My wife is pregnant, what should my husband do?

As a prospective father, when you know what the first reaction of his wife’s pregnancy is?



Still frightened

Maybe it doesn’t feel much!

Because as another party of pregnancy, the physical changes of pregnant mothers can not be fully appreciated, but the sudden changes such as hormone increases need to be converted into the role of prospective father by relying on strong will. This process must be taken slowly.

For example, when the goose mother had a child, I asked the goose dad when I heard the news of pregnancy. He thought about it for a long time and said, he didn’t feel it!At that time, the tears of the goose mother came out. I felt that she was so hard to get pregnant, and her husband couldn’t experience it at all. It was really wronged.It wasn’t until the baby came out that it was a bit dad’s feeling ~

The goose mother is in the second child in pregnancy, and asked the goose dad to feel that he still didn’t feel it, but it would be considerate compared to the first child. After all, no one knew how to do it, so the goose mother gave it hereWhen the prospective dads are pregnant, what suggestions do you want to do when you are pregnant

Early pregnancy

1. The prospective dad of smoking must quit smoking!

Because the harmful substances in cigarettes enter the pregnant mother’s body, the blood oxygen concentration in the blood is reduced, resulting in hypoxia in the fetus, which causes the fetal development to delay and even die. In addition to the influence of physical development, it will also be affected in terms of intelligence.Essence

So ~ must be!must!To quit smoking!

2. In our lives, we ca n’t tell too many people in the first three months of pregnancy. Some people say that it is because they are afraid of touching the fetal god, which is not good for the fetus.Of course, we know that there is no scientific basis.

However, the first three months of pregnancy, it is indeed not too public, because at this time the fetal development is in a state of unstable state, and there will be many conditions, such as bleeding, fetal stopping, etc. At this time, the pregnant mother must be cautious at this time.Coupled with the reaction during pregnancy, it will also follow, sleepy, emotional abnormalities, pregnancy vomiting, poor appetite, frequent urination, etc. At this time, the prospective dad should be considerate of the mothers’ emotional fluctuations and physical changes.With a mentality of pregnancy, "really affectionate", you must know that the child is two people. The prospective dad just sprinkled a seed, but it is a pregnant mother who wants to experience the hard work of pregnancy, so the support of the prospective father is veryimportant.

3. It is forbidden to have the same room. At this time, the fetus is unstable. If the same room can easily lead to abortion, the prospective dad should summon your own "five girls" if you want to solve such physiological problems.Of course, at this time, the prospective dad who may be derailed

for example

Another example

So … please tolerate!IntersectionIntersection

When the goose mother was pregnant, she always dreamed of being derailed in the fancy of the goose dad, just like the magic, often woke up in the middle of the night, and then looked at the snoring sound of the snoring like thunder in the middle of the night.It is so pitiful to be tortured and grievanced, it’s pitiful ~ 啧

4. If there are pets in the family, at this time, the prospective dad will also be the important role of the shovel officer, do a good job of cleaning the pet, and ensure the clean living environment, so that pets and babies will be wrong!

5. Pregnancy, because of the increase in estrogen after pregnancy, which affects the normal digestive function of the gastrointestinal and intestines. It may smell some tastes such as nausea, nausea, and no appetite.Pregnancy reaction.Therefore, at this time, the prospective father must cooperate with the needs of pregnant mothers, and things such as cooking must be silent.There is also the different constitution of each pregnant mother, and the time of pregnancy is different. Some mothers may not happen. Some mothers will disappear in the reaction of pregnant women in the first three months, and there are also pregnancy vomiting until before production.Some people may say that pregnancy vomiting is normal, and persistence will pass, but even if it is normal, I don’t want to experience it!

6. There are some quasi -dad at this time to find some methods for massage mothers during pregnancy during pregnancy, because the emotional fluctuations after pregnancy will be relatively large, and it is easy to appear tension and restlessness. ThereforeAnd care, so massage can not only promote blood circulation, reduce discomfort, relieve stress, and enhance resistance. More importantly, it can allow pregnant mothers to enjoy the care of the prospective father and feel love ~~!This is really important!

Mid -pregnancy

1. Generally, three months later, the pregnant mother has almost established a book in the hospital, and it also started the birth inspection once in January.If time permits, it is recommended that the prospective dad accompany the pregnant mother every time the check -up. At this time, someone will say that if you do n’t, you can go by yourself. Of course, you can go by yourself.For example, the first birth check -up at about 12 weeks, all kinds of blood drawing, urine testing, electrocardiogram, gynecological examination, B -ultrasound, etc., you need to run a lot of places, as well as a variety of queues. At this timeIt is too stable and should not be exhausted multiple degrees, and each time of delivery, pregnant mothers will go with a sorrowful heart. If you go alone and encounter some special circumstances, you will be a little nervous.You can help the pregnant mother to divide some bad emotions, so even if you help it, you have to take the time to accompany his wife to check for inspection.

Sometimes the goose dad is also very busy, but I also try to accompany me to check for the inspection, and I also step on the hospital when I go to the delivery inspection. I am afraid that when I am out of production, I do n’t know if I want to take it to the hospital.This made the goose mother very satisfied.

2. After the second trimester, the fetus is stable, and the pregnant mother can start some simple exercise. For example, walking. At this time, it is recommended that the prospective dad can accompany the pregnant mother to exercise to mobilize the enthusiasm of his wife’s exercise, because you can not keep it during pregnancy.Movement needs to be performed in an appropriate amount to control the weight of pregnant mothers, alleviate the discomfort during pregnancy, and help the development of delivery and fetal development.At this time, the prospective dad can also arrange some short -distance and relaxed travel, which will make the pregnant mother feel very beautiful, because it is more convenient and appropriate to travel with numbness in the middle of pregnancy.

3. The baby will have fetal movements in about five months. At this time, the prospective dad can be prenatal education with pregnant mothers. At this time, someone will say, can the child hear it?No need to do it!Regardless of whether he is necessary, it won’t be bad anyway. He also treats this prenatal education as a ritual, and a ritual that makes men slowly transform into the role of father.

4. There is also the prospective father who can learn the care of newborns with the pregnant mother at this time, prepare for the production package, and understand the use of baby supplies. It can also help slowly enter the role of Dad.

Late pregnancy

1. In the third trimester, the mother’s belly will become very large. Compared with the previous two periods, it is relatively inconvenient to move, and there will be more situations, such as constipation, edema, frequent urination, night leg cramps, pubic pain, etc.At the time, the prospective dad must pay more attention to the physical condition of the pregnant mother and try to stay for your company.

2. If you have time, you can accompany the pregnant mother to the hospital in the hospital, and you can learn about many newborn care, breastfeeding, and postpartined care for maternal care.

All these can be divided into parenting work with the mother after the baby is born. It is clear to know that the child is two people.The road is not so careful, but I also ask my mother to give him with peace of mind to give him the child’s childcare work. It will take care of the children without life.Essence

Okay, above!

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