mind was a little bit confused, so I had to drag first.

"Well, I must reply to me tomorrow morning. Wang Hao, in fact, there is nothing. The other party needs money and money, and the power has power. As long as you agree, you will give you 200,000 gifts, and you will not lose." Sister ZhangAfter saying a while, he hung up the phone.

After the call, I stunned for a while, and suddenly raised my hand to slap myself, confirming whether I was dreaming just now.

On the phone, Sister Zhang said that she would introduce a family relationship to herself. The other party’s request was very strange. She had to be a son -in -law, and asked the man’s height to be more than 180.It is an introverted rural baby, and these conditions are just in line, as if they are tailor -made for myself.

Honest, introverted, and even a bit dumb, 183 tall, handsome looks, although he graduated from Three Story University, but after all, he is also an undergraduate.

Sister Zhang said that the woman was called Li Jie, who was 30 years old, worked at the Municipal Government’s Land and Resources Bureau, and a cadre at the section level. As long as the interview of the other party can give 200,000 gifts, there is only one condition, that is to get married immediately.

The houses and cars are provided by the woman, and the house is still in luxury areas in the city center of Jiangcheng. The houses in this area will cost tens of millions.

I thought about it for a night, and my heart was excited, but although I was introverted, it was not a fool. The woman had such a good condition. Why spend 200,000 to find a honest man, and he had to get married immediately. There must be hidden feelings.

As for what hidden feelings, I can no longer control so much. The 200,000 hiring gifts are definitely a huge amount for poverty. Besides, because of poor reasons, I am still a virgin for 25th this year.What is the taste.

Early the next morning, I called Zhang Sister and agreed to accept the interview. So that afternoon, Sister Zhang took me to the Yunwu Tea Building on Zhongshan Road.

I saw Li Jie in the tea house. I thought she would be ugly. After seeing me, she was shocked as heaven. Li Jie was definitely a beauty and was very beautiful.She wore a skirt with a skirt to the knee. Below was meat -colored stockings, capable short hair, slightly fat powder on her face, and a pair of female cadres with beautiful appearance. This contrast made her full of charm.Men’s lethality is huge. I glanced at her and had a tent impulse. Conquering this kind of woman would make men have a sense of satisfaction.

I was very excited, and my words were stuttered, but the attitude of the other party was very indifferent. I talked about a moment and hurriedly left.

After returning to the rental house, I felt that I would definitely have no drama and did not contact Zhang Sister Zhang, but I did not expect that after three days, she received a call from Li Jie.

When I met this time, Li Jie was very casual, jeans with T -shirts, with her beautiful face and short hair, and faintly felt like men and women’s killing.

I was very excitedly sitting opposite her. After chatting a few words, Li Jie took a agreement and said, "This is a confidential agreement. If you sign it, I will pay you 200,000 to the gift. Today today, I will pay you.We will register in the afternoon. "

"Uh?" I was stunned for a moment, but I didn’t expect to register to get married so soon.Slightly leaned, carefully looked at the confidentiality agreement on the table and looked at it carefully.

There are four contents of the confidentiality agreement. First, they are called husband and wife, but they have their own lives and must not interfere with each other.The relationship also shows the loving side; fourth, if you violate any of the above three items, you will pay 10 million compensation.

I put down the agreement and stared at Li Jie in front of me, showing a strange look in my eyes.

"If you agree, sign the handprint and give me your card number." Li Jie urged herself very impatiently.

I thought about about more than ten seconds, and finally signed my name on the agreement, and then pressed the handprint, because this matter seems to have no loss for myself.100,000 yuan, so when signing, there is no psychological burden.

Li Jie took the agreement and took me to the bank at that time. When I came out of the bank, I had 200,000 more cards. In the afternoon, the two of us went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a marriage certificate and becameA legal couple.

That night, Li Jie took me to her parents’ house again. Her father died early. Her mother was a philosophical professor at Jiangcheng University. The old lady in her 50s was like a forty -year -old aunt.

Li Jie’s mother may not be worried about her marriage. I heard that I and Li Jiedeng took a certificate and immediately reviewed everything about me. I described my situation again.Raise, dissatisfied.

In fact, I do n’t need to think that she will not be satisfied. A honest Yamaida, how can she be worthy of her excellent and beautiful daughter.

When eating, Li Jie and her mother talked about Jiangcheng dialect. I didn’t understand it, so I could only sit on a stuffy head like a needle felt. Although the dishes were very rich, I couldn’t end it quickly. This is my first first.The time I felt that eating was a kind of suffering.

