No need to surgery!The hysteric adhesion of the abortion, the self -promoting recipe, separated the adhesion, and prevent reinstation

Once the abortion caused the uterine cavity, it became a stumbling block on the road to pregnancy.

This is a real case encountered by my clinic. Xiao Guo has been with her husband for four or five years. Last year, the two were married and prepared for children. There was no good news for more than a year of pregnancy.Guo has adhesion.

After the consultation, I learned that Xiao Guo was pregnant in the past two years. For this sudden child, Xiao Guo and her husband were not ready to welcome. After the tangled, the two decided to give up the child and choose the abortion surgery.

After the two people got married, their lives slowly entered the right track, so they put the plan for childbirth on the agenda, but the plan could not keep up with changes, and there were still problems.

I asked Xiao Guo’s condition in detail and learned that the menstrual flow after her abortion has decreased significantly, but I have not cared about it. In fact, the decrease in this menstrual flow is a symptom of manifestation of uterine adhesion.

The recurrence rate can be as high as 62.5%after the patient’s patients with uterine adhesion. For the situation of Xiao Guo, after seeing the diagnosis, I used her pure Chinese medicine therapy.

Xiao Guo’s manifestation is that the menstrual flow is small, and the blood color is darkened. This is due to the evil guests of damp heat in the cell palace, fighting with qi and blood, blood stasis and stagnation, and the local blood of the uterus is poor.

Use the principle of clearing heat and dampness, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, improve local blood circulation in the uterus, prevent the endometrium from adhesion again, and lay the foundation for the growth and restoration of the endometrium.raw material.

Kaifang: Self -clearing the heat promotional recipe

Composition: heavy buildings, honeysuckle, forsythia, earth brocade, purple flower diced, red beans, Angelica, salt litchi nucleus, salt orange nucleus, lotus seed heart, Hehuan, Chaihu, Dendrobium, frying gardenia, leukoshi, barley kernels, coix seeds, coix seeds, coix seed,Silkworm, triangular, etc.

This prescription is not static. During the conditioning process, I changed her several times according to the recovery of Xiao Guo. After three months of conditioning, the menstrual volume increased, and the review of the color Doppler ultrasound has not been abnormal.

Before the formal pregnancy, I asked her to do a few more conventional examinations. After everything was normal, I started to guide pregnancy. After about two months of trial for about two months, Xiao Guo succeeded in conceiving. After pregnant, she told me very excitedly.The family was very happy, and regretted that he did not care about his body before, and was afraid of thinking about it.


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