One tooth danger!Pregnant women’s wisdom tooth inflammation to the doctor for medical treatment, you are ready to have a baby, please pay attention

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In life, many people will have similar feelings. Tooth extraction is painful and scared. At the same time, they are very confused. Do you need to unplug it?In this regard, Dean Zhou Yong, a special authoritative expert in Hunan Medical Sound, suggested that everyone with the pain of painfulness: It is best to pull out the wisdom teeth with pain, especially the ladies preparing for pregnancy, otherwise there may be some serious consequences.

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I have seen such a news on the Internet: Ms. Wang had inflammation of wisdom tooth to teeth before pregnancy, but because of her fear of tooth extraction, she had never obeyed the doctor’s suggestion to remove the wisdom teeth.After pregnancy, Ms. Wang repeatedly developed symptoms such as swelling and pain in wisdom teeth, but she kept dragging to the hospital and rinsing her mouth in her home salt water. In the end, the inflammation not only did not improve, but the condition became more and more serious.It is reported that when Ms. Wang went to the hospital for a doctor, she had drank the rice soup for 3 days and hanged a week of bit. Not to mention that chewing and swallowing became a problem, and even breathing was difficult.After surgery and drug treatment, Ms. Wang’s condition was controlled, but the 7 -month -old fetus did not keep it.

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Pregnant women are almost dead due to wisdom toothing inflammation.In this regard, Dean Zhou Yong, the Haoyan Yisheng Branch, introduced that during the pregnancy of women, the level of hormone in the whole body changes, the resistance decreases, and it is more prone to oral diseases such as wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan and acute iliacitis.Many drugs have taboos during pregnancy, and they will increase the difficulty of treatment, which can easily lead to complications such as local gap infections. In severe cases, it is endangering the life of pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, the mother who is ready for the baby must check the teeth in advance, and try to eliminate the hidden dangers of oral diseases such as wisdom tooth crown thorns during pregnancy.

For pregnant women who are 3 months before and after 3 months of pregnancy, they can choose conservative treatment such as crowning weekly rinse.In 4-6 months of pregnancy, simple wisdom teeth can also be removed.Therefore, the active treatment of wisdom teeth pain in pregnant women can basically be performed without affecting the fetus.

Except for mothers to prohibit teeth, the following types of people need to be cautious:

1. Heart disease

2. Hypertension, blood pressure higher than 180/100mmHg

3. Diabetes, blood sugar value higher than 8.88mmol/L

4. Acute hepatitis, acute nephritis

5. Women’s menstrual period

6. Blood disease

7. hyperthyroidism

8. Sweet cold

9. Recently doing chemotherapy

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These precautions should be kept in mind after the tooth extraction!

Dean Zhou Yong of the Haoya Yisheng Branch reminded: In terms of diet, two hours after extraction, if the oral cavity has no abnormalities such as bleeding or swelling and pain, you can eat it. It is best to eat some liquid foods.Waiting for a irritating diet; in terms of living habits, full rest and sleep are necessary conditions. Pay attention to rest on the day of extraction, and you cannot do severe exercise or heavy physical labor, especially you cannot suck the wounds and blow instruments.Reduce or stop.

Zhou Yong, Dean of Hunan Medical Sound Special Authoritative Expert Hao Yiyi Huasheng Branch

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