Li Jie quarreled with her mother, and finally threw a sentence. You asked me to get married. I have settled it now. What else do you want? In the future, I will be the master in my life.He leaned with me.

Half a month later, Li Jie and I had a wedding. Because Li Jie was a cadre of the Municipal Government’s Land and Resources and Real Estate Administration, although I wanted to marry low -key, many people still came.There are.

On the day of marriage, I was like a puppet. With Li Jie, I always had a humble smile on my face, drinking with a big man one by one, and then I was numb.

How hot the real estate is, how hot the Land and Resources and Real Estate Administration are. Almost the real estate companies in Jiangcheng have sent people to the wedding. Later, I learned that it was rumored that Li Jie may go further next year.Deputy Director’s location.

I was drunk like mud, and I couldn’t touch Li Jie’s body anyway. What a shit cave house had no dime and I had no dime.

In the middle of the night, because the wine was thirsty, I suddenly woke up and found that I was lying on a large bed. Of course, there was no Li Jie’s figure around me. I leaned my lips and left ~ the room went to the kitchen to drink water.

When passing through the master bedroom, I found that the door of the room was covered, and a hint of women’s groan came from inside. I never got on the woman, and immediately faster my heartbeat, and I even heard the groan ~The response, so he gently pushed the slot of the hidden door gently, looking inside.

The orange -red table lamp on the bed was opened. The first thing that came into the eyes was a pair of white thighs tightly on a man’s waist, and then the back of a man.The man’s hips were constantly shaking, every time he shook, there was a slap sound, as well as Li Jie’s moan ~ groaning, and the man’s heavy panting sound.

When you get married, others are playing with his wife. Although Li Jie is just his own wife, as a man, seeing this scene, I am still very unhappy, as if I have been insulted.

After about five minutes, the man didn’t seem to work. After sprinting a few times, he lay on Li Jie’s body and gasped.Gentle stroke ~ touch.

"Brother Jiang, I am now getting married, and you have to take care of the deputy office next year." Li Jie’s voice.

"Rest assured, you have given me the candles in your cave room. As long as I sit in that position, your deputy can not run."

"Thank you, Brother Jiang."


The two said in bed with some blushing words.

With a little pour, the man came down from Li Jie, and the moment he turned around, I saw the person’s appearance, scared himself cold sweat, raised his toes and did not dare to make a sound, and slowly returned to the room because the man Li JiebaibaiTiantian introduced himself when he was toasting, as if it was the deputy mayor of Jiangcheng.

When I left, I heard that the man said that he wanted to open it twice, and Li Jie’s head was lying between the opponent’s legs.

Video loading …

It’s over, it’s completely finished. Now I got on the thief boat. It seems that if I want to get out of it, I may not be able to leave. After returning to my room, my face was worried.

Originally, I thought about divorce after a year and a half, and then fishing for some money, and then returned to the hometown to find a yellow flower girlfriend to get married and have children.Know.

If you get out of her control, won’t he be destroyed?I suddenly felt a little scared in my heart.

Early the next morning, when I got up, Deputy Mayor Jiang had left.Li Jie seemed to be sitting in the restaurant for breakfast.Because we are a late marriage, she has a fifteen -day marriage leave, but in order to climb up, she has applied to the organization for only one day and will go to work tomorrow.

Li Jie, sitting in a dining chair, wore a pale silk pajamas, two smooth ski -white thighs exposed, so that the tent who had just woke up instantly, and the mouth was swallowed in his mouth.Vocal of saliva.


Li Jie glanced at me and showed a disgust, so I immediately bent my waist and went to the bathroom.

When I finished washing, when I came out of the bathroom, Li Jie had finished breakfast, and she beckoned towards me and said, "I have something to tell you."

I tried to control myself not to look at her glittering white thighs, and then slowly walked to her with low head.

"Sit!" Li Jie said.

"Oh!" I responded, sitting down on the sofa next to me, a little cramped, and I didn’t dare to look at her.

"Since we are nominal couples, then you have to have a identity. I have a Western restaurant in the city. You hang a name. On the surface, you are the boss. In fact, I give you 6,000 yuan a month’s salary.How about? "Li Jie said.

"What do I need to do?" I asked.

"You don’t need to do anything. If you want to go to the restaurant, you can see it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to go. Anyway, I always ask a professional manager to take care of it." Li Jie replied.

