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Relish to leave half a life.

After my husband’s first love came back, I saw the question he answered on the website: What kind of experience is marriage with people who do not love?He said I don’t love my wife.Although she took care of my family wholeheartedly, I still thought about my ex -girlfriend in my heart. I knew it was right, but I couldn’t help it.

Someone commented below: If you are not anonymous, you will not be afraid that your wife will see a divorce with you.She said no, she couldn’t do without me.She didn’t expect that the next day I put the divorce agreement on his bed and left quietly.After Chen Yilin returned, I found the question that Ji Li answered on Zhihu: What kind of experience is marriage with people who do not love?

He was not anonymous. He still took a photo with Chen Yilin’s back. It probably felt that life was a pool of dead water. I don’t love my wife.At the beginning, after I broke up with my first love, my house forced me to get married quickly. At that time, I was discouraged, and I felt that as long as it wasn’t that person was the same as someone else.It happened that my wife has always liked me. We have known time for a long time, and I propose to her.

I still remember that she was so happy that day, and asked me if I was dreaming. To be honest, I felt guilty.In these years, she has a wholehearted care of me, and the big things at home have taken good care of them. My fingers trembled slightly and continued to plan.She said: But I don’t love her.I have been thinking about my first love in these years. I know that this is not something. I also tried to like her in the past, but I really can’t help it.

Someone commented below: You are not anonymous, and you are not afraid that your wife will see a divorce with you.His tone is as determined as ever. She can’t do without my heart like a stabbing that has been hidden for years, and has been flattened by flesh and blood.There are thin and dense dull pain and cannot be ignored.I laughed bitterly, she knew me more, even at this step, she knew that I could not do without him.

In the evening, Ji Li performed as always. We were a husband and wife who respectful each other. She praised me as a routine.After the meal made at night is delicious, I went to bed and looked at my mobile phone.The one -meter -eight bed is not big, but when we do our back, we can leave a piece of empty openness in the middle.

I suddenly remembered that the day he proposed to me, he thought I was crying, but he didn’t know.At that time, I was full of sadness, and he was with Chen Yilin for seven years.

From seventeen to twenty -four years old, they have the best time in each other’s life, accompanied each other from green to mature.

After graduating from college, Chen Yilin also wanted to go abroad for further studies and got offer from the ideal college.But Ji Li’s father was seriously ill at that time, and he was asked to take over the family business to stay in China.Probably there is always no good results for long -distance love. At the beginning, they could still persist, but later, the distance was far away, and there were more problems with various problems. The time difference made the two people communicate less and less.In addition, Ji Li just took over the company and was so busy every day.

Chen Yilin, who is far away in a foreign country, also found that there will never be more and more quarrels between two people when they need to send Li.The contradictions in a quarrel one year later completely broke out.

Chen Yilin raised the breakup under the impulse. It was still possible to recover here, but they were the best in the crowd since they were young. They were very proud, and no one would bow.When Ji Li died in the same death, it was when he was sad.In the end, it was still drifting away.

But I know he couldn’t let go of Chen Yilin in his heart.In fact, when he proposed to me, I knew he didn’t love me, but at that time he was upset and wanted to find someone to deal with the marriage. It happened that I had the best conditions in all aspects, so I chose me randomly. TheseI understand.

The saddest thing is that even if I know, when he proposed to me with a ring he bought by a secretary, I still couldn’t help but want to promise him.I couldn’t finish my tears that day. He thought I was crying happily, but I was just sad.The sadness is that I know he doesn’t love me, but I can only love him.I don’t know if it is intentional or unintentional.

As soon as Chen Yilin returned, the university squad leader organized a classmate party.After three years, Chen Yilin was more beautiful than before.She was wearing a long skirt of Morandi, and her long hair was scattered, and the whole person looked casual and elegant.

