Novel: The wife fainted in the office and woke up and found that she was pregnant. The marriage was afraid that it would be separated.

A young nurse was testing her blood pressure. When she saw her woke up, she taught her with face, "You wake up, the child is okay, but you have to be careful, after all, you are pregnant.Care, even if you don’t have restraint, do strenuous exercise. If you are not sent to the hospital in a timely manner, I am afraid that the child will not be able to keep it! "

Han Yu just felt that she was thunderous, and she was pregnant?She was pregnant with Pei Tianyou’s child!

She has been married to him for four years, and hasn’t been pregnant. In the fifth month of marriage, she was pregnant. At that time, she thought she could get him even a little bit of pity, but no, he hated her, and naturally wouldn’t he care about it.Her flesh.

Just when she was looking forward to waiting for the life of the child, he was born again, and he pushed her to hell!

He dragged her four months of pregnancy to the operating table, tied her with a rope, and did not use it a little hemp medicine, so she killed her child like that.

Her painful roar, desperate crying, but useless, he stood coldly in front of the hospital bed, as if he was looking at something disgusting.

She had a dream of two and a half years in a row until she was cured by a psychologist that she would not hear the baby’s crying when she dreams. At that time, she thought of death more than once.

At that time, she hurt the uterus. It was very difficult to get pregnant, and men felt that she was so convenient. She did not have to take contraceptive measures and would not make her pregnant.

The words of the nurse made her dusty memory cage open. She couldn’t help but be cold. She couldn’t guarantee that the man would not ask her to get a fetus again. What would he do if he was known by the man?

She didn’t dare to bet on his softness at all, and the child was too difficult to come.

Knowing that she was awake, a doctor soon came. He said in a public public tone, "This lady, you are 9 weeks of pregnancy now, it is time to pay attention to it."

"Also, your body’s background is not good, your body is weak, and your feet, your right ankle fracture, because you can not take medicine at will because of pregnancy.of."

Han Yu listened dumbly, she has not returned from the news of her pregnancy until the doctor said, "We have called your husband, hoping that your husband and wife can cooperate with our work and regulate the body to raise the bodyOkay, give birth to a healthy baby. "

The middle -aged doctor’s last tone was a bit soft, but Han Yu felt that the sky was collapsed for a moment. He knew that he knew it!

The doctor had just left, and the door was opened again, and Han Yu at this time was already panicked, and he didn’t know what to do at all.

When I came to see her, I couldn’t help walking a few steps to her bed and asked, "Xiaoyu, what’s wrong with you?"

Han Yu’s eyes widened, "Li Rusheng? Why is you?"

Li Rusheng reached out to help her lie down and worried, "Xiaoyu, what did you do? I feel … I feel that you are not good at all."

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