When I heard her say this, I have a joy in my heart. I can get 6,000 yuan a month without having to do anything. I do n’t need money to live here. I may waste a little food fee for meals. In this case, at least each month can be at least every month.Save 4,000 yuan, it is much stronger than my own work, so I immediately agreed.

Li Jie nodded, and then looked at the pants that I was still high ~ the crotch glanced, and said, "I pay for your monthly salary and go out to solve my physiological problem. I don’t want to happen one night or not.A good thing. "Said, she even stretched her feet to the pants she supported by herself ~ the crotch touched.

Her white little feet touched her pants ~ crotch. Although she was across a layer of clothes, I instantly felt a feeling of electric shock, shake all over, and then felt that the underwear was wet. The next second, my face flushed down and lowered my face.head.

"Uh?" Li Jiemei frowned slightly, showing a little surprise, asking, "Are you still a virgin?"

"Hmm!" I nodded slightly.

"Gig … It’s a rare variety!" Li Jie giggled, and then I saw her thoughts on her face.

Slightly leaned, when I was about to stand up and go to the bathroom to take a bath and change my panties, she was called, she said, "Wait!"

"Uh? What happened?" I just stood up and sat down again.

"Don’t break your virgin first, I will give you 100,000 yuan, how about buying your first time?" Li Jie asked at me.

"Okay!" I nodded, in fact, I thought, you just don’t give a penny, now I agree with myself ~ I agree with myself. Unfortunately, it seems that Li Jie didn’t mean that.

When I bent my waist and ran into the bathroom, when I opened the hot and prepared bath, I found that the black thong and flesh -colored stockings were found beside the bathtub.

"This must be something that Li Jie has worn." I thought secretly in my heart, and then the ghost made God his hand stretching his hand to the black thong that made himself ~ Burning, and put him under his nose and smell it.At the same time, the second child holding the reappeared second, and began to move.

After he took a bath and changed his panties, Li Jie had gone to the study. She warned herself that I couldn’t go in at home, her room and study room.

After looking at the watch, it was more than ten o’clock, and I hadn’t eaten breakfast, so I took Li Jie’s door keys to leave quietly.

After I came out, I felt relaxed all my body. I had a depressed atmosphere at home, which made myself very uncomfortable, and always had a trembling feeling.

Now I do n’t have to work. I am bored. I went to porridge and eat preserved egg lean porridge and churros, and then strolled around in the park to eliminate food.

As the saying goes, food and clothing think about obscenity ~ desire!

I don’t have to worry about economic issues, I suddenly want to find a woman, and then go to her ~ bed to solve the identity of her virgin, but Li Jie said that I want to give 100,000 yuan to buy her first time.I am very depressed, thinking in my heart, you have to buy it now, buy it indefinitely, I do n’t hold it to death!

In the park, he wanted to get angry, so he turned around and walked towards the Rose Garden Community. After returning home, he found that Li Jie was watching TV in the living room, so I walked carefully.

"Is something?" She looked up at me and asked.

"That … me … you …" If you thought outside, when he came in front of her, he was nervous and stuttered.

"You are a college undergraduate, can’t you even say a complete sentence?" Li Jie frowned slightly, and said impatiently.

"A little nervous in front of you." I said awkwardly.

"Nervous? I’m not a tiger, I can’t eat people, what’s the matter, let me, I have a party in the afternoon."

"That time, in the morning, you said that spending 100,000 yuan to buy me, virgin …" Before his words were finished, Li Jie stated: "Money, I’ll call you for a whileDon’t rest assured, is there anything else? "

"No, I want to ask how long you buy?" I said.

"What’s the meaning?"

"I want to find a girlfriend." The last gritted teeth, I said my thoughts.

"So!" Li Jie’s face showed a thoughtful expression, leaning, she said, "Three months, three months later, if I have not used your virgin, then you can find a girlfriend, then you can find a girlfriend.But before that, you must ensure your virgin body, what? "

"Hmm!" I nodded, because I didn’t have room for bargaining with her.

I don’t know what she bought her virgin. I thought she wanted to have a relationship with herself, but through the conversation, I could see that she was not interested in her virgin status at all, as if there were other arrangements.

In the afternoon, Li Jie wore a sports skirt, revealing two smooth and white thighs, making me a sponge, a small vest on the upper body, a white sun hat on her head, and white socks with red sports on her feet.Shoes, left with tennis rackets.

