Nucleic acid -positive maternal giving birth to a negative baby

China Youth Daily client Guangzhou, December 8th (Liu Qingjun Zhongqing News · China Youth Network reporter Lin Jie) This morning, there is one in the emergency department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (referred to as "Guangdi Hospital").With the help of the emergency and obstetrics "big white", the positive maternal ladies gave birth to a baby girl.Tan Jing, who witnessed the entire consultation and production process, said happily: "Mother and daughter Ping An is the first morning light of the emergency department today."

The positive maternal was successfully given birth to a negative baby.Liu Qingjun/Photo

Mr. Wu recalled that this morning, he found that his wife Ms. Wen showed signs of the pelvis. The two immediately packed up to the production bag. From Haizhu District, Guangzhou, they came to the first hospital of Guangzhong Traditional Chinese Medicine in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, and entered the emergency department with the green code.The results show that the two are positive.Knowing that after the prevention and control requirements may be transferred to a designated hospital, Mr. Wu and his wife could not help but be nervous."After knowing that the results of nucleic acid are positive, I don’t worry about myself. I don’t know where to produce. Will children be affected?"

Tan Jing and Wang Huilan at the duty nurse, while paying attention to the situation of Ms. Wen, appeased the emotions of the couple.At 4:30, Ms. Wen began to have frequent pain, and the medical care of the duty soon realized that the baby was about to be born."At that time, the patient’s condition was relatively urgent. He quickly opened the finger of the palace mouth. The signs of emergency production were obvious, so he was ready to prepare and give her a living here." Wang Huilan said.

The positive maternal was successfully given birth to a negative baby.Liu Qingjun/Photo

Li Xiangyi, a obstetrician who was just under surgery, hurried to support after hearing the news."Ms. Wen was 38 weeks of pregnancy when I came to the hospital, the second child, a regular contraction in 4:30, and a 3 kg baby girl weighed at 6:23. The newborn score was 10 points. At present, I did a fast antigen detection, and the result was negative. "Li Xiangyi, who had fallen tired, said that the mother and daughter were safe, and I didn’t feel it.

At 8:05, the rotating nurse Tang Ya was just wearing a protective clothing and was ready to enter the emergency orange area. Nurse Tan Jing quickly handed a bag of food, "prepared breakfast and water for pregnant women." Tang Ya responded, and Jiang Shu hired by Jiang Shu later.The voice of the nurse, "Also, pregnant women have just finished production, add some milk."

After taking breakfast, Mr. Wu thanked the medical staff in a row: "Seeing that the baby was born smoothly here, the heart of his heart suddenly let go. You are really hard, thank you, thank you!"

9:36, the news of the test results of the baby’s nucleic acid test came from the inspection department, and the emergency department was jubilant.

The positive maternal was successfully given birth to a negative baby.Liu Qingjun/Photo

Editor in charge: Jiang Lei

Source: China Youth Daily Client

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