Obviously pregnant, why are you going to leave?Doctor reminds: two reasons, one of them must be careful

Usually, after women are pregnant, menstruation will not come again.

Generally, it is a few months after the baby is born, or even a year later.

For this reason, in the previous era, there was no pregnancy test stick and B time, and people just seemed to not come to menstruation to determine whether they were pregnant.

Why do women stop on vacation as soon as they are pregnant?

The reason why women come to menstruation is because of the changes in the body’s hormone, which makes the endometrium fall off.

However, after entering pregnancy, women’s progesterone and estrogen have increased. At this time, the endometrium will become thicker, and naturally will not fall off, so menstruation stops.

Some women have a small amount of progesterone secretion, so that the endometrium will fall off, which means that there is still a tide of menstruation, which will be less than before.

But anyway, pay more attention during pregnancy. When bleeding in the current body, we must pay great attention. After normal pregnancy, women no longer come to menstruation.

After pregnancy, I also came to "menstruation". Is it a visitor to the aunt?

What is the situation for women’s bleeding during pregnancy?Novice mothers are even more panicked about bleeding.

1. Other causes of vaginal bleeding

Bleeding is common due to cervical polyps or erosion, or cervical cancer.And some special pregnant women are because of the physiological reactions that appear after the fertilized eggs. If there are no special reactions, it usually disappear after a few days.

2. Breakal abortion

It is already a history of menopause, and the results of urine pregnancy test tests show positive and pregnant.

In this case, vaginal bleeding occurs, and the amount of bleeding is large, and backache and abdominal pain occur at the same time. Most of them are threatened abortion or ectopic pregnancy.

At this time, you should go to the hospital for examination immediately to find out the cause of bleeding and treat it accordingly.Vaginal bleeding is very common among pregnant women. About a quarter of pregnant women will have bleeding. When encountering this problem, don’t panic first.

According to statistics, half of the pregnant women who have vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy can successfully continue pregnancy, and 30 % have miscarriage, and the other ten percent is ectopic pregnancy.

A few people have problems such as hydatidifier and cervical lesions. Therefore, they should be treated calmly when facing bleeding. Do not panic. After detecting the cause of bleeding, effective treatment is performed.

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