I watched the back she left, and imagined how beautiful it was if I could press her under her body, but the next second, I immediately woke up. Li Jie was the woman of Deputy Mayor Jiang.A little crooked ideas, the end will definitely be miserable.

The days are so bland. I have a blind walk in the park in addition to eating every day. During this time, I went out with Li Jie to attend two banquets. For this reason, she made two high -end suits for herself.A watch of tens of thousands of dollars, and at the price of 20,000 yuan, the municipal government bought a semi -old Audi car that was eliminated.You can reimburse the invoice to her, so don’t be too cool.

During this time, Deputy Mayor Jiang often came to the home, basically came about eight o’clock in the evening, and then Li Jie would let me go out first, and then come back after 12 o’clock.Seeing the good things of the two of them with their own eyes, they will never think about it.

I won’t let Li Jie know that she has discovered her treacherous relationship with Deputy Mayor Jiang, so every time she shows a ignorant expression, leaving home very well, and then go to a nearby mall to turn around, or go to the cinema theater, or go to the cinema theaterWatching a movie, either drove a car to the river. In short, after with the money and the car, his life has changed dramatically.

Driving the Audi car, a combined high -end customized suit, plus a famous watch of tens of thousands of dollars.When Chen Ji porridge was drinking porridge, the most beautiful waiter Xiao Qin had ignored herself at all, but now he screamed with a Hao brother, and asked him why he wouldn’t ask her to go out to play?

Speaking of this Chen Ji porridge shop, I often drink porridge here before knowing Li Jie. The main reason is Xiao Qin. Although Xiao Qin is not as beautiful as Li Jie and his temperament is not comparable, it is also beautiful.Among the five female waiters of Chen Ji Porridge, they are the best -looking one.

At that time, she fell in love with her at first sight. She thought that she could not catch up with her with a college student?But the reality gave herself a slap, and she made an appointment for ten times, and no success was successful, so she died.

Now I see myself driving in the car, wearing a high -end custom suit, wearing tens of thousands of dollars of famous watches, I actually took the initiative to go out to play with myself. Seeing her, I would be happy to take it.I did not have a three -month appointment with Li Jie, and I would definitely take Xiaoqin out of the room immediately.

"It’s a pity that such a good opportunity to get rid of the virgin is wasted!" I was depressed in my heart.

At 12:30 in the morning, I returned home, glanced at the shoe cabinet, and found that Deputy Mayor Jiang’s shoes had gone, proved that he had gone, so he took off his shoes into the living room.

Every time Li Jie had fallen asleep, this time, she even sat in the living room to watch TV. When she saw me back, she took the initiative to say hello: "Come back."

"Hmm!" I responded, and she was a little strange. She would not take the initiative to say hello to herself before. Why was it so abnormal today, so she was careful: "What did she find?" Don’t. "

There must be monsters in abnormalities. Although I am introverted, I am not a fool. How can I graduate from college undergraduate? My head is enough, but my mouth is a bit stupid.

"Wang Hao, sit down, I have something to tell you." Li Jie beckoned me and asked me to sit next to her.

He was wearing silk pajamas and two white thighs. When I sat down, I could faintly see the black buds between her two white thighs ~ silk panties.

Although I have seen it a few times, each time I saw it, I still reacted immediately, and the tent was raised below.

I sat on the sofa next to Li Jie.

"Wang Hao, do you remember the three -month appointment of the two of us?"

"Hmm!" I nodded.

"It’s time to implement the agreement now." Li Jie said.

When she heard her say this, my heartbeat accelerated instantly, and secretly: "Can I follow her tonight …"

Li Jie found that I looked at her a little wrong, so she immediately explained: "Wang Hao, don’t think wrong, not to me, but to others."

"Uh? Others? Who?" My expression was stunned, and my fiery eyes gradually cooled down.

"Who, you don’t need to know, as long as you serve each other, I will give you 100,000 yuan, how about it?" Li Jie asked staring at my eyes.

"This …" I didn’t promise immediately, because since she talked to herself in a discussion tone, it explained that what she did must be willing, so that there was room for bargaining with her.

After living with Li Jie for more than two months, she has always had a wish, that is, she once, for fear that she would be satisfied with once.Whenever I take a bath, I see the black thongs and stockings in the bathroom, and I will hold it in my hand, and I imagine her in my mind.

