On May 29th, according to Reporting Site.com, a woman in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi posted a video that she was repeatedly violent by her husband by her husband for 4 months, which caused attention.

In Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, in the case of 4 months of pregnancy, her husband still punched him and kicked him, and fell to the ground.The mother -in -law first stepped forward to stop her son as soon as possible.But who had thought that as soon as her mother -in -law left, her husband continued to use his left and right hands together, and his wife’s wife slapped on the sofa.Afterwards, the woman called the police for help and returned to her mother’s house.But after the man arrived, he insisted that he was wrong!At present, women are preparing to divorce.

A woman had a daughter after she married her husband, and a family of three lived with her mother -in -law and others after marriage.On -site surveillance video showed that after a dispute between her husband and a woman who had been pregnant for more than 4 months due to life trivial, the woman’s hair was dragged at the door of the house and pushed it down to the ground.

After the woman fell to the ground, her husband kicked her feet and fell to the ground on the ground.Seeing this, her mother -in -law immediately stepped forward to pat his son and accused him of being pregnant.After the persuasion of her mother -in -law, her husband and her mother -in -law stepped forward to help the woman who fell to the ground, but the woman was wronged and she was unwilling to let her husband help himself.

When the woman got up, she sat on the sofa. When her mother -in -law was fine, she was busy going.What never expected that her mother -in -law just walked away, but her husband sat wildly on his wife’s face on the sofa.After the mother -in -law heard the sound, she ran over again to fight her son and pushed it away.During the process, her husband tried to approach the woman, but was stopped by her mother -in -law.

Afterwards, the woman decisively called the police for help, and told her family’s experience. After rushing to her family, she took the woman back to her mother’s house.

The woman said that she could not count her family many times.Although I feel sorry for my daughter, I still have to sue divorce.But the husband even felt that he was wrong.

1. Some netizens said that there are only 0 distinctions of domestic violence and countless times!The first time the woman should be divorced decisively, and now the damage is greater, and it also includes children.

Some netizens said that from the two reactions of her mother -in -law, her mother -in -law was still affair, but she gave birth to a son of his wife, which was sad!

Some netizens said that if a woman sued for divorce, whether the child in the stomach is necessary to stay, it must be serious. After all, it is not easy to bring a child alone!

2. So how do you comment on this matter?Who should she be raised by her daughter?

First of all, we should tolerate zero tolerance for domestic violence, and the law also expressed support.

Article 15 of the Anti -Family Violence Law stipulates that after receiving the case of domestic violence, the public security organs shall be issued in a timely manner to stop domestic violence, investigate and obtain evidence in accordance with relevant regulations, and assist the victims to seek medical treatment and identify injuries.

In other words, domestic violence is not just a family affairs, but an illegal act that violates the health rights of others. After receiving the alarm, the public security organs will be handled according to law.

Secondly, in general, if the first domestic violence, the public security organs will issue a warning.But the woman claims that she has been violently invisible.In this case, the police can punish them.

Notice!While women sue for divorce, they can also apply for a personal protection order to prevent her husband from contacting herself and implement infringement.

Article 23 of the Anti -Family Violence Law stipulates that the people’s court shall accept the person’s court due to the actual danger of family violence or the actual danger of family violence, and shall accept it to the people’s court.

Third, Article 1079 of the Civil Code stipulates that if a family violence and other behaviors and other behaviors lead the emotional rupture of the husband and wife, and if the mediation is invalid, divorce shall be allowed.

In judicial practice, a divorce should be proposed on the grounds of domestic violence, and the simplest and effective evidence is the record of alarm after the domestic violence, and the more the alarm records can prove their claims.

In other words, if a woman has reported alarm every time a woman is violent, then she proposes a divorce proposition that will generally receive support from the court.

In the end, Article 1084 of the Civil Code stipulates that after the divorce of the two sides, children under the age of two are under the principle of directly raising by their mother; children who are two years old, and both parents do not agree with the raising issues.The situation is judged in accordance with the principles that are most conducive to minor children.Those who are 8 years old should respect their true wishes.

In other words, how old is her daughter now is the key to who she custody.Of course, if the daughter is more than 8 years old, the daughter’s own wishes are the most important.As for the child in the belly, the woman herself has the right to decide whether to stay.

Some netizens said that men who beat their wives are the most useful. Such people do not need to nostalgia and have to divorce decisively.What do you think for this?

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