Novel: Wife informs her husband when she is pregnant, but she is broken by her husband with a punch: You are not worthy of giving birth to a child

She picked it up, and the paper changed in her hands.

At this time, the mobile phone of contemplative year rang, and the voice came out: "President Shen, Miss Meng escaped!"

Holding the phone, his men were tight, tight, and a stunned anger.

"In ten minutes, I want to see positioning!"

Meng Yanxing ran in a hurry. Although Fang Shaoting helped each other, he was still inadequate.

The two were put on the boarding gate.

"Do you know who I am, dare to stop?" Fang Shaoting’s face sank and drank low.

"Sorry Fang Shao, we are also ordered to act."

"Who is Feng …"

Fang Shaoting was interrupted by a low voice, "Meng Yingxing, where do you want!"

Meng Yanxing trembled and heard the sound back.

Surrounded by a group of bodyguards, Chan Nian walked towards her with anger wrapped around her.

"I want to go with Shaoting!"

Meng Yingxing’s words made Shen Sinian’s complexion more indifferent, and Mo Mingqing was rolling in the cold eyes.

"Thinking for the year, Xing Xing has his own power. You can’t …"

"No effort!" The contemplative voice condensed into ice, his lips sneered at bloodthirsty, and the gesture moved slightly. The bodyguard behind him hugged, and he was surrounded by Meng Yixing and Fang Shaoting.

Meng Yingxing was taken back to the sidelines of contemplation, and she struggled: "You let me go …"

"Xing Xing …" Fang Shaoting wanted to grab people and moved his bodyguards. The scene was messy.

His hands were hard to enemy, and the bodyguard’s spicy punch was smashed on him, his voice was stuffy, and he listened to Meng Yanxing’s scalp.

"Fang Shaoting …"

"Xing Xing … don’t be afraid. I’m okay …"

How can you not be afraid?

The contemplation of the year is sharp, and there is no sand in my eyes.

At the moment when Meng Yingxing hesitated, the bodyguard punched Fang Shaoting and kicked, and he flowed down the corner of his mouth, and he kicked his abdomen again.

Just listening to Fang Shaoting snorted, and the man was hit out.

As soon as Meng Yingxing pumped it, he looked at the contemplative year and said eagerly, "Let him go, I’ll go back with you."

Paiming glanced at Fang Shaoting indifferently, "This kind of strength dares to take me away?"

Fang Shaoting began to vomit blood on a large mouth, and the red color stabbed Meng Yingxing’s heart, and his voice was shaking.

She grabbed the sleeves of meditation and prayed: "Don’t fight, you let them hold their hands quickly …"

The indifferent gaze swept through her arms tightly, and her anger was boiling.

Meng Yingxing closed his eyes desperately, pushed back the tears on the floating, fluttered, kneeling in front of the contemplation year, "As long as you let him go, I promise everything!"

The eyes of the low -ending of the year disappeared, and the waves were gloating, and the tone was lowered: "Oh, what qualifications do you have to talk about me?!"

Meng Yingxing was silent, not care, but to love the sincerity and warmth he gave.

Meng Yingxing was brought back to the villa by meditation.

She stopped nostalgia and asked, "Aian Nian, let me leave this child, I beg you."


"He is also your child …"

Suddenly turned back and stuck Meng Yingxing’s neck fiercely. "Meng Yingxing, whoever said this is credible, only you!"

There is always the ability to think of the language, turning the language into a knife, making her thumbs up, and her soul trembling.

The humiliated tears fluctuated in the eyes, but stubbornly refused to fall.

"He grows up in my stomach, I must leave him!"

Since childhood, the three words of contemplation are her unspeakable happiness.

For the first time, she felt the sadness of happiness.

The door was pushed away, Gu Yuelan asked in confidently: "What kind of child? 菀 菀, are you pregnant?"

At the moment Meng Yingxing saw his parents, the tears of forbearing for a long time suddenly fell, and a strong soreness was grieving in his heart.

Hold down with guilt, "Mom, sorry."

Shen Mingzhang was in a righteous, and never loud Meng Yingxing.

Sandidly asked: "Who is the child?"

Meng Yanxing was stunned, his head was deeper, and he didn’t say a word.

Gu Yuelan knew that Shen Mingzhang was an anxious temper, and hurriedly advised: "Xing Xing, you should bear a lot of pressure before you are not married. You tell us who the child is and your parents are the master for you."

The quiet air, depression and suffering.

Meng Yingxing kneeled on the ground, looking at Shen Mingzhang firmly: "Dad, mother, please don’t ask, the child is alone, I can raise it myself."

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