My pregnancy experience (1)

After graduating from college, I have been engaged in garden design. Oversized overtime is a commonplace for me. It is also common for me to do all night. However, at that time, I was young. I was working alone in the city of ZZ. Someone was at that time.JL is a graduate student, and I am willing to stay in the unit if I am happy.Later, he came to XA when he graduated, and I followed it. I have always done design. For a long time, the computer and the frequent exercise are not exercise. I am a typical food.Wandering from the left and right, it is indeed a little fat man.After getting married, I also mean that I need a good body to get pregnant, so I reported the yoga class. I insisted on it, and my body improved a little. I was pregnant in March of the second year of my marriage.In fact, I rarely mention this memory now, after all, the blow to me at that time was really great.

After I found that after I was pregnant, my husband felt that I was not working like this, so I resigned that the job and prepared to test the public when I was at home.At that time, I had no experience, but I also knew that I had to be careful the previous three months. I went to the hospital for two months to check everything, but on the two and a half months, I guess I should not forget the scene of that day.At noon, I didn’t want to cook at home. The pregnancy was not serious now. Basically, it was normal for meals, and I didn’t vomit. I ordered a yellow chicken rice.The house is also small. I squatted there with a rag. It may be a few minutes. It didn’t feel much after wiping it.After a long time when I went to the toilet, I found that there was blood, and I was a little nervous. After I called my husband, we went to the provincial maternal and child hospital.After I did the B -ultrasound, I was covered. The doctor said that I couldn’t see anything, which means that I was gone. I didn’t give up at the time. I made a noise to let the doctor open a list. I want to make a B -ultrasound.How could it be said that if it was not, it was a bit of blood, and the stomach didn’t hurt. The doctor couldn’t sting it up, but the list of the B -ultrasound was already off work. Let me do it tomorrow and say that let me accept the reality.It’s still young.I can’t control anymore. In the hospital hall, holding my husband was crying, and I couldn’t control the eyes of others. After crying for a long time, I called my mother.I only left the hospital for a long time.The night was really dead. Many organizations were excreted by themselves. The pain was also unforgettable, and the dual torture of physical and psychological.

I went to the hospital the next day and did another B -ultrasound. It was said that it was not clean.A few people who went in together to do the operation were very clear, because the doctor asked her at the time that you had been aborted for the fifth time, and the uterine wall was very thin.When I saw the little girl nodded firmly, I felt uncomfortable. Hey, it was ironic, I didn’t keep it that the sky collapsed, and people did not care.

After that for a long time, I did not slow down from sadness, because many people said that after the first natural abortion, I was easily habitually miscarriage. I am worried that I can’t be a mother in my life.I was completely gone, walking on the road, I was so envious when I saw someone else’s stomach, I would stare at it for a long time.I made a small confinement at home and went to Dalian a month later. My brother, my parents were taking care of my little nephew.I often go to the sea alone to disperse, and my mother keeps enlightening me. After staying for a month, my mother came back and went to the hospital for review. The doctor suggested that we have a pre -pregnancy medical examination.

I don’t understand why that time like that time. Many people now this phenomenon is difficult to find out the reason.But maintaining a healthy body and a good mentality should be important.The next article will be shared by the next article.

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