Novel serialization | "The Girl Raiders" Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Fisheries (Middle)

Qian Ming went out in front of him, and the sixth aunt, the fifth aunt, and the twelve mother walked in.

Six aunt wearing a sage red rose flower dumplings, big red pomegranate silk flowers on her head, the eyebrows of the corners of the eyes were full of joy, and they pulled the twelve maids to salute the twelve mother with a smile: "Your sister also lives in a oneThe house. Now your sister is married, and it should be closer and closer. "

The twelve mother rushed forward to salute the Eleven Niang, shouting "Sister".

Eleven Niang is not allowed to give her a big red envelope.

The sixth auntie pulled the five auntie, strangely: "On weekdays, the eleventh aunt was crowded every day. Now the grandmother eleven aunt is back, and you go aside."

The fifth aunt avoided the eleven mother’s eyes, and smiled a little embarrassed.

The eleven mother got up and shouted "Auntie", saying, "Can you be good?"

"I’m okay, I’m fine." The fifth aunt shook her hand again and again, with a little panic in her expression.

The sixth aunt listened to a giggle, and said, "The five sisters have a dream of dreams!"

The house was dumb.

The joy of dreams … that is pregnancy!

A younger brother or sister who is 15 years old …

Eleven Niang couldn’t help stroking her forehead.

I think this is incredible.

I didn’t expect it.

I thought the Five Auntie had an wronged in Luo’s house and asked the amber to ask in private.

No wonder she hid in a flash when she came back last time.I’m embarrassed to say this!

In the Silica, the fifth aunt has denied: "No, there is no such thing."

"Oh!" Aunt Liu laughed, and his eyes fell in the binding of the fifth aunt. "I am afraid that this spring is about to be able to conceal it."In his later years, this is a big event. While everyone is here, everyone will follow the joy. "

The fifth aunt listened to ashamed, and tears rushed straight in her eyes: "Six sisters, don’t, don’t say it!"

The crystal tears seemed to be hot in the heart of the eleven mother, hot.

Five aunt is a good thing!

Besides, she is still so young.

With a child with him, you can also eliminate a lot of loneliness and loneliness.

But the big wife …

She shouted "Auntie", but the corner of her eyes couldn’t help looking at the eldest wife.

I saw the eldest wife’s expression, staring at the fifth aunt’s gaze with a bit fierce.

Eleven Niang couldn’t help laughing, but the four grandma’s very happy voice came in her ears: "It’s going to be imported from the family, and we have another younger brother. This is really a happy event!"

Grandma was so fascinated by Grandma’s fourth grandma.She immediately looked at Mrs..

Mother Xu was leaning over what she said, blocking her eyes, and she couldn’t see the expression of the big wife.

Grandma turned her mind quickly.

His Xianggong was the eldest son of the concubine, and he became the Ji Jishi again; he added his grandson to the Luo family, and he hosted the feedback without any mistake.Even if the eleven mother’s wife is expensive, even if the fifth aunt gave birth to her son, can she still shake her status and her status because of a child with unknown children?This is the case, why bother to make others feel unhappy, and let the four houses ask for it.

"Yeah! Yeah! This is really a big event." She laughed and said, "Brother, brother, you want to add uncle."

"What little uncle?" Brother He heard confused, "Where does the little uncle?"

Xu Xun lowered his eyelids and took a few steps back, standing on the side of the curtain next to the floor -to -ceiling window, and opened a small distance from the public.

Brother Li explained: "It is my father’s brother. Like my five uncle, my father’s brother."

Brother Xun still didn’t understand: "Isn’t Yu Ge a little uncle? Why do you still add a little uncle? Then what do I call Yu Ge to do?" He looked at the grandma puzzledly.

The fifth mother with her big belly covered her mouth and smiled: "The five auntie is really deep." Her voice was high, making people feel a little sharp. "Is it because we are afraid that we know that you can’t drink your wedding wine?"

The fifth aunt is old mussels!

Now that the eldest wife is paralyzed in the bed, she cannot be a director.Grandma is a house, and she can’t care about the old grandfather’s house.Originally, the grandfather asked the five aunt and the sixth aunt to control the house together.The mother is proud of her son, and the mother is expensive.I am afraid that Sheng Ge will not even have a place to stand.

She couldn’t help but glance at the fourth grandma.

Sure enough, Xiaojia and small households came out, without any brain.He also helped the five aunt and the eleven mother happy …

The Eleven Niang listened to the Wu Niang’s bad tone, and immediately took a few steps to block the five aunt behind her, and laughed: "I listen to people and say, the child is stingy, the first three months of the upper body is best not to preach everywhere to promote everywhere.. "Turning again and asked the fifth aunt," Auntie, is I said this? "

The five aunt looked at her daughter, and her face flushed: "I, I, I …" But for a while, she couldn’t say a word.

The eleven mother pouted and smiled, and looked like a happy look, and asked the sixth aunt: "Six aunt, my father knows that his auntie is pregnant with Liuga?"

What the sixth aunt wants is this effect.

Although the old master gave himself to himself and the five aunt, since the old lady knew that the old master often resting in the house of the five aunt, there was something to explain to the third aunt, and ignored the five aunt and herself.The difference is that the five auntie and herself are in the house.Who is the three aunt?Others don’t know, she is clear -she thinks that when she was a girl, she didn’t listen to the cursed cursed in private.But the fifth aunt is different. She has a good temper, does not like to care about things, does not want to offend people. It is said that the two are in the house together. In fact, it is the final say.

Let her spit out her mouth, unless the big wife could stand up again.

Thinking of this, the sixth auntie smiled even more brilliantly: "Mother Xu said that Mrs. Xu was uncomfortable these days, so the master has been resting on the big wife. I have no chance to say it!"

The implication means that Mother Xu was ordered to not let the old master approach the five aunts.

Everyone’s gaze turned to the big wife.

The eldest wife’s eyes were slightly united and the expression was calm, as if she hadn’t heard these movements in the room at all, and fell asleep.

"The eldest wife is not as good as before, and she often falls asleep when she talks." Mother Xu, who was standing on the bed, looked faintly, "I neglected the two aunts."

"Where’s Mother Xu!" Wu Niang’s eyes turned, "It’s all our daughters who are not intimate, noisy mother to rest." Then, she looked at the eleven mother, "Otherwise, we go to the East Terminal room.Sitting, let the mother rest quietly for a while. "

The eleven mother saw a hint of panic flashed on her face.

She moved in her heart.

Or, the five aunt was unwilling to say that she was pregnant, and it was all because of fear.

