Orange juice antigen detection is positive, is it true?

Source: CCTV

"Don’t eat oranges before nucleic acid testing!"

"These acidic foods will make your nucleic acid positive!"



The saying that "eating oranges and other acidic foods can cause nucleic acid test results to be positive"

is this real?

The Internet passes "eating oranges will become positive"

is that true?

The reason why these claims appear

It is because some people do antigen detection at home orange juice

The results showed "two bars"

In the video

The operator directly squeeze the orange juice on the new crown antigen reagent test box

Later, there were purple -red horizontal lines appeared in the T and C areas

These contents cause many people to panic

Asked whether it is true or false

I even said I dare not eat oranges anymore

Some netizens also said

I often eat these fruits at home recently

None of the nucleic acid detection of myself and the family is not abnormal

November 27th

Reporter randomly finds a nucleic acid test convenience service point

After eating oranges for about 2 minutes

And without drinking water and eating other foods

Participate in nucleic acid sampling

7 am on November 28th

The reporter opened Beijing Health treasure for nucleic acid self -examination

Results show: negative

Expert: Use orange juice for testing, the result is meaningless

Will eating oranges affect

Antigen detection and nucleic acid detection results?

Xu Hui, director of the Inspection Department of Emergency General Hospital, said

Sample detection is a "fine work"

The quality control of the full process needs to be performed

That is, before sampling, sampling, after sampling

Make sure the operation is accurate

In order to ensure the accuracy of the results

First of all

Antigen detection and nucleic acid detection are different

Antigen detection of protein on the shell of the virus

Use colloid gold fast test card

The nucleic acid detection of the nucleic acid inside the virus shell

Methods are usually real-time fluorescent quantitative amplification detection (RT-PCR)

Netizens use orange juice to test the virus antigen

Antigen detection or nucleic acid detection

To get accurate test results

Specification sampling is the most critical part

Applicable samples of the new coronary antigen kit

"Human nasal mucosal epithelial cell"

Drop orange juice as a sample into the kit

It does not meet the sampling criteria itself.


What kind of result is presented

All meaningful

Use orange juice to test antigen

Why is there a fake positive?

In fact, in 2021, German researchers have done similar experiments

Not just orange juice

Researchers will have a variety of beverages such as cola, Fanta, Red Bull, Vodka, whiskey, Bailan, soda and other drinks

Drip directly in the new crown antigen detection hole

After a period of time

There will be a positive T -line

But the nucleic acid detection of these beverages

No new crown virus was detected

"This is because the antigen detection test box can only be effective only under the correct use method. When performing antigen detection, you need to sample the swab and put it in a sample pipe containing the sample processing solution.Reagent board. Similarly, the researchers mix these beverages and sample processing solution before dripping into the sample holes for detection. The antigen detection will not have the result of the red line of the T area. "

The secret is in the sample processing solution

The principle of the new crown antigen testing the kit is simply speaking

It is to capture specific antigens through specific antibodies

But the combination of antigen antibodies

Need to maintain a proper pH value (pH)

The sample treatment solution contains a buffer system

It can ensure that the antigen antibody is combined under the appropriate pH value

Add orange juice or various beverages directly to the reagent plate

Destroy the appropriate pH environment

Non -specific results of antigen antibody

This has created false positives


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