But Ji Li didn’t look at her at a glance from the beginning of the door, just sitting at me thoughtfully and giving me vegetables.When he was at home, he never peeled shrimp for me, but now he puts the peeled shrimp in my bowl.Eat more gentle with a smile.Chen Yilin on the opposite side moved, and the smile on her face slowly dissipated.I suddenly felt a little funny.In this seemingly three play, they interpreted them. Only I was a ugly corner that was not worthy of the stage.Watching cold eyes, three patrols, a bald male classmate who drank tall, facing Chen Yilin loudly, and laughed the most: Yilin, why are you looking better than before?Is there any object now?If not, do you want to think about me?Yu Guang, Ji Li’s body froze.Chen Yilin laughed: No.But I think we are not suitable, why is it not appropriate?

The baldness was rejected a bit angry and angry, and you didn’t have to talk about it. You would not think that Ji Li intends to give him a jade.People are married. I told you that a woman is not good at finding objects after the age of twenty -five years old. You think you are a little fairy.Chen Yilin’s smile is a bit unable to hang up, you drink too much; another female classmate who watched the lively and unscrupulous took out his mobile phone, maybe people are affectionate and intentionally.

When I had a good time, I saw Ji Li answered a question, saying what kind of experience is marriage with people who do not love?Yi Lin, this photo is you and Ji Li.There are still this photo in your circle of friends?

When I heard that there was melon, all students took out their mobile phones, where is it?Even when Chen Yilin was seeing the answer, he looked at He Jili complicatedly, and turned red with red eyes.Ji Li looked back at her, and I was cold, and almost couldn’t control it.In the eyes of everyone, everyone knew that my husband loved another woman.For a moment, I seemed to be picked up to travel the street, and I couldn’t wait to stand up and escape immediately.

After a long time, Ji Li finally said.His voice was as usual. Only when he listened carefully, he could find the slightly trembling material inside. I wrote it blindly. I was good with my wife. Let ’s eat.The classmates nodded and put away their mobile phones.

But in the next meal, I can feel countless sights, falling on us, and staying with me, only sympathy and ridicule.This is probably the most difficult meal I have eaten in my lifetime.When I was about to disperse, Ji Li left a sentence I went to the bathroom and stood up and walked away.After a while, Chen Yilin also went out.Many people deliberately or unintentionally see me, I don’t know what it feels, I can only pretend to have nothing to happen, and continue to bow their heads like a meal.

After leaving the field, all my classmates left. I waited for a long time and did not see Ji Li back.You can only get up and leave.But when I passed the corridor, I suddenly heard Chen Yilin’s crying sound, and I looked from the shadow.I saw Chen Yilin holding Ji Li from behind and crying: But you obviously have me in his heart.Ji Li frowned: You think too much, I am married.Chen Yilin took the flue: Why don’t you dare to look back at me?What does your answer say?Ji Li: You don’t love her obviously. I know that this is not good, but we are clearly together. If it wasn’t for her, maybe we would have reconciled.Ji Li: I came back for you.I didn’t understand it before, and we started again.Ji Li’s body was stiff, his expression was covered by shadows, and he couldn’t see clearly.After a long time, he hugged Chen Yilin with one inch.Two people kissed madly at no one, as if they were going to vent their depressed emotions these years.And I looked at my heart silently, letting the blade stirred.I don’t know why, it was me who was escaping intimately.When I ran under the dim street light and touched my face, I realized that I didn’t know when my face was already wet and cold.

Ji Li returned very late that night. He seemed to want to explain something to me. He opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say.I smile as usual, rest first.If you have anything to say later.He let go of his frowning eyebrows like relief. When I was holding the quilt to the guest bedroom, I was just stunned, and I didn’t stop me late at night.I opened Zhihu, Ji Li’s answers below have a lot of comments, probably all classmates who eat melon tonight.And his reply was still in that sentence: No, she could not do without me.

The night outside the window fell in through the fog and shadow.The curtain’s gauze was blown up by the wind, and I sat up and took out a divorce agreement from the pump.Although Li does not love me these years, it can also be called a good husband.All his salary dividends will be given to me over the years.In fact, this year, he has begun to change slowly.He will kiss me before going out, and to tear the film with my ears when I was intimate before going to bed, and the emotional was called my nickname.When I couldn’t sleep with dysmenorrhea, he rubbed his hands and rubbed his stomach.When I woke up in the middle of the night several times, I found that he was already sleepy.The movements on my hand are constantly.At that time, I thought he would fall in love with me.But when Chen Yilin came back, I knew that everything was just my illusion.

