My wife was 8 months pregnant, but I just wanted to divorce her!Sweep wake up …

Emotional oral@情 情: I am 35 years old, my wife is 30 years old, we have been dating for 7 years, and we have been married for half a year.My hometown is on the northeast. Her hometown is around Hangzhou. It has been divided into combination for 7 years. Her family has always disagreed to find such a far one. In addition, my family has not had good economic conditions.Renting a house, without a house, the woman’s parents have always opposed us.Many people say that the longer the possibility of getting along with each other, the lower the child. Without this child, I think we will not get married.

After pregnancy, the woman’s parents reluctantly agreed to be together. After all, the woman was not young and the fetus was not good.After pregnancy, the parents and the woman’s parents asked my mother to take care of and bring their children. This is one of the conditions for marriage. My mother did not hesitate. From the northeast, the living habits of northerners and southerners are really very different.Big, my mother tried to accommodate her as much as possible.

After the woman was pregnant, all housework was me and my mother, and I was responsible for picking up her to get off work. Even if I did n’t go to work, I had no demands on her and my mother. Be harmonious.

There are many reasons for the divorce. She has an attitude towards my mother. She is disgusted with what my mother does to eat. She does n’t eat a few mouthfuls. Then she ordered takeaway by sherself.I got up early in the morning to engage in hygiene. After doing a good job of hygiene weekend, I went to the West Lake. After my mother came to Hangzhou, I had not gone out to visit.My mother, saying that my mother’s family did not work, so I wanted to go out and play, and let my mother go home to do hygiene. In fact, my mother had already done it, but my wife grabbed the sofa, the cabinet sewing, the seam of the cabinet sewing,Come to pick.Although she was not very good -tempered before she got married, she was filial to her parents. Why did it change to my mother?

In the first half of the year, I bought me 800 yuan a month every month. In the second half of the year, my wife finally added 200 more to my mother to buy food, but I still picked it up.The money was stored by myself. My mother bought a little bit, saying that my mother didn’t know the hard work of making money, and how much spent.Every time I buy fruits myself, I only care about eating myself. I never call my mother. Even if I ca n’t eat it anymore, I would rather throw it into the trash can.Packed.Moreover, my mother has been here for half a year, and she has never called my mother.I also distressed my mother. I bought a ticket once before I bought my mother back, but my mother was afraid that my wife would let me return the ticket. My mother said here that it would be too much to be a cattle for her.EssenceThink about my parents who spent nearly 200,000 to marry this wife. Basically, it was their savings of their lifetime. They also came to take care of us. I did n’t enjoy anything.

The same is the same for me. I asked me to quarrel on both ends for three days. I know that I am not capable. I am poor, I can’t afford a house, and I can’t afford to have a child in a rental house.A good environment, but my ability is limited. Although I have a little money at work, it is still a lot worse to buy a house.I usually ask anything I do, I will do it, as long as she is within my ability, but she is still dissatisfied every day, just like our family owes her.

I know that I have this kind of thought, but I am really desperate. I am sorry for my mother, sorry for my baby, and I’m sorry for my wife.Will be like this.After all, I still have no ability, but I am also tired, and the divorce heart is not only available for a day or two. This evil idea has been in my mind, and rationally tells me that it will not work, but I am really afraid that one day I will explode., I can’t control myself.

My wife is 8 months pregnant, but I think of divorce. Maybe many netizens will scold me. I can accept it. I hope you can scold me and let me dispel the idea of divorce.I have always told myself that she was just because of her bad temper. I also wanted to ask the people who came over. Will my temper really so bad when I was pregnant?I hope you can tell me that my wife will only be so bad because of pregnancy, but no matter what, I should be patient for my children.




Your wife is also a powerful role, but what can I do with pregnancy now, I can only bear it first. It is not easy to be a mother who may understand after giving birth.

Why do you want to be a child?If you are responsible for your child, solve the problems between the next two people. Have you communicated?Why is my wife so bad for a reason?

Then why should I have children together, so how unfair it is to the child!Divorce, you are not ready to be the role of your husband.Not because you are poor, but that the role of your mother -in -law is not reflected at all.

What do you think of it?

How can a marriage be so easy

The male lead should do a good job of the mother -in -law relationship lubricant


Source: 19th Floor (My19Lou)

Shenyang Daily New Media Center Editor: Dong Yizi

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