Today, she seems to have asked me. Although this is something that has been described and gave 100,000 yuan, from the expression of Li Jie, it is very serious and even a bit nervous. What does this mean?The answer is that the person who is ready to let me go to serve is very important to her.

"If you have any requirements, you can mention it." Li Jie said anxiously to seeing me.

"Can you tell me first, how old is it for the woman to wait for? Let me say, first, I am over 50 years old. I will not agree. This is just the verbal agreement between the two of us. I can refund the money and destroy the contract at any time."I am only 26 years old, but I don’t want to roll the sheets with an old lady over half a year, and it is my first time.

"Forty years old, there is absolutely no more than 50 years old. I can guarantee this, and the temperament is excellent, the appearance is outstanding, and the skin is well protected.After speaking, there is only one meaning in the words, that is, I will not suffer.

"So!" I hesitated again, and stopped talking. Li Jie was the old churros in the officialdom. I pretended to be hesitant. She could definitely guess that she had additional conditions.She asked, "What else do you have to do besides money, let’s say!"

"That … that …" I was a bit stuttered.

"Pain!" Li Jie said.

"You sleep with me once." I said quickly, and after speaking, I lowered my head, and dared to look at her quietly with Yu Guang at the corner of my eyes.

"Uh?" Li Jie was obviously stunned, and then she smiled and said, "Do you want me?"

"Hmm!" I nodded, glanced around her thigh roots, and black lace panties were looming.

"Gig … I’m not interested in men, you change to ask for another request." Li Jie giggled and easily resolved this problem.

I leaned my lips and snorted softly, expressing my dissatisfaction, and secretly thought in my heart: "Don’t be interested in men, deceive the ghost? Every day with the surname Jiang, I don’t know if I don’t know,snort!"

"Don’t you believe it? I am not afraid to tell you that if I am not a civil servant, I will not get married with you at all, I like … woman!" Li Jie said to me.

"Woman?" I looked up at her.

"Hmm!" She nodded.

To be honest, I am a hundred. I do n’t believe it. What do you pretend? I ’m not watching the sanctuary when you were in bed with the surname Jiang.

"Change the request, or wait for me to help me do this, I will let a third -line female star accompany you to play abroad for a week?" Li Jie proposed such a seductive condition.

"Three -line female stars? Who?" Even if the star on the TV is the third line, it is a unattainable figure like me. I did not expect that Li Jie had the ability to let this person play with himself for a week.

"Not well -known. I have performed a few idol dramas, but people are definitely beautiful, and the beds are good. At that time, it will definitely make you immortal, so you can say it."After setting, I will no longer give me a chance to regret it.

Three days later, Li Jie took me to make a beauty once, and once again customized a suit for himself, bought three pieces of shirts, and bought two dozens of underwear and socks. Please design a hairstyle for me.And ask someone to teach me an hour of noble etiquette every day, and even after returning from work every day, she also helped me to practice how to please women.

"The moisturizing is silent, do you understand? It’s too straightforward, it is horsesy, annoying, if you are too cold, it is too pretending, so you need to moisturize the body and be silent, and you will be annoying.This is the highest state of coaxing a woman. "Li Jie said to me.

I nodded dullly. In fact, I didn’t have a talk with many women, and a woman who knew a fart, but Li Jie was not irritable, taught myself little by little, and even let me treat her as a need to coax.Woman, talk to her, and then point out the problem in my discourse.

During this time, as long as there is an entertainment, she will take me, let me see the world, contact the big characters more, add a little experience, and at the same time exercise her psychological quality, so as not to see the other party at the time.I can’t say anything.

I am glad to accept these arrangements, because whether it is noble etiquette, a way to please women, or to participate in big scenes to increase my experience, it has absolute benefits to myself, which can fully improve their quality and cultivation.

But what makes herself unbearable most is that Li Jie even invited a duck to teach herself how to serve women in bed, and she couldn’t learn it. When she was in class, she would supervise it next to her.

After one and a half months, I had a feeling of reborn.That afternoon, I received a call from Li Jie. She asked me to wait for her at the door of the Shangri -La Hotel at 10 pm, and specifically instructed me to put on the suit that was specially customized tonight.Essence

I responded one by one. At 10 o’clock in the evening, wearing a very fitted black suit appeared at the door of Shangri -La’s big wine.