What are she afraid of?

I also thought that before Luo Niangniang, the old master did not give birth to a half daughter …

Besides, the eldest wife is just not moving, and it is not that her brain cannot move.

The coolness when his fingertips were rubbing sapphire seemed to stay in your heart.

Eleven Niang had a smile on his face: "Five sisters are right, let’s sit in the east! It is also forbidden to quarrel with the mother to rest." Then he helped the five aunt, and went to the east, one side, and sixth.My aunt said: "When did the Six aunt know that my aunt was pregnant? Should I tell my father? Auntie is now a double person, but there is nothing to lose."

This is a thing in the father -in -law’s house. It is not easy to intervene in the grandmother and the fourth grandma of the daughter -in -law.Listening to the tone of Wu Niang, I was afraid that some of the five aunts had a conflict between the interests of the five aunt and the three aunt and Luo Zhensheng.Look at the sixth aunt.Suddenly jumping out of ten ninety is his own plan.

Eleven Niang is not afraid that others have plans, so they are afraid that others will not plan.No intention, as if the person who has no desire, let you have no way to start.There are plans, as long as you are willing to pay the price to exchange, you will not do anything!Six auntie picked up at this time to tell the five aunt’s pregnancy, and naturally, she was an intended person.Then I thought that the sixth aunt could later stand up, and pressed the five aunt who could have Hua Rongyue’s appearance, and made a tie with the smart and capable fourth aunt. I was afraid that it would not be a fuel -saving lamp.She immediately decided to grab the sixth aunt -with her beside the five aunt, the safety factor of the five aunt will greatly improve.

Therefore, she changed her low -key in the past, not only straightened her back, but she took the lead in the east, but she also hinted that Liu Aunt told the master about the incident.

The sixth auntie was overjoyed.

You know, when the Luo family, the five maids were the first, and the eleven niangs ended up everywhere, but the Wu Niang had never been missing.At that time, she felt that the little girl was not easy.Later, she married Yongping Houfu, but for a few months, she could coax Hou Ye to help Wu Niang to support the field, and she did not dare to underestimate the eleven mother.Now seeing that Eleven Niang has changed the past to the past, she suddenly became strong, and she knew that Eleven Niang was going to support her biological mother this time -which woman did not want someone in her mother to let her stand in a foothold in her husband’s house!

"Since Grandma eleven aunt ordered this, I went to report to the elder master." She responded with a smile, but told the eldest master to tell the eldest master as the eleven mother.mean.

She wants to push the responsibility!

Anyway, this matter is settled.

The eleven mother laughed slightly, and did not deny the words of Liu Auntie.

The fifth aunt was anxious and said busy: "I will tell Master …"

"The two aunts were there, let’s let the six aunt go to tell her father!" The Eleven Mrs. smiled and interrupted the words of the fifth aunt, holding her into the east, "You are now in charge of raising your body."He said again: "Why didn’t the girl around you follow you? There is a call for anything. How can you be reassuring!"

The fifth aunt stopped and stared at the eleventh mother, answering the question of not asking: "Grandma eleven, I really did not expect that there would be a body …" She said, her face became crimson, but her expression was very serious, as if she was afraid of eleven elevenMother does not believe it.

Eleven Niang suddenly felt sad.

She has a docile temperament, and she can’t help but be cowardly, but as long as she feels good for her daughter, she is willing to do nothing …

Chapter Twenty -22 Fisheries (Part 2)

The news of the five aunt’s pregnancy made the small study room lively.

Master Luo was a little proud.

When Qian Ming looked at it, he was trying to drink: "… Today is the positive day of our aunt.

Xu Lingyi has always had few words. Luo Zhenxing and Luo Zhensheng were juniors, and the three laughed only aside.

Master Luo’s waist pole is straight, and his hands are the same: "When do you say when you say, you say a few days and a few days. You can drink it happily!" It was very bold.

Qian Ming’s gaze fell on Xu Lingyi. When he saw him sitting in crisis, he paused with a unsmiling look.Discuss. "

Master Luo listened to the smile on his face and faded a little.

Although Xu Lingyi came less, he saw that he was always respectful and preserved.Qian Ming needless to say that there was a wind and grass who lived in Luo’s house. He was kind and spoke funny. There was no one who didn’t like the Luo family up and down.Only this Wang Lang, the weird yin and yang, but also a high toe look down on the appearance of people, it is annoying.

Thinking of his elder wife to visit in the future, Master Luo felt a little cold, and simply ordered Luo Zhensheng: "You go and see if Grandpa Shi is coming? If it hasn’t come, we will not wait.You can’t let Hou Ye and your five brother -in -law wait like this. "

Luo Zhensheng went away.

Qian Ming felt that he should be polite, but in a blink of an eye, he saw Xu Lingyi sitting there and didn’t move, so he swallowed his words.

At the same time, the fifth lady who returned to the Sun family of the Red Light Hutong sent her husband to her mother.He blocked Sun Lord Sun in the study.

"Dad, tell me the truth, is the child Xu Lingkuan?"

Master Sun raised his eyebrows: "What do you think of?" The question was re -thrown to Mrs. Five.

Mrs. Five stunned.

Sun Lord Sun has said with a long way of saying: "Danyang, we and the Xu family are good at home, and you and Ling Kuan can also be regarded as a bamboo horse. How can no one who makes Kuan is clearer than you. You have always been smart.

We must always surround these branches, that is, the second Luo Kunno.Sometimes, you have to learn your second Xiang Xiang.Put a farther vision and relax your heart."

Mrs. Wu’s face was white.

The answer is to be out.

Master Sun could see clearly, but didn’t want to protect her daughter on this matter.The daughter’s temperament is so strong, and there is no brother of the compatriots. She is alive now and can help her. If it is not there, the son -in -law is the only dependency of the daughter. There are some things that can’t let her make trouble.When I turn my mind, my eyes are as sharp as eagle: "Why don’t you speak?"

The tone is aggressive.

Mrs. Wu looked at her father, her face was pale.

What to say?

He said that he thought he was smart and thought that he held his husband in his hand, but he was concealed by his husband himself.

It is said that you are not afraid of watching the show, and you have become the scenery in the eyes of others.

Is it too failed to be a person by yourself, or is it too clever?

She was irritable.

"Since you can’t say it. Then you will always buried it in your heart. Then pour a scoop -hot hot water, and even the root seedlings are hot.""… In this critical time, even if you can’t help your family, don’t add chaos to the family. Otherwise, you really don’t even have the lady from the niece."