I signed the money on the divorce agreement for one minute or two in these years, quietly put it on the coffee table, and then dragged the suitcase to gently close the door and left.Then I responded to Ji Li’s answer, and she would leave.Ji Li’s phone number did not call the next afternoon.Probably he was always busy with Chen Yilin.

I just saw the divorce agreement I left. What do you mean?Ji Liqiang’s anger Shen Yue: You have to divorce me.I silently said in silence: You signed the agreement, and see when we have time, let’s go through the procedures.You can rest assured that I don’t want you more things, the house and the car are yours.But I did not say that Ji Li begged interrupted me.You are almost enough.Isn’t it because of that thing last night?His voice was a little ridiculous. Didn’t you just write that answer?Yes, it is me wrong to write that.But have I told you, I hate others threatened me the most.You thought I knew like this, I didn’t wait for him to finish.

So I am serious.Ji Li: I held back the sourness of my nasal cavity. I saw you in the corridor last night.He was anxious to explain.Yes, you listen to me, I took the crying Dao Ji Li: What mood did you write that answer?When you fell into my feelings, are you still looking at me like a joke, and think I am a fool.Is this love you in your eyes that is not worth it?Ji Li was so panicked that he stunned geometry.I didn’t mean that, I just wrote too much that day.Shen Yue, don’t think about it, I tipped the corner of my mouth, he had already written so clearly, what room for me to think about.I raised my head so that my tears could not fall, and I divorced us.

On the phone, Ji Li refused to divorce me.He only said that it doesn’t matter if you think of me again, so I will sue, and it can be divorced for two years.It’s just that for a period of time, I can endure him and don’t love me, but I can’t stand him like this trample on my feelings.Probably the house leaks prefer the rain.After a few days, I suddenly raised a heavy rain when I got off work. The sight was not good. The front car suddenly reduced the speed. The taxi I hit suddenly chased the tail. My lower abdomen hit the metal prize of the notebook held in my hand.On the top, the forehead was on the window. The pain in front of me was dark, and my ears buzzed in an instant.After being taken to the hospital for some examination, the doctor frowned slightly, and she was accidentally more careful when she was pregnant.

You have a signs of a threatened abortion in your body, and the child is almost unable to keep it.I stunned, the child, see me like this.The doctor wondered, wouldn’t you know that you were pregnant, right?I nodded and touched my lower abdomen a little blankly. There was no movement at all.

I can’t imagine that there was already a small life connected to my blood.A mess in my head, biting into my lips, it was really a fate.

For so many years with Ji Li, I have always wanted a child.At that time, I always felt that a child could keep his heart.To this end, he kept entangled in him, and he even scolded me.You are a girl at home, do you know how to be ashamed?Even so, I failed to succeed to my child.I couldn’t help laughing.Now we are going to divorce, but it comes from time to time. The injuries on our heads are still painful. I am a little nauseous.The doctor checked it and said that it was not ruled out that it was a brain shock, but also needed to observe it.

By the way, your state still needs to be taken care of, so that when your family comes, pay the cost.I pursed my lips for a while and thought about it. It was very shameful to see that he didn’t call back a call.As soon as I put a lot of time to divorce, I immediately called others.But I was married far away. There were no relatives and friends in this city, and only he could find.The phone rang for a long time before turning on.There was a vague music and vocal sound over there, and I endured a headache and low dumb channel.

Jin Li, can you come to accompany me?I am at the hospital.Just now the car rear -ended, Ji Li sarcastically sarcastically: Shen Yan, can you make a decent excuse?I didn’t interrupt me.Didn’t you have the ability to divorce me yesterday?

