One Health Experience: Will the soups be bitter if you put the angelica?How to identify the authenticity of angelica

Many people like to put angelica when they boil soup. Will the flavor of Angelica add more soup become bitter?How can I improve if the Angelica bonus is added with a bad taste?


Angelica belongs to a traditional Chinese medicinal material, which itself contains a certain bitter smell, so if you add too much soup to the soup, it will only affect the taste of the entire soup, so that the soup will feel bitter.Therefore, when boiling soup, you must pay attention to the amount of angelica. Generally, put a few slices according to the amount of the soup. Putting a little amount can help remove the fishy smell of ingredients, and at the same time, it can also increase the nourishing effect of the soup.Affects the taste of dishes.

Add water to continue cooking.

If the angelica is added when the soup is boiled, the taste will be bitter. At this time, if the pot is not produced, it is recommended to add some water and continue cooking, so that you can dilute the bitter taste and neutralize the taste.If the bitter taste is too heavy, it is recommended to wash a pot of soup will be better. In addition, when the flavor of the angelica is relatively heavy, it is not recommended to add other aromatic ingredients to cover up the smell of angelica.Taste.


Angelica is the root of the Angelica -shaped plants, slightly cylindrical, yellow -brown to tan, with vertical wrinkles.Pharmaceutical root, the surface of the main root (returning) is uneven.The root head (returning head) has a ring line, the upper end is flat, and there are residues with purple or yellow -green stems and leaf sheaths.The highest frequency on the market is the highest. Usually, the larger the return, the higher the selling price.The roots (returning tail) are thick and thin, and they are more distorted, and there are small sidelines on the surface.

Angelica is the root of Angelica in the umbrella -shaped plant. It was born in the high cold and rainy mountains. It is mainly produced in Sichuan, Gansu, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Hubei and other provinces.Angelica is cylindrical, with yellow -brown to tan, with vertical wrinkles.Pharmaceutical root, the surface of the main root (returning) is uneven.

The alone is the root of the heavy -toothed of the plants of the umbrella -shaped plant, which is produced in Hubei and Sichuan.The roots and main roots are short and slightly cylindrical.The root of the roots is enlarged, the top of the top has a stem, and a few curved roots are produced in the lower part.The surface is gray -brown or yellow -brown, with longitudinal wrinkles, long leather holes and slightly protruding fine root marks. The main root has a ring line, with multiple rings of petiole marks, and the center is a depressed stem mark.

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