To say who the five wives in the world trust the most is his father Ding Nanhou.You know, it is not harmful to everyone in the weird temples of the Emperor’s later years. It is not that everyone can do today.So although she was swallowed for a long time, she did not make a sound, and she still showed her contemplative expression.

Master Sun nodded secretly and nodded his daughter: "This means that it is not big, and it is not small. But what do you want to think about at this time?What do you think? What do you think of your four -cricket? You know, you can make it invincible. "

Mrs. Five sat in front of the study in the warm pavilion.

Sun Lord Sun did not urge, and slowly drank with tea.

Yes, what happened to this happened, what would Hou Ye think?Naturally, we have to find a way to calm the situation, so he should recognize him all, and he should not recognize it.Seeing this strange one, I will only praise Hou Ye’s house with a strong heart. If you can’t see this strange one, you will also envy Hou Ye.But in private, Hou Ye was afraid that as soon as he saw the child, he would have a touch of guilt to the eleven mother who recognized the child without saying a word.As for Mrs. Tai.The palm of the hand is meat, and the palm is the same.The more angry she is, the more distressed Hou Ye, the more she will feel good about her obedient eleven mother.

Thinking of these, Mrs. Wu couldn’t sit still.

Xu Lingkuan’s pink chimney, never having to do things.He hid himself like this, let him be regarded as a joke, and was embarrassing than letting him recognize the child.I teased the child to play unknown, and looked at those who knew the inside looked at their eyes, but I was afraid that I had laughed and turned my belly.With Xu Lingkuan’s character, he will not only be grateful to Hou Ye, who helps him to clean up the endgame, but also grateful to Dade to the eleven mother who helps him to raise children.

Realizing this, she was annoyed.

How much does it cost to raise a child?There is nothing about 100 silver in a full year.

Well, you eleven mother, with a hundred or two silvers, please both please Hou Ye and please Mrs. Too, but also please sell well and go to my husband. It is really easy to count!

I pretended to be deaf and dumb, and you thought I was bullying.This time, I do n’t give some colors. You really think I ’m afraid of you.

The more Mrs. Five wanted to get angry, her face became more and more ugly.

Sun Lord Sun, who had been paying attention to his daughter’s look, couldn’t help but sigh secretly.

After all, my daughter was harmed by the vanity of the "county owner" … I couldn’t bear to be wronged!

"Think about Xiang Yizhen." Sun Hou Ye pointed out, "Think about the death of the death of the death!"

Mrs. Five lips tightly and silent.

I won’t solve this matter today, and the daughter may not do anything after returning!

Sun Laohou persuaded his daughter to come: "You still grow up in the future! In the future, there are many places to rely on Hou Ye. Besides, Hou Ye is a person who knows anyway.Maybe you will go further next time. "Then, Sun Hou Ye thought that when he met himself that the eleven mother was" onion ", Xu Lingyi’s expression … His tone became a bit harsh," home and everythingXing. You are the daughter of my Sun’s family, but don’t do something to lose home. Let me encounter Xu Lord Xu in a hundred years.

"Dad …" Mrs. Five was unwilling, and said angrily, "That eleven mother …"

"You live your mouth!" Sun Laohou’s face sank, and he interrupted his daughter’s words without hesitation. "Is the eleven mother called? What did I say just now?"Speaking, he said sharply," Don’t forget, what is the most important thing for you now? "

Mrs. Wu was drank by her father, and she was stunned like a lightning, and she couldn’t help touching her stiff belly.

The brain gradually became clearer.

I am really confused, children are the most important!It is the most important thing to give birth to a son and pull the husband to herself to make Mrs. Tai be more satisfied with the status of her at home.

The people of their own pillows know the most.If Xu Lingkuan feels that you have been wronged or suffering from his grievances, he will be guilty, and everything will be given.Conversely, if he thinks you lie to him, he will be like iron, and you will not change his mind if you cry to death.Therefore, Xu Lingkuan could only use Rou Kegang.

Followed by Hou Ye.To be honest, he has a good breath, and he is also wide.As long as you do not do too much, he usually opens his eyes and close his eyes.So as long as Xu Lingkuan is Hou Ye’s younger brother, she doesn’t have to worry, but it is best to deal with it.

Then there is Mrs. Too.

Her old man was full of wind and frost, and he gave a black -haired man several times. At this age, he was naturally unwilling to regenerate his waves.But it is not an unusual woman. I am decisively in the bones. I am afraid that there is no one who can hide her old man.Therefore, in front of her old man, it is best to be gentle and frugal, and make a generous look.

Seeing that her daughter was suddenly realized, Sun Laohou’s face was slightly stunned and slowed down his voice: "Think about it!" Then he got up and out of the study, and instructed Xiao Xun, "Go, call my mother Shi."Some things are better to prevent problems.A mother -in -law stared at her, and she wouldn’t have any big deal to think about it.

The five ladies who stayed in the small study alone had a long breath.

Yeah, it’s not confused now.You know, there is no regret medicine in this world.

Looking at the eleven mother, she recognized the child on the surface, and stood on the word "Li", and she couldn’t entangle her on the bright side.Otherwise, not only will it not achieve the goal, but it will make Hou Ye, Mrs. Tai, Xu Lingkuan disgusted and become the second Luo Kunno.

In the thoughts, there was a little girl who asked her to go to the flower hall for lunch.

Mrs. Wu went out of the study and encountered Xu Lingkuan on the way.

"Why did you go for so long?" He was worried about his face, "Are you okay?" Then he helped her carefully.

"I haven’t seen my dad for a long time, and I want to talk to his old people." Mrs. Wu carefully looked at her husband, "What are you worried about?" There was something in the words.

"Your stomach is getting bigger and bigger, why don’t I worry about it." Xu Lingkuan’s eyes were sincere, the language was sincere, and he didn’t hear the sound of her string at all.

Mrs. Wu moved in her heart.Jiao said: "What to worry about me, actually just coax me. If I really worry about me, I will help me buy some Mazishi Fish to eat."

Xu Lingkuan was stunned.

The family of fish can be done, but the Ma’s fish milk that can drive on West Street is known as Yan Jingyi. It only sells one hundred dishes a day, and it is too much.Not to mention that you usually want to eat, you have to send Xiaoxian to line up. Today is the second day of the New Year. Maz’s Fish Kaisa closed the door long ago. Where can I buy it?

It was expected that his wife’s red lips, thinking of concealing his wife, he was horizontal, and said, "Then you wait. I’ll buy it for you."

