My Vietnamese female college student, because of pregnancy, married a 3 -year -old Chinese boy, my family told me that I eat tender grass

This is the 1704th real story we tell us

I am Liang’s Yan’er@我 我 我, Vietnamese, and Liang’s Yan’er is a Chinese name in Vietnam’s literal translation.

At the age of 25, I accidentally met a Chinese boy who was three years younger than me.Three months later, I was not afraid of difficult and dangerous resistance to return to Fujian, China, and I have been in a blink of an eye for more than 4 years.

We are unmarried first, but he is like a small child.Although foreign marriage is not easy, we have never given up with each other.

(The family of four of our family)

In 1993, I was born in southern Vietnam. I am the boss at home, and there is a younger brother below.My parents are all kind and honest farmers, but because they are too honest and honest, our family conditions are much more difficult.

All this is from my grandmother.Grandma is a Chinese in Vietnam. My grandfather was sprinkled with people when my mother was 8 years old. In order to remarry, my grandmother wanted to abandon my mother and their three sisters and brothers.

In the era when she was unobstructed and unsuccessful, I dare not say that her grandmother’s choice was wrong, but she did not agree with her approach.

In order to support her brother and sister, my mother went out to work with adults at a young age.From that moment, her life is destined to be beaten in the mud.

Because my mother was young, Uncle snatched their only house that could cover the wind and rain.Later, my mother’s grandfather took them home and lived with his uncle.

(I am like Xiaoqiang who can only die)

From a young age, the life under the fence has made my mother develop the habit of looking at people from a young age.After she was an adult, she married my dad through a matchmaker.

At that time, she naively thought that as long as the man was honest, he could protect her for a lifetime.Whoever thoughts, men are too honest, and it is also a disaster for women.

My dad is the old man at home, but he still has 8 brothers and sisters, so he is not favored even if he is lined up.After they got married, they have always been my grandma.

Our family’s revenue throughout the year depends on rice, and every time we make money, we will be confiscated by grandma.My parents had no money, so I had to treat others as small workers, and then bought rice seedlings with the money I made.

A few uncle can make money very much, and every time I come back, my mother is doing cows and horses to wash them for them.Even so, my brother and I were still beaten by uncle every day.

(I was in the student days <Left One>)

Although grandma is more harsh on my mother, she is particularly good for me and my brother. No matter where they go, they will bring us deliciously.At the age of 15, when I was in my family, my grandmother had to give my housekeeper to my mother.

My parents thought that on the beginning of the beginning, I could change the status quo of life.However, I do n’t know that they have lack of energy and lack of culture, and have no culture and insight, which has become the biggest stumbling block in their lives.

When they saw other pigs to make money, they learned to raise pigs.Without funds, they took the land at home to mortgage.In their eyes, raising pigs is particularly easy, as if not far away is the dawn of victory.

It didn’t take long for those pigs to be sick. Before they had time to think of countermeasures, those pigs died.My parents were not convinced and decided to try again. Unfortunately, this time I still failed to get rid of similar fate, and all the hundreds of pigs I bought were drifting.

(Life abuses me thousands of times, I still treat it as the first love)

In order to pay debts, parents can only leave me and my brother go out to work.Since then, my grandmother has lived with me with my brother.

After the cousin who married Taiwan, after hearing about my parents’ affairs, he decided to use the money to help them pay off their debts. As a result, the gambling aunt took the gambling debt.My aunt didn’t want her cousin to know, and she also lied to my dad to sell her debt to her.

The only land in my family was gone, and the only land in my family was gone.And I almost went to university because of this. Fortunately, the school helps to learn loans, and I barely finish the university.

When I was a sophomore, I met a senior.However, my life has changed dramatically.

In our hometown, parents’ discipline of their children is very strict. If you want to fall in love, you must get the consent and recognition of the parents of both parties to communicate.In addition, the male parents must guarantee the woman’s parents, and in terms of the Chinese thinking, it is the words of the media.

(I look like what I work)

Under the affirmation of both parents, we officially talked about love.His parents repeatedly guaranteed to my parents that as long as we graduated, we would choose a zodiac day to order the marriage.

Some people say that time will change those things that are not firm.At that time, I was obsessed with love.

When I was close to graduation, I unexpectedly learned from his friend that he played fiercely with Xin Huan, only I didn’t know.Originally, I thought he was just playing at the scene. Who knew that he admitted that he had a new girlfriend and wanted to break up with me.

At that moment, my god seemed to collapse.What makes me more miserable is that all this is known by my parents and people in the village.

(I ride a 280 -kilometer motorcycle every week to see my brother)

Because of this, I was reduced to the shame of the whole village. Even my parents were insulted by relatives and friends every day, and the older grandmother became depressed.

In the eyes of everyone, I am a bad child that everyone can spur. In order to avoid it all, I left my hometown to Ho Chi Minh City to rely on relatives.

