Novel: Human women dreamed of conceived the orc children, and when they woke up, they found out that the dream became real

"Nothing." Yun Qiao returned to the same color, and began to pick pepper and pepper, half of it, and said to Xue Mu: "Do you help me weave a few baskets, I want to pick up more things back."

"What do these two things do?" Xue Mu stood still and looked at Yun Qiao’s things.

"Seasoning, the fruits of these two plants are grinded into powder after drying and sprinkled on the barbecue to remove the fishy smell and make the meat better."

Similarly, pepper and pepper grinding into powder are also body -defense weapons.If there is a pepper, so, she can make chili water for body defense.

"The greedy female knows to eat it." Xue Mu was a little dissatisfied, but she still went to find a rattan weaving basket.

After the snow leaving, Yun Qiao followed the trend to put some pepper and pepper -pepper leaf leaf into the space, and then continued to pick it.

Both fruits are completely mature. She now collects some seeds and may be able to plant it by herself.

After Yun Qiao was picking enough, Xue Mi also returned with the edited basket.His craftsmanship is not good, the basket edited is crooked, but he can also pretend.

"What else do you want to find?" Xue Mu was stimulating to sneeze with a strong basket of pepper and pepper, which was stimulated by a strong irritating taste.

"Take a look and see, maybe you can touch the wild bird eggs." Yun Qiao said, his eyes kept finding it in the grass.

Somehow, she always felt that she suddenly had a keen insight in looking for edible and medicinal plants.Many plants can just judge whether they are toxic and whether they can be eaten.

Yun Qiao believes that he is not a botanic expert, and he is not a professional -related profession. The plants you know are average, but now it is very sudden. It is amazing to identify the use of plants at a glance.

She thought, maybe this is related to the thing she was forced to eat.First, I got a portable space that can be installed and then recognized the plant.This beast world is really amazing.

The two walked for a long time, Yun Qiao found a pepper with orange -yellow and looks like a small lantern. This kind of pepper looks cute, but when the snow -owned snow sacrifice is taken off, after accidentally broken the broken break,Instantly, the orcs with an ice -made face twisted their complexions, and a scream of screaming jumped out three meters away.

Then, Yun Qiao witnessed the long and white fingers of Xue Mu, becoming the whole process of redness and swelling like radish.

"Damn female, what are you found?" Xue Mi put the red swelling, burn and painful hand in the stream to relieve the pain, and asked with a cold breath.

He did not expect that a plant fruit was so powerful.Those and orcs such as spider scorpion have their own stabs without this small fruit.

"Your hand stretches too fast." Yun Qiao stood far away, and helplessly spread his hand: "This is also a condiment, but has a strong irritating taste. Who dares to touch you without preparing?"

Just like this for a while, Xue Mu’s arm became red and swollen, twice as thicker than the other arm, and Yun Qiao was shocked.The plants in this animal world are really amazing.

No need to find anymore, this devil’s pepper is the best material for her to make body -defense weapons.

"My arms are swollen, what should I do?" Xue Mu’s color was not good -looking at this time, his entire arm was swollen and swollen, and he was tingling with fire. In this feeling, he didn’t want to experience it in this life.the second time.

"I think about it." Yun Qiao stood for a long time, and finally searched from his mind to be spicy.

"You wait, I will come right away." Yun Qiao only left a word, ran into the grass, pulled a large wild mint out, and quickly ran back.

There are many stones near the stream. Yun Qiao put the mint in the water and put it up. Then he picked up a stone and smashed into a crushed. He grabbed it with his hand and passed on the arms of Xue Mi.

When the entire arm was filled with the disgusting green, the painful complexion of Xue Mang finally relieved.It’s just that the pain can’t be eliminated for a while, and his arm is still hot.

Looking at the clouds that were seriously painted by himself, Xue Mi suddenly felt a lot comfortable.

"You stay here, don’t move, I’ll find something to relieve the pain."

After speaking, Yun Qiao ran away again.

This time, she ran away again, found a plant similar to aloe vera, and sour lemon fruit, and brought back a few nest wild bird eggs from the grass.

After cleaning the mint on the arms of the snow, Yun Qiao found that the redness and swelling disappeared a lot.

At this moment, Xuexue felt that he had a lot of situation, and he felt relieved.He looked at Yun Qiao, as if looking at a treasure.

"Yun Qiao, how can you understand so many things?" Is such a smart female just a waste orc that is simply excluded in the orc groups?

"As a waste orc, the body is not strong enough. It is a flaw. If you are stupid, how can you survive?" Yun Qiao said while squatting at the stream and washing his hands.

What she said is right. The ancestors of human beings were standing on the top of the food chain step by step with wisdom and brainpower.If you fight for physical strength, you will not know how long it has long.

Snow did not doubt that although the orcs of the Black Mountain Tribe said that Yun Qiao’s crazy beast partner possessly possess it and attach great importance to her.But he felt that the female who could survive under the tyrannical crazy beasts was very special and smart.

None of the females he had known by the crazy beast before, but none of them came back alive, and were killed by the crazy crazy beast.

"Don’t worry, I will protect you in the future." Xue Mu looked at Yun Qiao and said carefully.

"According to our agreement, you should protect me." Yun Qiao did not notice the psychological change of Xue Mi, but just told: "After returning to the tribe, you mix these thick leaf grass with the egg white of the wild bird eggs and apply it.On the arm, especially the hand. Otherwise, your hand is afraid to take off a layer of skin. "

Snow is a bird orc. His arms are wings. Peeling means that the entire half of the wings will lose hair.

"What?" Xue Mu was really shocked. His slightly narrow and sharp eyes opened greatly, staring round.

"Hurry up, apply it for me, if I have bald wings, I can’t fly back to the tribe!"

Yun Qiao also thought of this stubble. They left the tribe very much. If Xue Bald wings flying back, they had to spend the night outside. This is not possible.

After a chicken -flying dog jumping, Snowfa’s arm was painted again on a thick paste, and Yun Qiao quickly continued to find him for healing herbs.

However, after the layer of paste was cleaned, the swollen arms of the snowfield still took off a layer of skin, and the white meat was shining in red, and it looked a little scary.

"You, will you look back at the animal shape?" Yun Qiao said carefully.

Snow sacred a face, nodded, and then turned into a huge snow -white eagle.The mighty eagle, the wings on the right are bare red with powder, looking funny and ridiculous.

He tried to incite his wings, but couldn’t fly.

After becoming a humanoid, Xue Bi’s complexion was even more gloomy.

"We can’t go back for the time being." It is far from the tribe. If they want to walk back, it will take several days.

"It seems that you can only find a cave nearby, and it will be a while."

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