Mrs. Five flashed with a trace of surprise.

Although Xu Lingkuan was good to her in the past, it was not good to this level.Knowing that you can’t do it …

In the firestone, she opened her, and she immediately decided.

Nothing is free in this world.Since he is so uneasy, why bother himself.

She thought, the corner of her mouth was raised high.

"Five Lords stayed quickly!" Mrs. Five stepped forward and held her husband’s arm. "The body is talking about a joke, why is the Wuye serious? This drop of water is ice.Prey … "She said softly, smiling and flowing, and pulled her husband’s arm to the flower hall.


Chapter 223 Relax (Part 1)

At this moment, the flower hall of Luo Hutong Luo Mansion was pushed to change cups, and the atmosphere was warm.

The Wang family of Mao Guo’s government sent a governor. He said that Wang Lang was cold and cold, and Shi Niang had to take care of her husband.

The old man didn’t take it for granted, he just felt easy, and drank it with his son and son -in -law. When he hadn’t scattered it before, Grandma asked the fourth grandma to entertain Wu Niang and Eleven Niangs.Eat snacks and gossip, and took Mother Hang to the kitchen to re -arrange dishes.

Wu Niang immediately excused the small clothes made by the third aunt for her unborn children, and pulled the fourth grandma to the third aunt.Eleven Mrs. did not stay more, ordered amber, Dongqing to take care of Xu Xun and others, and got up to the fifth aunt.

Aunt Liu Yingmen came to Yingmen.

She was not surprised to see the Eleven Niang, and it wasn’t surprising that Eleven Niang saw her.

The two smiled at each other.

Eleven Mrs. said: "I watched the five aunt who didn’t have a serving person, I was worried, so I would like to take a look."

The sixth auntie laughed: "Those girls do things, but I still help take care of the point."

"Then there is Aunt Lao Liu." Eleven Mrs. entered the house with a smile.

Five Aunt’s greeted pillow on the bed, his look was a little tired, and asked with a moving quietly: "Who is it?" The words just fell, and when she saw her daughter coming in, she sat up and wore a small jacket.: "Why did Grandma Eleven come? Today is your positive day. You come to me, the big wife can know? What are the grandmother and Grandma Grandma doing?"

Eleven Niang knew that she was afraid that she was not doing the wrong way and was caught by the handle. She stepped forward and sat down to the edge of the bed to stop the five aunt’s getting up.I think Grandma Wu took Grandma Four to the third aunt, and I came here. "She explained the whereabouts of the crowd.

"Who takes care of several young masters?"

"Amber and winter are there."

The fifth aunt was relieved.

"Did you eat meals?" Eleven Niang didn’t know that she was pregnant for a few months, and asked the fifth aunt, but looked at the sixth aunt.

"Just two months. It was when it was uncomfortable. From the morning, I only drank a bowl of white porridge." The six aunt meant that I had helped Gao Po to see it, and I also asked the doctor to put the pulse.Maybe before the letter, I didn’t dare to make a voice. "

Eleven nod nodded.

"I’m okay." The five aunt’s face was reddish, "You are busy you! There are six sisters here to take care of me!"

If it is nothing, the fifth aunt will not be so uneasy!

The eleventh mother was thinking, and the sixth aunt had a very dazzling saying: "Grandma eleven aunt accompanied the five sisters to sit for a meeting, I went to cup of tea." Then, he got up and went out of the door.He also carefully helped them cover the door.

The look of the fifth aunt is even more relaxed. She carefully looked at the eleven mother: "Grandma is okay? I heard that Hou Ye hugged a child back a few days ago.. Then I let go of it. "Then, the speed of slowing the speech, hesitating," I shouldn’t say this, but I just want to be good at my grandma, and the child is a poor.Some of him is. The Bodhisattva also said that saving people’s life, such as creating seven -level floating slaughter. If you plant good causes, there will be good results. "

The eleven mother nodded quickly: "Auntie rest assured, I will treat him as if he of his brother."

"Grandma can just want to understand." Auntie Five Auntie Mei Yu appeared a ray of sadness. "Children are not sensible, and something is a matter of adults. Don’t look at the child because of Hou Ye’s affairs. You appreciate him.One clothing and one food, save him for a lifetime. He grows up, is sensible, and will repay you. "

I am still afraid that she has a puppet in her heart, and Xu Lingyi is about to be more out of the room.

Eleven Mrs. thought for a while, and whispered: "Auntie, I understand all of you. To be honest, Hou Ye had happened to this kind of thing, let alone me, but the eldest sister was alive, and he was not angry with Hou Ye.Position. Besides, I treat this child well, and I don’t expect him to repay me. I do things with my conscience, and I am not afraid of knocking on the door in the middle of the night. "Then, I smiled frankly.

The fifth aunt was very agreed, and her face was so relieved: "My grandma has always been thoughtful than me, so I think about it."

Eleven Niang was not to say these. Seeing that the five aunt put down her heart, she smiled and moved the topic: "How can I tell me if my aunt has a body? Let me worry for a while."

The fifth aunt was a little embarrassed: "It’s not a good thing … I’m so old …"

"Why isn’t it a good thing!" The eleven lady smiled and interrupted the words of the fifth aunt. "Think about it, if you have a daughter, I will have a fellow sister. In the future, the two sisters have a response, and they will not be alone.With a son, there is a reliance in the second half of my life, I can rest assured. Why is it not a good thing? "

She knew that Wu Auntie was most worried about her, so she said something about herself, hoping that the five aunt had the courage to give birth to the child.

The fifth aunt’s eyes brightened: "You, do you want to have a younger brother and a sister?"

"Of course." Eleven Niang smiled and helped her squinting the quilt. "I looked at the five sisters and the fourth brother, very envious."

The fifth aunt looked at her and laughed, her eyebrows bloomed slowly, beautiful and beautiful.

The Eleven Mrs. looked at her envy, took the target mirror, put her face on the face of the fifth aunt, and looked at the mirror, complaining and resenting: "Why do I look good without aunt!"

Her liveliness made the five auntie very surprised and happy.I laughed the eleventh mother: "Grandma is better than me. I am a ability." The tone has been sighed a little bit.

Eleven Niang teases her happy.Laughing: "How good would I have a beautiful daughter like aunt!"

The fifth aunt was shocked, looking at her abdomen, hesitating: "Grandma …"

"No, no." Eleven Niang shook her head, "I think so."