It didn’t take long for the news of the death of grandma at home.I hope that my relatives can make a part of my salary in advance and let me go home to see my grandmother’s last side.But relatives Ning Ning can take money out to eat, drink, and play, and are unwilling to get money to let me go home.

The indifference of relatives, coupled with rumors in the village, made me see through human nature and the ugliness of human heart.

(I am with my friends)

In May 2013, I followed my uncle to work in China.

When I first arrived in China, watching those tall high -rise buildings, the prosperous scene made me have an unprecedented novelty.Although, strange language, text, and environment make me feel helpless.

But for me, it is hope, it is rebirth

Because I can’t do it in Chinese, and I can’t do it again, I introduced me to work in a factory where a massage chair.It takes 12 hours a day to pay for 2,000 yuan per month.

In order to earn more money, I started to practice Chinese hard, and followed my colleagues to learn Chinese while working.In half a year, I can not only communicate with others simple, but also know some simple Chinese characters.

(Friend’s wedding, I am a bridesmaid)

Later, I found the middlemen who took me and came to China, and wanted to work with him.He specializes in picking up Vietnamese to work in China.After my soft and hard bubbles, he finally promised to let me follow him.

Two years of hard work made me gradually forget the rumors in the village, and it also made me understand that no matter what happened, I could only overcome everything.I have n’t returned home for two years. I really want to go back and see my honest parents.

In 2016, I resigned and returned home.

Looking at my parents holding her waist and the footsteps of the staggered, I couldn’t help crying.In the past, they were not small in the village, and their days were not good.

At that moment, I decided to take out all the money I made to build a new house, so that they had light on their faces and no longer so hard.

(When we first met)

And I was relieved and grew up!Those gossips are worthless at all.Those ridiculous saliva fouts cannot knock me down, let alone hurt me half a point.

Nietzsche once said: "Those who can’t kill you will eventually make you stronger."

I am very lucky. After this disaster, I not only rely on my own efforts to give my parents a brand new home.I also told others with action that although I am a daughter, I do not need to live with anyone.

However, because I built a house, I still owed a foreign debt.In order to pay off the debt as soon as possible, I was an assistant to the Chinese boss at a decoration material company in Ho Chi Minh City.

Because I am pretty good in Chinese, the boss gives me the base salary of the 800 Vietnamese shield every month, as well as a commission, and it can earn 12 million Yuenan Shields (about 4,000 yuan) in about a month.In Vietnam, my salary is already very high.

(He went to my house for the first time, very nervous)

I secretly determined to learn the sweetness, and I must learn Chinese well.After the boss knew my situation, he also introduced me to the exhibition to translate.

There are many Chinese peers who come to the exhibition, and I am more experienced. Many companies are willing to find me to translate.In addition, I do information in other companies.

In this way, I will work three jobs alone.Although it is very hard, I am often too busy to eat a hot meal, but when I think of my parents no longer young, I feel that I should work harder.

Moreover, I can earn 35 million Yuenan Shield (about 10,000 yuan) a month, which is something I never thought about.In a year, I have finished the debt owed by the house owed to the house. My father and brother also worked in the factory. The days of our family became better.

(I went home with him)

It didn’t take long for the country to recruit news, which meant that his younger brother was at the age of military service.In Vietnam, as long as it is male, no matter what national, beliefs, social status, or cultural level you are obligated.

Even though his brother had already worked at the time, he had to take military service.

Previously, the news that someone was killed was often reported. My mother was afraid that the younger brother would have an accident and go to see him every week.

Because my dad wants to work, my mother does not know the way. I can only get off the work every Saturday night and ride a motorcycle back to home 180 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh.On Sunday, I took my mother to see my brother 100 kilometers away from home, and then sent my mother home. At night, I rushed back to Ho Chi Minh.

(I go to delivery with my husband every day)

Within a few months, my body began to eat, and once I rode and fell.At the same time, the company is constantly giving pressure on, requiring how much orders must be reached every month in order to not be eliminated. During that time, my pressure was great.

In July 2018, I decided to resign and travel to relax myself.Originally, I planned to travel to China. I happened to have a Chinese friend who contacted me and said that he wanted to go to Nha Trang, Vietnam to open a duck shop. I hope I can help find a facade.

I thought that it was okay anyway, I agreed to the other party.What made me unexpected was that my love blossomed.

Some people say that there is a kind of fate, which is called its own intentions in the underworld; some network is called love network to recover, and it is sparse and not leaked.

I came to Nha Trang inaccurate in my life. I could only find the facade by information on the Internet. It happened that a store was renting it. I asked the boss to talk about it.

(We sell women’s shoes in Vietnam)

As a result, when I saw the other party at first glance, I felt deceived. The other party seemed to be not as big as me. How could it be the boss?

Later, I learned that he was from Fujian and sold shoes in Vietnam. Due to poor management, he lost a lot of money and wanted to transfer 200 square meters of stores.But his store is not suitable for my needs, and soon we ended the negotiation.

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