Novel: When she was pregnant for the first time

Shan Qing really became a golden bird in the golden cage.

She cut off all the connections with the outside world, and sleep all day except eating.Under some careful care of time, the white face can finally be seen.

This night, Liao Shikun returned particularly late.

When he pushed the door into the room, Shan Qing didn’t fall asleep.But she didn’t want to ignore him, so she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Liao Shikun shook the pace and came to the bed.Shan Qing was frightened, and she thought he had to treat her with the help of wine.

Unexpectedly, when Liao Shikun saw that Shan Qing had fallen asleep, he knelt in front of her bed, holding her thigh with both hands, put her head on the bed, and began to confess.

"I love you my wife!"

Shan Qing opened her eyes, she thought she had heard it wrong.

"Wife, I really love you!"

Liao Shikun repeated again.

This time, she heard it really, and this sentence was indeed said from Liao Shikun’s mouth.

Shan Qing’s heart moved.How long did she wait for this sentence, but he was his language, and never said to her once.Is the word "love" so difficult to say from his mouth?

In the past, she loved him, so he was looking forward to waiting for one day that he could say "I love you", until the moment she jumped off the building, he could not say a word to her.

It’s okay now, she has been completely dead, and she has even let go of him completely from her heart, but he suddenly said that.

"You like a romantic wedding, I know this. I will definitely let you be the most beautiful and happiest bride in the world, and mother …"

Liao Shikun seemed to be promising. After speaking, he kissed Shan Qing’s face gently, leaving with his body with alcohol.

Shan Qing’s mood is complicated.

The fetus grew up day by day, and Shan Qing’s belly was obvious every day.He looked at the prepared infant supplies, silently dazed.

If she gave birth to a child, can this child really grow up healthy and happy?

Will there be any accident …

Perhaps she was too stimulating to give her too much during her first pregnancy. She began to worry about the child’s health and safety.

On the day of the checkup, Shan Qing accompanied the nanny to the hospital.Liao Shikun had to come together, but if there was something to deal with the temporary company, he didn’t come.

After tossing a series of examinations, everything in the fetus is normal.Shan Qing was finally relieved.She dragged a heavy step, and when she stepped out of the hospital step by step, a familiar figure suddenly appeared in front of her.

"You …" Shan Qing exclaimed.

"I didn’t expect it! You can still see me in your life!"

Shan Xi has no glory in the past. Now, although she is very decent, she can no longer cover many scars on her face and body.

Some scars can remind people of the wound at that time, and the injury should be very heavy.

"Why are you here?" Shan Qing was still surprised. She didn’t want to see her, but what she wanted to know at this moment was why she appeared here at this time?

"Shan Qing, why is your life so good! Even if you are dead, he will never forget to you!"fear.

Shan Qing held his stomach and slowly stepped back.

She has expected that the appearance of Shan Xi will not bring any good results.This child is innocent. She can’t let him suffer any harm, and he must not have the result like the last time!

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