The fifth aunt breathed a sigh of relief and laughed: "It’s better to have a son." Then gently brushed her horns. "After having a son, you stabilized your feet at the Xu family …I still follow my father, so Hou Ye also likes it … I have glanced at Hou Ye from a distance, and Hou Ye’s appearance is good. At that time, the child must be a pleasing to people … "

As he said, some people coughed twice across the door.

The five aunt’s look immediately tightly stretched: "Which one?"

Eleven Niang couldn’t help shaking her head.

How can you give birth to a healthy child so nervous.

The voice of Liu Auntie with a smile came from outside: "Sister Five, I am." Then, pushing the door.

The fifth aunt looked at the sixth aunt, although she had a smile on her face, but her spirit didn’t relax much.

The Eleven Mrs. looked in her eyes, took the tea of the sixth aunt, and said a few words of idle chromium to the fifth aunt, and got up and said: "I will come to see my aunt again in two days."

The third day of tomorrow is the day when the child goes to the uncle.Mrs. Tai has no younger brother, and she can drill her empty, so that Xu Xun, Brother, and Xu Yingjian came to Luo Zhenxing and Luo Zhensheng.It’s just that this matter must be discussed Xu Lingyi. At this moment, it is not good.She also said vaguely a "two days".

"I have nothing to do here. You don’t have to look at me deliberately." The fifth aunt got up and sent her. "This is the New Year, and there are many guests of Hou Ye. Don’t make Mrs. Mrs. and Hou Ye unhappy about these trivial things."

After all, this can be done without saying it.Eleven Mrs. I didn’t want to promise, she smiled and asked, please send her out of the sixth aunt: "… Cold outside, my auntie rests well, and the six aunt will send me!"

The fifth aunt did not want to go out, sent her to the door, and watched the six aunt who accompanied the eleven ears from the ears of the main house to the main courtyard, and then turned around.

Eleven Mrs. Sixth and Six Aunt said all the way.

"The twelve girls are more and more watery. The behavior is generous, and people like it when they look at it. After a few days, Sister Zhen returned, and I came to tell me that letting you take it with me and walk around."

Her half wanted to talk to the sixth aunt, half of them really hoped to create a chance for the twelve mother.

Do unto others, do not impose on others.

At that time, she still remembered the taste of suffering, trembling, and turning around.

The ecstasy flashed through the eyes of the six aunt, and her face immediately recovered a slightly reserved smile. She squatted and gave Eleven Niang a blessing: "Thank you Aunt Grandma.When I lived together, I told her that Grandma eleven aunt was the smartest person in our house. If you don’t know what to do, just follow Grandma eleven aunt to learn … "

The eleven mother was stunned.

She remembered the strangeness of the twelve mother’s house when Shi Niang smashed things on the top of the building.


On the way back, Eleven Niang’s elbow cheek sighed: "I want to see my aunt tomorrow!"

Xu Lingyi laughed: "I went to tell my mother. You brought your child back to the bowstring and hutong to give revitalization to the New Year."

"Thank you Hou Ye!" Eleven Mrs. immediately smiled and opened her thanks.

Xu Lingyi touched his chin and said: "It’s happy to see the father -in -law."

"I am also very happy." Eleven Niang smiled and thought about it, thinking about whether to help the five aunt make a few small clothes, and see if my aunt should bring some medicinal materials tomorrow?There are also silver, you should take a little bit … Thinking about the lotus in the lotus.

Mrs. Tai heard that her aunt Wu was pregnant, and she was also very happy: "I imported it to the husband’s family, but it is a good thing!"

Eleven Mrs. Should be "yes" with a smile.

Xu Lingkuan and Mrs. Five had already returned. Mrs. Wu was sitting next to Mrs. Tai and holding the dish to eat apples. Listening to her aunt, she was pregnant, and immediately widened her eyes: "Your aunt must be beautiful?"

At first glance, I was curious, but if I thought about it, I was talking about my aunt.

The eleven mother didn’t feel anything -the fifth aunt was really beautiful.

Xu Lingkuan on the side listened to his harsh and frowned.I want to mention my wife and see my mother and brother there. It is not a occasion to speak.

Yu Guang looked at her husband’s five ladies.

This guy stood as the eleven mother as expected.

It seems that the father is right!

And Xu Lingyi, who was sitting under Mrs. Tai, heard that her brother -in -law was a little inappropriate today, and she smiled and said: "In this case, I don’t see the eleven mother to bring some medicinal materials and the ruler to the bow string tomorrow.Hutong, look at my aunt. "

Chapter 224 turbulent (middle)

Mrs. Tai nodded straight: "Tomorrow is a day of walking, let the eleven mother take the brother, the brother, and the commander brother to quarrel!" She also asked Du to take twenty or two silver to give her "…… I gave it, let my aunt buy some snacks to eat. "

Eleven Niang was busy thanks to Mrs. Tai.

Mrs. Tai nodded with a smile, and a little sister came in and said: "Hou Ye, Master Ma Zuowen Ma of the Pedestrian Division came, and said that there was something urgent to see you."

Pedestrian Division is equivalent to the emperor’s secretary department.Ma Zuowen and Xu Lingyi had a private relationship. At this time, everyone couldn’t help thinking about the children’s affairs. For a while, her eyes fell on Xu Xuan’s body.

Xu Xuanjian didn’t know what happened, hiding behind Eleven Niang timidly.

Mrs. Wu looked at Xu Lingkuan’s look.

Seeing Xu Ling’s face stunned, he said, "Si Brother, I’m going with you." I didn’t look at the child.

Mrs. Five was so relieved.

Xu Lingyi saw Xu Lingkuan like this, thought about it, nodded, and went to the field with him.

The two walked forward, and the third grandfather and the third lady brought the brothers of Xu Xunqin and Xu Yijian.

San Ye and Xu Yijian were no different from usual. They laughed and were happy.The Xu Yijian also went to the red envelope with his brother.Brother Du saw Xu Yijian’s red envelopes more than herself and jumped in a hurry, but the face of the three ladies and Xu Yinqin was a bit bad.Smile barely.Then Xu Yinqin also frequently wicked towards Xu Xun.

Eleven Mrs. looked in her eyes and remembered it in her heart. When she returned to the room, she ordered the Amber: "Send the person to the second master to see, see what happened to the young master?" And said, "The original aunt had a ladyI was pregnant, but I worried me in vain. "

Amber laughed: "You are not worried about it …" Then he told Eleven Mrs. "It was also taken by Six Aunt Liu. "

The eleven mother listened carefully and laughed: "Fortunately, the aunt does not fight for this. Others seem to be a bitter thing, it is a good thing to fall on her."