Why regret it so soon.Chen Yilin’s voice came from that end, and he came over.Before hanging up, Ji Li left me and laughed.Shen Yan, I really look down on you.Then there is the icy e -busy sound.I looked at my phone dumbly, feeling that my heart didn’t jump, and my headache and stomach pain slowly left me.In the end, the only thing that can feel is the dull pain after the heart.The doctor continued: You can take a needle to keep the fetal needle in a while.It was not very good in Huaixiang, and it was difficult to keep the child in this way.I raised my head and suddenly said: No, I don’t want this child, you have to knock it off.For a moment, I nodded, and the tip of my tongue was numb, but I still said that sentence: Yes, I want to kill this child.Because the first day was not good, the doctor gave me an appointment for the next day.Before the operation, I turned on my phone and saw the circle of friends sent by Chen Yilin. In the high -rise brigade of the TV station, she was wondering the cake in front of her.Ji Li looked at her gently, with a smile on his face: Yes.I wish you every year in the future, you have you.The pain came from the lower abdomen, and the pain quickly spread to hundreds of songs.I couldn’t help but bow slightly, holding the railing by the bed, no wonder he refused to accompany me.It turned out to be Chen Yilin’s birthday.The birthday of beloved women is of course more important than my loved wife.The doctor came over, and your signature hasn’t signed it yet. Haven’t your family come yet?Dry in my eyes, and the sourness is terrible, but she can’t cry.I think it’s probably my tears have flowed. I opened my mouth. I didn’t have a family doctor to sign it myself. The abortion was not a major surgery.I still didn’t say it.

When I came back in the evening, I received WeChat from my Ji.He hadn’t sent me a message for a long time, and I turned up the chat record almost all I posted.I can’t go back to dinner tonight, I prepare your favorite sweet and sour spine.I saw a very beautiful stray cat on the side of the road today, my eyes are a bit like you, GPG.The last one was sent in the hospital that day. I had a car accident. Can you come to accompany me?He never returned, leaving me alone to sing the unicorn stupidly.Today, I sent me a message to me, leaving the explanation.

That day, Chen Yilin said that no one returned to China to accompany her for a birthday. I had nothing to do with her. Don’t get me wrong, and I don’t know if she was stimulated by what she was.I didn’t go to the hospital to accompany you that day.I suddenly felt a little ridiculous and the distance, and it seemed that everything was wrong.People are wrong, time is wrong, everything is wrong.When you want your child, you ca n’t get it. When you are going to divorce, the child comes, and in the end, he can only be killed.

I waited for his explanation that I didn’t wait for so long. Now I don’t need it, but he rushed to find me ridiculous.It seems that we should not be together.I used to force it now, and I finally tasted the suffering of the twisted melon.After a few days, I received a call from sending pear again.At midnight, his voice was warm, with a hint of depression of pain.Where is my stomach medicine, I am busy working in the early years.There is always a meal of eating, leaving severe stomach problems.Over the years, I have carefully raised him stomach. All his rice was made by my own hands. Every ingredients in it were carefully prepared by me.In addition to laughing, he has always taken a traditional Chinese medicine, but it is difficult to match it.

Each time I was sitting on the plane, I went to the old Chinese medicine medicine for three months, and then came back to install the decoction every day.It is estimated that I am gone these days, and no one will keep him with a few hours of decoction.His stomach problems have been committed again.I have no expression, I have finished eating, and squeezed away.After stewing for a moment, the sound was a bit painful.Why didn’t you go for me? This time, I went more than he had been with him. I have never broken his medicine for a day when the doctor told him to rest without drinking medicine.

I took a plane to buy medicine directly in the cold days of the cold winter.At four in the morning, wait outside the pharmacy and wait for the medicine.But what position does he ask me now?I was cold enough to have a brain in my mind. Go to Chen Yilin to match you.Before he finished speaking, he hung up the phone directly, and by the way, all his ways were black.I thought things would pass like this.

As a result, Qidi came to me when I got off work the next day.He stood on the side of the road and wore a black long -sleeved windbreaker, as if a man filming a fashion blockbuster.Passing the colleagues couldn’t help watching him, and pointed out excitedly.I frowned randomly.When I was together, I actually fantasized that he came to pick me up, but he never liked to appear forward with me, and he rejected me every time.Now we are going to divorce, what is he doing?Seeing that I walked over a few times and dragged my arm.Why did he hung me up last night?I watched him really doubtful and dissatisfied. It seemed that from beginning to end, I was just singing unicorn alone.He has been traveling away.I suddenly felt very:

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