One point of consultation 38 | Can pregnant women get an injection and take medicine?Doctor said that

Presumably a lot of "quasi -mothers" have experienced such experiences: when they have a cold, they dare not take medicine, and a person is holding up at home; while the family members are distressed, they are powerless.

So if you have a cold during pregnancy, can you use the drug?

Recently, a expectant mother who was pregnant at 35 weeks raised such a question on a consultation platform.

In response to this problem, we interviewed Dr. Jinhua from Jinan Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

Doctor Jin said that there will be a lot of pregnant women who do not take medicine after a cold in clinical clinical clinical clinical clinical, but this is not scientific, because if the condition is too serious or causes fever, it may also affect the fetal nervous system.EssenceTherefore, the treatment still needs to be treated, and some drugs that have a relatively small impact on pregnant women can be used clinically.

If pregnant women have a cold, they should first find out the cause of the pathogenic, whether it is viral, bacterial or mixed infection; depending on whether antiviral drugs are needed or antibiotics.This requires a doctor to comprehensively judge through other indicators such as blood routine or virus.

Cefidic drugs can be used by pregnant women.However, it should be noted that antibiotic drugs such as cephalosporin, penicillin, and amoxicillin must also pay attention to whether patients are allergic to these drugs. Those who have had allergies may still have a leather test.

And some pregnant women choose to eat VC to treat after a cold. Is this scientific view?Dr. Jin said that VC may have a role in preventing colds, and once a cold may be effective, it may not work.

"Once you have a cold, you ca n’t stand at home, and you ca n’t use the medicine yourself. The most scientific method is to go to the hospital for the doctor to give treatment opinions." Doctor Jin said.

If you still have questions, you can continue to ask questions on the one -point consultation platform.When asking questions, pay attention to the following matters:

The question in the consultation, including the following information, allows the doctor to give the most accurate diagnosis.

1. The basic situation of patients, age, gender, illness time, medication, etc.

2. Specific symptoms during the onset, patient response, feelings, etc.

3. If there is a recent checklist, it is best to take pictures. If it is convenient, you can also take photos.

In addition, it should be explained that this activity aims to build a platform for medical and patient communication. All comments published by patients based on patients are for reference only, and do not make a direct basis for diagnosis and treatment.Yifan can choose to seek more accurate diagnosis and treatment opinions and plans to seek more accurate diagnosis and treatment according to the diagnosis and treatment opinion given by the online doctor.

The event continues. If you or your family and friends also have the need for consultation, you can download and register Qilu Yitian, or find the WeChat Mini Program "One Intelligence Station" to participate in the event.

(Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yitian Reporter Kong Yu Tong)

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