Novel: The pregnant wife was pushed down the stairs to bleed prematurely, but her husband hurried the hospital but misunderstood his wife abortion

How can he be so vicious?

Shen Yifan, don’t want this child, I want!Gu Pingan wiped the tears at the corner of his eyes, and he was ready to leave.

After two steps, she was pushed heavy behind her. She couldn’t control it. She fell down, her stomach pain was to the extreme, and she felt that something was slowly passing between her legs.


Hospital, Gu Ping’an lying on the hospital bed,

"Bang!" The door was kicked open from the outside, and Shen Yifan rushed in.

Seeing Shen Yifan Gu Ping shivered with peace of mind, Shen Yifan had rushed to the bed, and his voice trembled with a hint: "You … you did him?"

Gu Pingan was startled by him, and he was trying to speak. He saw Lin Xiwen, who was closely followed, and his heart was cold instantly, and the corner of his mouth was slightly raised.

"Butter!" Shen Yifan’s eyes flushed, his teeth bite, and looked at Gu Ping’an’s indifferent smile. He seemed to be holding a knife in Ling Chi in his heart.Go to death! "

The neck was held hard by Shen Yifan, and she was struggling desperately in peace, but how could a weak woman a crazy Shen Yifan’s opponent soon, the air was thin and breathed.

"Brother Yifan! What are you doing? Do you let go!" Lin Xiwen was frightened as he looked at Shen Yifan’s madness.

After hearing the news that Gu Ping’an had no news, she immediately informed Shen Yifan, and also informed Chen Wenjun that she wanted Shen Yifan to be ashamed of Gu Ping, but she did not expect that Shen Yifan would be so angry and even strangled Gu Pingan.

Gu Ping’an is a damn, but she can’t die in Shen Yifan’s hands. She doesn’t want to let her man kill the killing on his back, so she let go of her throat and shout: "Come! Come on, stop him!"

Several doctors and nurses rushed in and opened Shen Yifan hard, re -breathing fresh air, and panting with a large mouth.

Shen Yifan really wanted to let himself die. It was really unimaginable that men were unhappy. Thinking of Shen Yifan’s love to say love, Gu Pingan felt inexplicable.

Deviling, cold violence against her, now she still has to kill her. Shen Yifan is really good!

She has always felt that her father Lin Nancheng was in love, but now she finds that Shen Yifan is better than Lin Nancheng.

Although Lin Nancheng has never thought about killing his mother, Shen Yifan …

Looking at the eyes of Shen Yifan’s wolf, looking at Lin Xiwen, who was snuggling to his little bird, a bitter smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Her hoarse throat, "Shen Yifan, let’s divorce!"

"Divorce? Do you even have a face daring to divorce?" Shen Yifan’s eyes emerged in the storm, and he would rush over again.

Lin Xiwen held him tightly, "Yifan brother!"

"Good divorce! Divorce now! What is this bitch so viciously? Hurry up and marry Hervin with her, Given is gentle, knowing the scholarship, which is better than this vicious slut!"

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