Li Jie was very on time. She was wearing a small women’s suit with high heels on her feet. Then she took me to the elevator to the thirteenth floor. Before entering Room 1301, she told me again: "Wang Hao, you must wait for it, you must serveGood opponent, as long as you do things this time, I keep you for a lifetime. "

I looked at Li Jie and found that her expression was a bit nervous. I have lived together for a few months. This is the first time that she will be nervous when she discovers. It can be seen how important the guests in Room 1301 are.At one point, I couldn’t help but mention some conditions, and I don’t know if she would agree.

"Well, can the third -line female star can be changed." I said.

"Second -line, I find you at most a second -line female star, and it is guaranteed that the one you often see on TV.Then she rushed to say that she was so strong, every time she was, in fact, I didn’t mean this at all.

"Can you listen to me?"

"You say, hurry up!" Li Jie urged.

"I don’t want any third -line or second -line female celebrities. You can make me into the government departments, but you must be a formal civil servant status. Can you do it?" I said to Li JieI have a long opinion of various government banquets, and I also understand a truth. If you have the right to have money, there is a woman. I ca n’t rely on Li Jie for a lifetime. It is king to find an iron rice bowl.

Li Jie thought for a moment, and finally nodded, but she also had a condition that I had to serve this person tonight. Otherwise, everything was free.

"OK!" I nodded, took a deep breath, calmed down, and then nodded towards Li Jie gently, letting her knock on the door.

咚 …

Li Jie knocked gently, and as I knocked on the door, my heart began to be nervous: "Don’t be afraid, don’t be nervous, it’s just a woman." I desperately comforted myself in my heart, but the effect was not very good.

"Who?" A elegant woman’s voice came from the house.

"Sister Ye, it’s me, Xiaojie!" Although she was separated by the door, I found that Li Jie still had a smile on her face.

"Xiaojie, come in!"

Li Jie slowly opened the door and took me in.

After a month and a half of training, it was not a little bit of grade. At least when I entered the door, my footsteps were still smooth, and I did not habitually bowed their heads, but looked at the room with a peaceful look.

This is the best guest room of Shangri -La Hotel. It is a suite with a living room outside. I saw a woman wearing a dark silk pajamas sitting on the sofa and drinking red wine in her fifty -year -old man.

"I fuck, what’s the situation? Did Li Jie make a mistake?" Seeing the scene in front of me, the expression on my face was stunned, and in my heart secretly, she turned her head and glanced at Li Jie beside him,It was found that she was also stunned, but she returned to normal immediately, and it was indeed an elite that was trained in the officialdom.

"Secretary Zhao, you are here too!" Li Jie’s voice rang.

Take this opportunity to look at the woman wearing silk pajamas. The skin is very white and handsome, but because it is a plain face, I can see that there are a lot of wrinkles on the face, but overallIt must be very beautiful, half -old Xu Niang, the charm still exists, what is like her.

"Xiaojie, your couple here?" The middle -aged man said with a smile, at the same time looked at me majesticly.

He was a husband and wife with Li Jie, so a visitor was not confused, but it was a bit late, but Li Jie quickly resolved this problem and introduced me to the other party.

Elegant middle -aged women, she asked me to be sister Ye. As for the old man in his fifties, he said that he was Secretary Zhao, and I didn’t know what secretary was.

After a moment of an hour, Li Jie got up and took me to leave.The moment she walked into the elevator, she stomped fiercely and said, "Surname Zhao, you are ruthless enough."

I don’t know what the matter of tonight has something to do with the secretary of Zhao, but it seems that it should be something in their officialdom, so I selectively hear nothing, and the appearance of a pair of things is not myself.Essence

To be honest, after more than a month of torture, she finally persuaded herself to serve the woman who could make her official Lu Hengtong in this Li Jie’s mouth, but did not expect that it was such a result.

In fact, when I saw Sister Ye, the grievances in my heart had long gone, and I could have a relationship with such an elegant and noble woman. As Li Jie said, I did n’t lose.The transparent rose is full of fragrance from the bones, but unfortunately I have no gorgeous blessing tonight.

Leaving the Shangri -La Hotel, I sat in Li Jie’s Passat. On the way home, I said to her, "Li Jie, should we try the two of us tonight?"

"I am not interested in men. Even if I am interested, I won’t be interested in you. Don’t bother me." Li Jie scolded me impatiently.

When I heard her, I felt uncomfortable in my heart, and at the same time, I had a touch of enlightenment. I was afraid that in her heart, I was afraid that I was just a item I bought with money, which was not a man at all.

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