Amber thought that her aunt was cowardly, and she agreed with the words of the eleven mother.

"However, tomorrow you will go back to the bow string with me," Eleven Niang groaned, "Some things, it is better to explain it."

Amber smiled "yes", and turned to Xu Xunjie there.

Eleven Mrs. touched the lotus bag that Mrs. Tai was rewarded from the pillow.

It turned out to be full of golden beans.

The eleventh mother called Lvyun and said, "There are 55 two in total."

Fifty -five gold, most of them can be exchanged for 550 two silver, and fewer can be exchanged for 440 two silver.She was worried about the snow this year. The beginning of the spring next year is the house on the house, and she is to prepare the seeds of spring plowing and cultivating cattle. There is no silver in her hand.This really touched the pillow.

The amber who turned back was also very happy to see: "No need to worry about this wife."

Eleven Niang nodded with a smile, gave the golden beans to the amber, and was wandened and changed by amber.

Xu Lingyi hasn’t returned yet.

Eleven Niang and Amber discussed the things in the field after the spring of the spring: "Let Chang Jiuhe help to find out and see how much silver wants in total. We have a number in our hearts." Then she remembered Jiang Bingzheng.Raise.

Let him help him to see what kind of business can you do in Kyoto. He did not see the shops of others to encourage her to win, or to talk about the Xu family’s supervisor in front of her, and let her help her in the Xu family.In the future, there is a wind blowing in the outer courtyard. He can also report to him.At first glance, it is not a person who can use it.But in the end, it was her accompanying room, and she was really unpleasant for a while.

Amber thought that Eleven Mrs. was worried about the second young master’s side, and comforted her in a low voice: "Madam rest assured. Whether it is Fang Ting around the young master, or Wenzhu on the other side of the second young man, he often comes with us.In the past, it’s very affectionate. "Then, it was a little proud," It’s the little Luzi, and I also calm down. "

Eleven Niang laughed and laughed: "You are all soldiers and trees!"

The amber blushed and murmured, "Am I not to prevent micro -Du?"

The master and servant spoke for a long time, and when she saw that Xu Lingyi had not returned when she entered the bed, Eleven Niang could not help but worry.Let amber send someone to the outer courtyard.The amber went back for a while before folding it back.

"Madam, there is news that the second master is there." She smiled at the corner of her mouth, "said Fang Ting’s tone. Today, the third lady returned to her mother’s house to mention the young master’s marriage.Miss Xu gave the young master. The result was rejected by the third lady. "

The third lady thought was the young lady of the Gan family.Mrs. Gan’s said so, it is equivalent to rejecting the marriage proposal of the third lady.The third lady and Xu Xuanqin wanted to come up with this unhappy.And Xu Yinqin was willing to tell Xu Xun about such a thing, and the relationship between the two seemed very close.

Eleven Niang was thinking, and Xu Lingyi returned.

She was busy greeted.

There are a few snowflakes hanging on the black mink cape.

"It’s snowing again?" Eleven Niang asked him to solve the cloak and asked with a smile.

Xu Lingyi nodded: "This snow is endless this year." He said into the inner room.

Eleven Niang personally died on the tea, and cared about it: "What did that Master say?"

"Worried that it would be an impeachment of the children’s children tomorrow." Xu Lingyi didn’t care, "Let’s rest earlier! Tomorrow you will bring the children back to the bow string."

The arrangement has been arranged for a long time, and the countermeasures that should be thought about.Man proposes, God disposes.It can only be randomly responding.Worrying is useless.

"Um." Eleven Niang should have paved the bed, and the couple didn’t mention.

Early the next morning, Eleven Niang took the child to the bow string Hu Tong.

A long -ago, they first went to the Luo family to report to the Luo family. When they arrived, the brother was accompanied by the management and Xiao Xiao at the door.

The cousin met was very affectionate.First went to give a gift to the eldest master and the big wife, and then gave Luo Zhenxing and Luo Zhensheng. The children were taken to the elder brother to play, and grandma accompanied the eleven lady to sit in the eldest wife.

Eleven Mrs. asked the eldest wife’s body, so she proposed to see the fifth aunt: "… Although it is better to raise gratitude. It can end up in October and conceive me.I bring my aunt. "

Within no presence, she didn’t want to turn her face with the big wife.Therefore, it is very euphemistic.

The big lady listened to the bottom of her eyes and flashed, and her mouth was slightly stubborn.

Mother Xu was busy leaning to her mouth.After a while, he laughed and said, "Mrs. Eleven said, Grandma eleven aunt can remember‘ it ’s better to raising grace’. ”

"I always remember my mother’s good!" Eleven Niang smiled, "I will try my best to take care of it."

She has both soft and hard.

The big wife did not say anything.

Suddenly quiet in the room.

Grandma watched and laughed when she was busy: "Then I will accompany Grandma eleven aunt to the fifth aunt!"

She had told her husband last night, and her husband was the same as her.I think it is a good thing to add a child to the five aunt, which can make the heart of Eleven Mrs. more towards her mother’s house.So she performed very actively today.

The old lady shook her head gently and fell her eyes on her grandma.

The fourth grandma immediately laughed: "Dasao also arranged to take care of a few cousins, I was okay. I still accompany Grandma eleven aunt to the fifth aunt!"

The big wife nodded slightly.

Grandma naturally would not violate her mother -in -law, and gave her Eleven Mother and Fourth Grandma to the door with a smile, and then folded it back: "What do you have?"

I heard my wife strenuously: "Raise … No home … you want, you have to put it on."

Grandma didn’t take it for granted.

Since the mother -in -law is sick, the spirit is not as good as before, and it is not as good as before.

Dear is dear, sparse is sparse.If you have to get a dear, you will naturally be disappointed.You know, it is good to get the sincere respect of the sister -in -law. You have to treat you as a mother -in -law. Unless there is another purpose, it is simply impossible.

But how can she say this in front of the mother -in -law, naturally she laughed and should "yes": "I remember in my heart!"

At this moment, Eleven Mrs. was kissing and accompanied her to the fourth grandma who accompanied her to the fifth aunt, and said, "Is the fourth sister who lived in Yanjing and is used to it?"

"Thank you, Grandma Eleven," Grandma. "The fourth grandma smiled brightly." Everything else is good, that is, the weather is too cold and not used to it. "

"I also think the weather is too cold, and I am not used to it." Eleven Niang sighed slightly, "Fortunately, Si Ai is just living in Yanjing. I am …" I have a low eyes, her face is low, her face is shockedEssence

Grandma four stunned.

