Novel: She couldn’t think of it. After she was pregnant, she would be suspected of derailment by the president after she was pregnant.

Jiang Zhi couldn’t afford to make a joke, and she was more real.

Self -esteem is making a blame, and she is a face in front of Shen Luyan.

"I didn’t seduce others."

She has a word, explaining it seriously.

Shen Luoyan raised his eyebrows, his fingers reached her thin and tender skin, and a little red was left with a little red seal. He said, "Gu Tingxuan told me, he likes you."

In this sentence, he said with a light description.

Jiang Zhi tried to find any unhappiness or traces of care from Shen Loyan’s face.

Unfortunately, there is no at all.

Shen Ling said that he didn’t care about it.

Jiang Zhi was hanging his head, "I and I are not familiar with him."

She was uncomfortable and continued: "Besides, there are so many confidantes Gu Hongyan, and there must be many people who like it."

Shen Luoyan’s thumb still pinched her chin, and looked at her eyes deeply, and there was a deep meaning that made people unknown.

"This is not necessarily."

Jiang Zhi didn’t speak.

Gu Tingxuan’s little model this night was not the same as the female companion she saw at the banquet last time.

The substitutions around him are also very diligent.

Shen Luoyan carefully looked at the face in front of him. There was no beauty of attack power, and it was really attractive.

He slowly loosened his thumb and looked at the obvious red marks on the woman’s skin. "Sorry, no control."

Shen Lu said that he has never seen people who are more obedient than Jiang Jian.

There seems to be no temper.

"Secretary Jiang, if you have a person you like or a suitable suitor, you can pay attention first." Shen Luyan felt that he was very kind to her, and at least he would teach her to plan in the future.

Jiang Zhi squeezed out two words from his throat: "Thank you."

Shen Loyan also kindly reminded: "However, during our marriage renewal, I don’t want to see any substantial progress."

Jiang Zhi said, "I know."

Shen Luoyan went to the bathroom to take a bath.

Jiang Zhi swept into the drawer that he hadn’t had time to put it away.

Shen Luoyan changed his clothes after taking a shower and went to the company.

Jiang Zhi was sitting in the same car with him, and he was a bit unaccustomed.

She asked the driver to stop the car at the intersection in front of the company, and stepped out of the car with her low -heeled shoes.

If the company’s people see her sitting on the car with Shen Luoyan to work, without waiting until the next day, the unbearable rumors will pass everywhere.

As soon as Shen Luoyan arrived in the office, he called the assistant to follow.

He handed the medicine bottle in his hand to the assistant, "Get the hospital to check the ingredients and see what medicine it is."

President Liu helped take the medicine bottle, and it seemed like ordinary vitamins, "Okay, Mr. Shen."

From a young age, he is destined to be a person who is not as simple as that of Shen Liyan, and he doesn’t know what kind of vitamin tablets are.

Shen Luyan will not let people go to Cha Jiangzhi what they usually do.

Because it is not necessary,

But she rarely lie to him, so abnormal this morning.

Shen Luyan was hard to not be suspicious of her, and it must be that it would be possible to hide him.


After a day of work.

Jiang Zhi was called back to the old house by a phone call from Mrs. Shen, and Shen Luyan was also called back together.

Mrs. Shen is a very kind person. Jiang Zhi is grateful to Mrs. Shen’s care on weekdays.

But today Mrs. Shen’s complexion does not look very good.

As soon as Shen Luoyan entered the house, he was called to the study by his mother. "Jiang Suining returned to China?"

Shen Luyan knew that his mother was going to ask about it sooner or later, and he didn’t plan to conceal it, "Yes."

Mrs. Shen was so popular that she had poor breath, and her chest was ups and downs. She said angrily: "Are you going to see her?!"

Shen Luyan admits frankly: "I saw it, more than once."

Mrs. Shen slammed the table angrily, and smashed the front page of the news media published this morning on the newspaper: "You look at how the news is written by yourself."

Shen Luoyan was smashed with his head and smashed his face. He scanned the photos of him and Jiang Suining on the newspaper, and said, "This photo is pretty good."

Polby’s sneak shot technology has been hot.

The Shen family now says that the group’s power of power and the young lady of the Jiang family, the giants are enough to make up a big show.

How many women have gone through the bed of Master Shen, and the pillows have changed one after another.

Some time ago was Zhang Wan.

Both of them are good giants, but they don’t know who can win.

Mrs. Shen was about to be furious.

"You are getting married now, what should be done, what should you do, do you want me to teach you?" Mrs. Shen didn’t like Jiang Suining very much. This girl just didn’t match her eyes.

She has always been sensible and clever, and she almost died for her, and she almost died.

Which mother will not be angry?

Mrs. Shen stretched my face: "At least to ensure the loyalty to marriage, Azhi such a good girl, don’t let her upset her, let her hurt her."

Shen Luoyan pulled his mouth, and said very perfunctory: "I have it."

Mrs. Shen couldn’t help but say: "I can see that Azhi still likes you very much, thinking about you with all my heart."

Shen Luyan didn’t think so, but he was also curious, "What do you see that she likes me?"

More than one person said so much to him.

Perhaps Jiang Zhi’s acting skills are good. Every time you dress up, you can deceive people who do not know the inside.

Mrs. Shen was not good at: "You can feel it by yourself."

Shen Luyan is not available, "Maybe."

Every time Mrs. Shen tell them to come back, they have to mention their children.

This time is no exception, "When do you plan to have a child?"

Shen Luoyan lazily laughed, "We have always worked very hard."

Mrs. Shen did not believe his ghost words, and he began to be suspicious for so long.

Shen Luyan did not squeak.

He does take contraceptive measures every time.

As much as possible to eliminate any accidents.

What about a child?

Shen Luoyan coaxed his mother: "You don’t need to worry about us two."

Mrs. Shen was angry when I saw him without listening, "I’m too lazy to tell you."

She said with Azi.

She must be willing.

Go downstairs.

Mrs. Shen saw that Azhi was asleep leaning against the sofa.

She faintly felt that Azi seemed to be fatter, and her cheeks looked a little round and round.

As soon as Mrs. Shen walked over, Jiang Zhi woke up and blinked his eyes, "Mom."

Mrs. Shen sat next to her and held her hand, "You and the law should have a child."

Jiang Zhi was awake from sleepy, "um."

Mrs. Shen said, "I know he doesn’t want it yet."

Jiang Zhi lowered his eyelashes and silent.

Everyone knows that Shen Luyan doesn’t like children.

Mrs. Shen thinks this is nothing.

Young people love to play. With children, the family can be stable.

"But there are many ways to get pregnant, and he will not know if you secretly hold him on the sleeve."

Jiang Zhi smiled and laughed a little.

Shen Luyan went downstairs to hear the words he said, a little speechless.

He pulled Jiang Zhi’s hand, and he was going to leave.

Mrs. Shen glanced at him, "What are you doing?"

Shen Luoyan held her waist tightly, as if she was going to rub her into the bones so close, "Let’s go upstairs to give you birth."

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