Only when the baby is born, I know that she is pregnant. These pregnant mothers are not big, but have no hidden feelings.

Yesterday, there was a little friend in the mother group to raise such questions: Why do people always know that they are pregnant until they are about to give birth?

I saw a report that a 40 -year -old female worker in Hebei went to the toilet on his way to work.Five minutes later, a child was given a child.

And just after giving birth to a baby, there are like no one, and they leave with their children.It feels like having a child like her.

What’s even more incredible is that this is her third child.According to reason, she should have some experience.As a result, I was pregnant in October, but I didn’t feel the fetal movement.

Is this a bit too big?Didn’t you doubt it?I feel unbelievable when I think about it, I always feel that my IQ is threatened


In fact, it is not blame that this little partner will have such doubts.Because this is about to give birth, it is not an example to find that her pregnant mother is pregnant.

I have seen a report that a lady who lives in Beijing thinks she is indigestion.After going to the hospital for examination, the doctor found that she had obvious contractions, and the children in her belly had been full.

As a result, just after the inspection was completed, about ten minutes, she had a child.

So the question is, why does this happen?In fact, sometimes they are not too interested, but the following reasons:

The pregnancy test stick is not allowed

After suspecting that they were pregnant, the first reaction of many people was to quickly use the pregnancy test stick to test it.The female worker mentioned above was actually doubted.

According to her husband, after her belly became bigger, she actually attracted the attention of the husband and wife.However, because the pregnancy test stick was measured 3 times and did not measure it, the two dispelled the doubt.

To be honest, this probability is actually very low.If the pregnancy test stick is not expired and the personal operation is standardized, the accuracy of the pregnancy test stick is still very high.

However, if the test time is too early, the personal use is improper or the preservation is not good, the pregnancy test stick is invalid, which may cause the test results to be inaccurate.

Therefore, if you suspect you are pregnant, the result of the pregnancy test stick is negative or weak.This situation is recommended to re -test the pregnancy test stick of other brands every few days.

If the body changes abnormally and the result is still negative, then it is best to go to the hospital to draw blood and detect the value of HCG in the blood, which will be higher.

Irregular menstruation

For women with menstruation, if menstruation is delayed for more than ten days, anyone who has some common sense will doubt whether they are pregnant.

But for women with irregular menstruation, even if menstruation has not come after a few months, some people think that it is just a normal phenomenon, and they will not consider pregnancy at all.

Especially for women who have entered menopause, after menstruation is delayed, they will think that they are older and have completely discontinued menstruation.

Even if the body changes and the belly becomes bigger, they will not doubt they are pregnant.Instead, I feel that I am fat, or I feel uncomfortable.

The body shape is fatter, and it is not sensitive to fetal movement

Some women are getting fat before pregnancy, so even after pregnancy, even if their belly becomes bigger and weight gains, they think they are fat again.

And people with fat body are more abdominal fat, so they may not be sensitive to fetal movements.In addition, they have never considered pregnancy, so they are not easy to detect even if they have fetal movements.

Finally, I wanted to say that although these were not found that they were pregnant for a pregnant woman, they didn’t seem to be guilty, but they were really envious.Because for the fetus, the risk is actually quite strong.

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