Eleven Niang has looked up, showing a smile: "Don’t blame the four. I just think of a one -day father returning to Yu Hang. Our brothers and sisters are thousands of miles away. It is difficult to leave me alone in Yanjing."

The fourth grandma was a flexible person, and she couldn’t help but be surprised to listen to the words: "Did the father -in -law decide to return to Yuhang?"

She married the situation soon.Because the husband was out of the case, he had no ability, and he had no status at home.If there is anything, the father -in -law would rather discuss management and would not discuss his husband, and the people up and down did not look at Luo Zhensheng.If the father -in -law decides to return to Yuhang, it is really possible not to say it to them.

"No." Eleven Niang shook her head gently, "The ancestor sacrificed in Yuhang. Previously, her father came to Yanjing to reinstate, and to see the elder sister. Now that the father is at home, the elder sister dies, Yanjing is expensive, and the mother’s illness is good.Some, sooner or later, I have to return to Yuhang. "

Grandma I think so too.So this time when I came to Yanjing, I didn’t bring too many things.

"Besides, a few days ago, Hou Ye asked the elder brother what was going on? Whether he would like to stay in the sixth department after Sanji San Museum? The elder brother said he wanted to let it go. Hou Ye advised the elder brother to stay in Yanjing …"Say, looking at the four grandma in detail.

No one of the Luo family put Luo Zhen’s eyes, and she would definitely not put the four grandma in their eyes. She wanted to tell the fourth grandma by this that Luo Zhenxing was regarded by the Luo family.Husband Yongping Hou.Remind her, let her soberly realize how the distance between Luo Zhensheng and Xu Lingyi is big.

She didn’t believe that the Wu Niang pulled the fourth grandma to the third aunt that day, and was definitely not to see the small clothes made by the third aunt to the Wu Niang’s unborn child.She didn’t even believe that a daughter -in -law who dared to confront her mother -in -law would be a person who had no desire.

Eleven Niang told Grandma in this way that it was better to join forces with Wu Niang, Luo Zhensheng and others.

Chapter 225 turbulent (below)

The words of the eleven mother made the fourth grandma look slightly.

Luo Zhenxing’s plan to hear it for the first time.

No one would say this to her.

Just like Wu Niang pulled her to the third aunt yesterday.She trained her with a chopped head and said, "If the Five Auntie had a son, there would be an eleven mother to support it. You are afraid that you will not even drink water at that time.If you don’t need to think about it ", if you want to discuss what to do, he sent her out.

His wife is expensive, and her husband is also cheap.

What does Eleven Niang mean?

Are you showing her status to her?

Grandma Four can’t help but look at the eleven mother.

Her star’s eyes flickered, looking at her with a smile.Where is there a little bit of sorrow.

The fourth grandma jumped in her heart.

She once inquired about the eleventh, married to the famous Yongping Hou as the grandmother’s grandmother.Everyone said that she is gentle, treats others with generosity, acts generously, and never competes with others.She was wondering at the time.In such a person, how can he squeeze the appropriate and beautiful Wu Niang and Shin Niang to marry the Yongping Houfu -although everyone said that because she was young, the big wife wanted her to help her bring more.Brother.But this marriage was not for the Luo family.Even if the Luo family has such a meaning, the Xu family, who has only a sister -in -law, can’t think so for his brother?You know, for the Luo family, it is the only bone blood for Yuanniang.But for the Xu family, it must not be the only choice.

With this smile, the fourth grandma immediately understood that the woman in front of her was not easy.

Since it is a woman who is not simple, it will definitely not talk nonsense.

She put away her carelessness and thought carefully about the words of the eleven mother just now.

Tell her Luo Zhenxing’s plan for the future and let her know the importance and dependence of Luo Zhenxing’s attention to Xu Lingyi.This is well understood.But why did she ask the father -in -law to return to Yuhang one day?

The Luo family will return to Yuhang sooner or later.This is what everyone knows.

It is Wu Niang, who has said more than once, letting Luo Zhensheng still read by his husband while he is still in Yanjing. If you do n’t understand, it is best to ask Qian Ming.Take the opportunity to walk around.You know, relatives have only walked a lot.When Qian Ming high school, she was also a sister who said it was good to Qian Ming, bringing Luo Zhen’s sound to letting him go.

Wu Niang was worried that Luo Zhensheng returned to Yuhang and Qian Ming had dated Qian Ming. What was the Eleven Niang worried?

Between the sanctuary, Yu Guang in the corner of her eyes swept through the bluestone bricks under her feet.

Why did they forget that they went to the five aunt at this moment.

The answer immediately appeared in the heart of the fourth grandma -the eleven mother was worried about the fifth aunt!

But what do you have to do with yourself?

You know, the fifth aunt has the momentum, but the most unlucky is the third aunt.The eldest wife wanted the third aunt to help the house.

Eleven Niang watched Grandma Four quickly showing a thoughtful expression, nodded secretly, and laughed:

"By the way, I heard the five sisters last time, and the four sisters had the errand of finding a account room for the Si Brother. How could Siyi think of this stubble?" The tone was casual, as if suddenly remembered it.

In this case, sentences have deep meaning.

Grandma Four certainly can’t wait for it.

Besides, she couldn’t help it at that time, and she was born to death.

The Luo family is a face with a head and face. When they marry her, those mothers who care about things are careless.She saw it at the time that the Luo family did not take her in her eyes at all, intending to be embarrassed in this matter, and watching her joke.Moreover, there is also a grand brother who is ingenious and knowledgeable, and one is a good deal with the Luo family, and the dowry is rich in the Luo family.Come on.When she marries to see her husband, she is clearly unclear.She had a single mind -while her husband was young, and there was a chance to change, it was better to get out of the single.Before she was in her mother’s house, everything at home depended on her support.Since she can support that home, she can support the home.Moreover, this home is much thicker than that family foundation.

But this cannot be said to the eleven mother.

The daughter -in -law who just married into the door wanted to go out for a single, and that was not filial piety -others would think that you don’t want to wait for the old -fashioned in -laws.

She thought about it and thought about it, "Cheng Jia has a business. I also want to find something to do for your fourth brother!"

Eleven Niang laughed: "Then don’t let the fourth brother go to Mr. House!"

Grandma fourth grandma thought that Luo Zhenxing went to discuss Yongping Hou for the future … She couldn’t help but move:

"What does Grandma mean?" Or seemed to be too eager for Luo Zhensheng to stand on his own, she didn’t feel a little hoped.

