Ni Weizhen (Wang Ou) After pregnancy, forcing her little husband to study abroad, and finally knew the truth

Today, I saw the news of Wang Ou. Regarding her personal life, I was not familiar with, and I had no interest in understanding the progress of the story.

I just thought of the TV series I have just watched recently, giving me a lot of strength and thinking.

The actor’s lineup is amazing: Hao Lei, Liu Yijun, Song Dandan, Zhang Guoqiang, and the grandma of Ming Lan in "Knowing No" and so on.

Wang Ou played Ni Weizhen in it, and began to do my approach to her. It was really disgusted.

Ni Weizhen, female, 35 years old, is a big producer on the TV station, and has been brilliant.

However, the show "Thinners" she did for several years, because of the market development trend, she couldn’t do it anymore.

The content is very good, but the ratings are not as good as one year. During that time, she was confused and helpless.

At this time, a big boy He Zhichao, who was 5 years younger than her, appeared in front of her.

A few years ago, Ni Weizhen went to a sports -based university interview. He just met He Zhichao, who was young and vigorous, and mixed a few words at the time.

Later, He Zhichao could not continue to work in sports because of injuries. When he was confused, Ni Weizhen inspired him.

He found his ideals, he decided to work in the coffee shop, make money live, and then study abroad.

And He Zhichao is also a loyal fan of "Thinners".

Such two people, when they met together, they had feelings, and they soon became married.

After the flash marriage, Ni Weizhen also left the previous TV station and was in a state of rest. She didn’t think about how she should go in the future.

And at the time, her mother was sick, and her family was busy with her mother. She didn’t tell her that she was married, and even He Zhichao had never seen her family.

In addition to these, they also have a greater resistance.

It is He Zhichao’s mother who strongly opposes her sister and brother.

Because she was greater than He Zhichao’s father. With He Zhichao, He Zhichao’s father left them.

It is a sister and brother who has not been cultivated.

So He Zhichao’s mother did not allow anyone to talk about her sister and brother, because she felt that she would not have good results.

Is it very specialized?But each of us will judge whether one thing is worth doing according to our past experience.

This is also the case, including Ni Weizhen.

Not long after the flash marriage, she became pregnant.

She once struggled whether she wanted this child:

A marriage that is not known by the family of both sides, a older mother, if not now, may be less likely to be in the future.

At that time, marriage was really under impulse, but I just felt that the big boy was very good to her and enjoyed it.

I don’t know if this big boy can bear the responsibility of being a husband and father.

Turking and entangled, Ni Weizhen finally decided to give birth to the child.

Then, the two of them have greater contradictions.

He Zhichao didn’t want to study abroad because he was going to take care of Ni Weizhen and their children at home.

This is a husband, a dad’s obligation, and a reliable quality of a reliable man.

But Ni Weizhen resolutely opposed it, crying and shouting to let He Zhi go to study abroad.

He was looking for a teacher again, and forced him to take the exam.

In the end, he learned that He Zhichao concealed the fact that she was admitted, and even used divorce to force him to study abroad.

From the perspective of women, in fact, I didn’t understand why she did it.

There is a husband who loves himself, so reliable and responsible, and love her and children so much.

If you want to study abroad, it is He Zhichao’s decision.

Why should she interfere so much?

Is it better to work hard and aggrieved, but also prove that she is a woman in the new era, can she be independent?

Later, I finally knew why she would choose this way, which had a lot to do with her elder brother Ni Weimin.

There are three brothers and sisters in their family, and one second brother Ni Weiqiang.

Dad was gone when Ni Weizhen was young. The elder brother Ni Weimin helped her mother to take care of her family’s life and take care of her brother and sister.

The elder brother is very good to Ni Weizhen, and it hurts her very much, but her expectations for her are also very great.

The elder brother always tells her, you ca n’t play, you have to study hard, go to college, otherwise I will raise you in vain.

When Ni Weizhen was admitted to college, the elder brother was more excited than her.

But one day Ni Weizhen discovered that the elder brother was in the living room, where he was in a silent daze.

In the end, she discovered that it was a college admission notice of her brother many years ago.

Since then, Ni Weizhen felt that she was the big brother of the elder brother, because she and the elder brother regretted not going to college.

In her later life, she was particularly afraid of becoming the burden of others, making others unable to realize her ideals.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand. Even if she chose to divorce, He Zhi had to exceed the practice of studying abroad.

But in fact, these two things can be considered from another angle.

Everyone’s choice is their own thing, and they must be responsible for themselves.

Even for others, you have to bear it yourself, instead of getting the other party’s return.

This is also mentioned by the famous psychologist Adler, the subject is separated.

For example, when you go home from get off work and go home, I will give you an umbrella. I can give you an umbrella. My shoes and socks are wet and stomachache.

It is my choice to give you an umbrella, so I need to bear the pain of my shoe and socks.

I won’t invite you, and you don’t have to blame yourself for this.

Just like Ni Weizhen’s elder brother, since he chose to help his mother take care of his sister, he should not give the pressure to his sister, making his sister feel that he was cumbersome.

Since He Zhichao chose to take care of his wife and children, Ni Weizhen didn’t have to blame himself for this, because it was normal to get the care of her husband.

Someone may say that some people will say that some are not close.

The relationship between people is because there are too many emotions, so entanglement is unclear and complicated.

It’s better to love you, it’s my business to love you. It is your business if you love me.

I love you, I am willing to work hard to express and act to you.

If you don’t love me, I don’t entangle, but I may still love you, buried in my heart, and know that another person appears.

You don’t have to tell me the truth because I have paid too much, but the virtuality and the snake are broken.

If you just love me, then it will be a good time. From then on, how beautiful it is.

I am the charm son, the vast crowd, I am grateful to meet ~

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Author: Queen of Children

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