Older pregnancy, polycystic, and uterine cavity adhesion experience two tires stop and finally get pregnant naturally

Red Net Moment News, June 20 (Correspondent Lei Lei) Xiaofang is 35 years old and is preparing for the second child. Although the menstruation is often delayed from the beginning of the first tide, it often comes from January to February.The birth is smooth, thinking that the second child should be as simple as the first child, but the reality is not the case.

As soon as the age of 30, Xiaofang’s husband and wife settled in the second child. For the first time, they were pregnant very smoothly.Qing Palace.

After half a year, Xiaofang was pregnant again. When I got up one morning in the morning of 9 weeks of pregnancy, I found that there were a small amount of bleeding. Over time, the amount of bleeding was increasing.Xiaofang was very scared. He rushed to the nearest hospital immediately. The hospital diagnosed a threatened abortion and was included in the hospital.Unfortunately, the child could not be kept this time.Two consecutive fetal stops have caused Xiaofang to be hit, Xiao Fang is physically and mentally exhausted, the menstrual flow has begun to become less, and people start to gain weight.

"Multiple fetal stops may be related to fetal factors. If the fetus has abnormal chromosomes or abnormal organ development, the fetus will stop;Sexual diseases, anemia, heart failure, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hyperplactin ledmia, abnormal thyroid dysfunction, or thrombotic disease will also occur; environmental factors will also cause fetal stops, such as excessive contact with lead leadership, Formaldehyde, benzene, chloride, ethyl oxide and other chemicals. "

Xiaofang also wanted to continue to prepare for pregnancy. He turned around for a multi -hospital hospital and found that color ultrasound polycystic changes, sex hormone LH/FSH> 2, doctors diagnosed as polycystic ovary syndrome. After many conditioning and promotion, they still failed to get pregnant.At the same time, after two consecutive consecutive tires, Xiaofang, who had been looking forward to the second child, began to become very timid and anxious about pregnancy. He had lost confidence in whether he could really get pregnant again.

Xiao Fang, who tossed for a few years, came to the Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital Professor Lei Lei for the first time, was really anxious and embarrassed.Lei Lei asked Xiaofang’s condition. Considering that there was a problem of decreased menstrual flow after the flow of Xiaofang’s abortion, it was not ruled out that the possibility of adhesion of the uterine cavity was not ruled out. It is recommended that Xiaofang conducts hysteroscopic examination after menstruation. In additionThe history of ovarian syndrome is recommended to cooperate with Chinese and Western pharmaceutical conditioning at the same time.

Just as Lei Lei is worried, the hysteroscopic examination prompts the uterine cavity adhesion. It is recommended that Xiaofang advanced the uterine adhesion separation, and the Chinese medicine is orally after surgery.

Two months later, Xiaofang successfully performed uterine adhesion separation.After the tide of menstruation for the first time, Lei Lei formulated a comprehensive traditional Chinese medicine conditioning plan for Xiaofang to start conditioning with traditional Chinese medicine+moxibustion+Ding Kundan.The menstrual menstruation was normal in the first menstruation, and the attempt failed. Xiaofang was anxious again. Lei Lei comforted Xiaofang: "The problem of repeated tires and infertility has been found, and in the solution, as long as you actively cooperate with treatment and dietary exercise adjustment,Keeping your mood comfortably, we will work hard together, and we will have hope. "After listening to Lei Lei’s words, Xiao Fang’s mood relaxed a lot and continued the second trial.

Two months later, Xiaofang gave Lei Lei a good news: I am pregnant!Blood drawing HCG: 4814miu/ml, E2 499.00pg/ml, P 11.40ng/ml, showing that the embryo is normal.At this time, Xiaofang was both happy and nervous, because the previous two fetal stops, she was worried that she would face that pain again.Lei Lei encouraged Xiaofang: "Let’s go down and continue to treat tire protection until February of pregnancy."

On May 22, Xiaofang finally graduated through NT.Through the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine, Xiaofang actively conditioned and kept the fetus in time after pregnancy, and finally fulfilled the dream of a second child.

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