"Big Brother is not worried about the fourth brother at home for leisure meals. Why should the four sisters be anxious?" Eleven Niang stared at the four grandma with a smile, saying a word that was completely unparalleled.

Grandma Four listened to the unexpected loss in her heart.

She thought that there was a good idea of Eleven Niang to let Luo Zhensheng get rid of the current attachment.

Eleven Mrs. asked those words before I wanted the fourth grandma to have a hope for herself. In this way, Grandma Four can pay attention to her words and see it. She laughed: "The elder brother is the eldest son.In control. Calculate it seriously, the people of this big family chewed all the elder brother. In the future, they will be divided into production, and the division is also the one who deserves the elder a hurry."

Grandma fourth only realized at this moment.

The eleventh lady turned such a big corner. It turned out that she wanted to tell herself that even if her aunt gave birth to a son, she had no conflict with herself.

If you think about it, this is really the case.

For so many years, the industry in the family has been holding the big wife. The dowry of the aunt is no share. With the savvy and strong lady of the big wife, I am afraid that the Luo family’s industry will have become the dowry of the big wife.In addition, if the sister -in -law wants to bear the sacrifice, it will generally be a sacrifice field. Even if there is no child of the five aunts, Luo Zhensheng will definitely not be divided.

When he was married, Yongping Houfu followed the gift of three hundred or two silver, and the meeting ceremony of the Xu family had more than 500 two silver.

People may not take that silver in their eyes.

She laughed: "Grandma eleven aunt is right. As long as the elder brother doesn’t care, we don’t have to worry."

Talking hard to speak with smart people.

The two laughed at each other and looked up to see the residence of the five aunt.

Grandma Four thought of the performance of the eleven mother today, and thought of her status … not to end, but she did not offend.She simply showed her attitude: "The Five Auntie is unreasonable, and the things in the house are all beaten by the six aunt. Now there are six aunts to help the five aunt, you can rest assured!"

It means that there is something to do with the idea of the sixth aunt, which is not about the five aunt.

Eleven Niang smiled.

The sixth aunt is the master who has played a hundred battles.At that time, she had to cope with the big wife, to deal with the fourth aunt, and stared at the fifth aunt with emptiness.The people who are not at all are opponents.Eleven Mrs. Eleven Mrs. Six is very confident.

"The fourth sister is right." She looked at Grandma Four and blinked. "Our aunt is a person with a personality. Without the help of the six aunt, where can I let it go."

Eleven Niang did not hesitate to lead the scourge to the sixth aunt.

Let the third aunt and the sixth aunt live together.Maybe you can let the third aunt realize the gap between each other earlier, so that the Wu Niang also stopped and stopped -now the third aunt is not just holding the five maids?

Grandma fourth laughed with her sleeves.

Wu Niang couldn’t afford her everywhere, and the fellow brothers who stepped on her own. They were not soft and said white, but they saw that Luo Zhensheng had nothing to do. He was a lady who was a lady. After that, he was far away. Only Luo Zhensheng begged her.In this case, let her support the third aunt and the sixth aunts supported by the eleven mother.The third aunt won, and she was no different from now. Anyway, their mother and daughter looked down on herself; but if they lost, Luo Zhensheng had missing Wu Niang and the third aunt, and it would definitely be more honest in front of him.She is naturally happy.

The two had their own thoughts into the door of the five aunt.

The sixth aunt was serving the fifth aunt to eat breakfast. Seeing that the eleventh mother and the fourth grandma came together, she couldn’t hide her surprise.

I did not expect that Eleven Mrs. could say that Mrs. Tai and Yongping Hou asked her to return to her mother’s house.

She smiled more attentive than yesterday: "Did Grandma eleven aunt eat meals? Five sisters are drinking porridge. Should Eleven Auntie come a bowl. But I got up early in the morning and boiled."

Gels the fourth grandma again, "Grandma is rare, and sit down and rest."

The fifth aunt was surprised to see the eleven mother: "Why did Grandma come?

"I am alone, bring the children to the elder brother and the fourth brother. Hou Ye is okay."

The eleven mother responded, and stepped forward to support the fifth aunt: "Once I went back yesterday, Hou Ye told Mrs. Tai that you were pregnant.I rewarded twenty or two silver let me bring you. Hou Ye also prepared some medicinal materials and ruler to bring me together. I have handed it to the mother of Hang Hang in the big grandma’s house. "

The fifth aunt was relieved, and then greeted the fourth grandma: "Grandma fourth, please sit."

The fourth grandmother saw that the six aunt greeted her loudly, but the man did not move there, knowing that she was just verbal enthusiasm.I also thought that Luo Zhensheng was born to the third aunt, and the Eleven Mrs. made a special trip to see the fifth aunt, which was not convenient here.He smiled and greeted the Five Auntie and Sixth Auntie, turned away.

Speaking of which, as for what it will do, that’s another matter.

The eleven mother did not leave the fourth grandma, and smiled and helped the fifth aunt to go to bed: "You’re still rest!"

Wu Aunt nodded in bed.

The sixth auntie took the pretext to clean up the chopsticks and went to the kitchen, leaving the space to the two.

Eleven Mrs. said to the fifth aunt: "The sixth aunt and you are the sister in the house, and I grew up with the twelve girls. The sixth aunt is a clever and capable.She will become. "

Aunt Wu knew that the six aunt’s is powerful, and he hesitated nodded.

Seeing that the Five Auntie did not believe in the five aunt, the Eleven Mrs. did not believe in the sixth aunt. With the temperament of the fifth aunt, if she said it was itching with the sixth aunt, the fifth aunt would definitely not want her to use the twelve mother to exchange conditions.The real situation is not good to tell the fifth aunt, so I have to write: "The sixth aunt wants to help the twelve girls to save a dowry, I promise a part of the money …"

The fifth aunt was self -made, but this reason made her believe.

She nodded and worried about the eleven mother: "Isn’t that a lot of silver? Don’t you want to be harsh!"

"I am Mrs. Yongping Hou now, this money can be taken out." Eleven Mrs. comforted the five aunt, "You just rest assured that the fetus is safe. There are me in other things!"

The two narrowed a few words, and the fifth aunt urged her to leave: "… a few young masters are still in the main courtyard."

Eleven Niang was almost explained to see things, and told a few words such as "take care of the body" and so on, and then went to the main house.

The sixth auntie sighed: "The five sisters can keep the clouds and see the blue sky, so they want to enjoy the blessing." In the end, she was a bit unwilling, and she said with a bit of sour taste.

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