Novel: The prince said that the princess was pregnant and was a son, and the princess said why she didn’t know

"In short, the princess of this king is a woman, and the woman’s duty is the husband and the son of the husband.


The Manchu dynasty was surprised and couldn’t describe. So fast, the princess would be pregnant. If it would be such a war …

Of course, Meng Yue himself does not know what he is "pregnant".

"Ben king will not mix your affairs. The princess is pregnant without being separated from the king and then goes back to take care of the princess."

After Situ Lanfeng said, he turned and left, leisurely, anyway, the prince was not him.In the palace, he can participate or not.

The people above the court were aggressive, but after Situ Lanfeng left, everyone was more discussed in addition to talking about who went to Dongcheng Kingdom.

This is also a coincidence. If a woman is pregnant, let him go to the front line to do that kind of thing, and it is indeed inhumane to study those poison.Situ Lanfeng will not agree.

Somehow, the four princes were pregnant and suddenly spread.Meng Yige is drinking tea in the room, thinking about how this plague happened.

Seriously, she has always suspected that she is artificial, and she has a candidate in her mind.When Long Yutian was close to Meng Yu Ge, he seemed to have a poison on his body.

Those poison can be studied at the end of the day. Except for Long Yutian, she really did not think of other people.But suffering from Meng Yu Ge has no evidence, there is no way, only to recognize it.

"A bunch of women came outside the princess, and said that I would see you, and I also brought a lot of gifts. You still don’t see it."


Meng Yu’s song feels strange. There are few people who will go to him at all on weekdays. He is not good at making friends, but just go closer to his girl, or say that he is closer to these patients.

Coupled with Situ Lanfeng, he didn’t know what was going on. He had nothing to do with him all day, so that he had no time to make these people at all.

And these people seem to have never regarded her as a thing, and they all felt that she was proud.

But today I took the initiative to come to the door. Meng Yu’s song was a little surprised. After drinking tea, she settled and said, "You say a bunch of people, how many people are it?"

"very many."

"Then bring it in, I want to know what wind blows these people in."

Meng Yu Ge naturally knows that there are too many enemies in the tree. You usually do n’t deal with it, but everyone will take the initiative to send it to the door. If you do n’t appreciate it, you ca n’t say it.

But after putting it in, Meng Yige felt that these people destroyed her three views.Not only are clothes wearing flowers.And the skills of chasing each other are terrible.

"Oh, hey, the four princess maiden can be regarded as you."

Meng Yige is almost understood. The ladies in this Kyoto have basically come. About a dozen people squeezed the entire hall full and lively.

"Uh … my sister has nothing to entertain, please sit down."

Meng Yige stood up slightly, and the guests became a master’s attitude.

"Four princes, how can you get up? You have to sit well. Your current body is Jin Gui. If there is any problem, we can’t afford it."

The first thing to speak is the lady who stands in front of the key two grades, the lady of the Bachelor of Hanlin Academy, and the long -sized browsing purpose, it looks about thirty.Looking like a person, seeing this Meng Yu song seemed to see through her whole body, especially staring at her belly.


Meng Yu’s song is simply aggressive, as if he doesn’t know anything. He looked at her embarrassed, "What happened to me? Why are you always staring at my belly, am I fat?Say it ugly. "

"No, the princess is beautiful at any time. The ministers have brought some sour plums specially produced by Baoyue Guo today. The princess has a symptom of eating sour recently?" The wife asked.

"Uh … no. Why do I like to eat sour?"

Meng Yige felt like dreaming today. What she got up early in the morning really made her eye -catching.

"Oh, that may not be the time yet, you are still small this month. But these things can always be used. This is not enough in the future, where is the woman."

"What …"

Meng Yu’s song really felt a headache. She slightly supported the amount and drank the saliva gently.I smiled awkwardly, "Thank you, I will try it when I have time."

"Oh yes, I also have a gift for you for the fourth princess. This century -old life is a great supplement. Although the slaves know that your mansion must not be lacking.So I sent it specially. Naturally, we can’t treat us like a kind person like a princess. "

"Oh we also have here, the princess mother, please laugh, the princess mother, please laugh."

"In the future, if we are useful, as long as the princess calls anymore anytime, anywhere.

"Thank you … thank you …"

Meng Yu’s lips, stroking his forehead gently, and embarrassedly laughed. After half an hour, these guys were sent out, but she didn’t understand what was going on in the end.

Meng Yige looked at the piles of things, and suddenly thought, "Waiting for the king, I will ask how to deal with these things. This palace thinks it should still be sent back. After all, these things are more precious, and our king’s house alsoCan’t take someone else’s things. "


The subordinates just walked over, and suddenly came back and said, "The princess, the dream of the dream is over."


Meng Yuge heard that his father was coming, and he was so excited that he was going to see him, but he did not expect that the old guy actually came over. The disease was just right. You are really an old naughty boy.

Maybe I really miss his daughter. Of course, Meng Yuge also wants Dad, so kind -hearted dad.

"Hurry up, go out and go out, hurry out and welcome."

Meng Yige packed things, and quickly went out of the hall and saw that Meng Xian also came directly towards Meng Yige with a large bag of things.

"Daddy … why are you here? My daughter is preparing to take your son -in -law to see you. You are not good …"

"Dead girl, who told you to run out? Give me back and sit back."

Meng Yue came out to pick up his father that his father would be very happy, and then helped his father to go to the lobby, but he did not expect that it was a scolding.

Meng Yu Ge once doubted that this was not her father.Until the old boy actually helped him, "Come and go slowly, go slowly, but don’t fall."

"What dad."

"Good, yes. Go slowly, you are still in your body now."

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