Novel: Four years ago, he ran away at the engagement banquet, turned back to marry, she shook her head: Impossible

In the lounge, Xiao Yan raised his eyebrows and looked at Qiao Sheng, "Qiao Sheng, I thought it was four years, and you would look up for a man. What do you know, the worse, the worse.Friends. "

If it weren’t for his handsome face that was reluctant to hit him, Qiao Sheng felt that she would come forward and beat him directly.

"Xiao Yan, Li Zhaoyuan is not very good, but do you think you are a good thing? Who left me and ran away." Qiao Sheng stared at Xiao Yan angrily.

Xiao Yan held his chest with both hands, and his eyebrows were handsome.

Qiao Sheng sneered, "Smart people are not dropped twice in a gully. Besides, you have a good relationship in country M. I don’t want to come and find me when you are good at that time."

The reason why she left Xiao Yan’s departure for four years was not because of her heart … Xiao Yan.

Qiao Sheng understood this.But it is better to know that she and Xiao Yan are impossible.

When Xiao Yan left him, when she left, she was injured. Her father was sent to the hospital because he was worried about her.Later, she vowed in front of her father that she would never marry Xiao Yan in her life.

It’s just last night … it’s really unexpected things.

"Qiao Sheng, if you don’t want me to be responsible for you. Well, you are responsible for me." Xiao Yan’s face was cynical. "Foreign girls are not as good as our girls in Tongcheng. The girls in Tongcheng are not as good as you."

In other words, it was a cynical look. Qiao Sheng couldn’t be sad in his heart, but he was so dull that she and Xiao Yan were alumni.Xiao Yan was her senior at that time. When he was college, the two of them were very loving couples.

She almost thought that she was married and had children in her life … The major choices in her life had to be related to this man.

But he not only left her at the engagement banquet, but even she had overheard her father’s friend and her father on phone that the young girl Xiao Yan was holding in M..Yan’s woman.

She really couldn’t figure it out. Xiao Yan, who had a strong self -esteem at first, would fall so fast.


It’s really bad to say.

"Xiao Yan, let’s not meet again in the future. The things between us … really don’t continue to continue." Qiao Sheng stood up from the bench in the lounge.

She has loved, but she doesn’t want to eat it back.

Qiao Sheng didn’t know how she finally got out of the lounge. In short, when she was on the taxi who was sitting from get off work, her two feet seemed to be injected into the iron lead, heavy.

At this time, Qiao Sheng didn’t know that the photos of her Presidential suite from the six -star hotel had been circulated online.In a well -known forum in Tongcheng, some people even broke the matter with the tone of the parties.

The man said that Qiao Sheng, Qiao Jiaqian, looked at Gao Leng and pure.In fact, the life in private is extremely sloppy.

She has cheated with countless men.Li Zhaoyuan, president of Li’s, just knew her private person, and then left her at the engagement banquet and went to see Liu Xing’er.

As for Liu Xing’er’s pregnancy, it is even more troublesome.Liu Xing’er was not a primary three, and Li Zhaoyuan had reunited with Liu Xing’er before.It was Qiao Sheng, and Qiao Sheng, an attentive Xiao San, was involved in the relationship between the two of them, which made Li Zhao far away from Liu Xing’er and Qiao Sheng to marry.

However, God’s care, fortunately, Qiao Sheng’s swing was exposed in advance, and Li Zhaoyuan and Liu Xing’er finally could eventually become lovers.

Such a post quickly spread on the Internet, and netizens who could not count for a while began to attack Qiao Sheng on the Internet.

Qiao Sheng has become the slut that everyone in Tongcheng


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