Ovarian function is decreased, the uterus is hard, and she still wants to get pregnant …

"Thank Finally I’m Pregnant, Thank You My Doctor! (Thank God, I finally got pregnant, thank you, my doctor!" "

Not long ago, Fei Xiaoyang, chief physician of the reproductive medical center of our hospital, received a special English thanks.This good news comes from the female patients in Nigeria Mary (pseudonym). For this baby, she has worked hard for 7 years.

E premature ovarian aging and uterine adenoisotrophe, she was sentenced to "death penalty" in many places.Fortunately, in May 2020, she met Director Fei Xiaoyang and her team members, helping her for many years. "Mom dream."


Premature ovarian failure, uterus as big as pregnancy in March

Mom dream was sentenced to "death penalty" by many hospitals

Mary, who business in the small commodity market in Yiwu, was also pregnant once in 2013, but it naturally miscarriage in the early pregnancy.

Two years later, there was no "good news" in my stomach.The couple went to the local hospital in Yiwu for examination, and the results showed that Mary suffered from uterine fibroids with adenomia.The typical manifestation of this disease is that there are many menstrual passage and the dysmenorrhea worsen. In addition, many patients still have fertility problems!

Mary first performed surgery, but after 3 years of pregnancy, she was still not pregnant.In 2018, the couple were visited in a foreign hospital. After inspection, the ovarian reserve function had been reduced. I tried IVF for two cycles. However, because the ovarian function was extremely low, they did not get the eggs.

"We really want a child! Try it again, and finally try it again!" Holding this mood, the couple found out in many parties.

Fei Xiaoyang team of the reproductive medicine center evaluated Mary, and found two main causes of infertility: First, Mary’s ovarian function is very poor. The 37 -year -old ovarian is like 50 years old.(AMH) is only 0.04ng/ml, which is equivalent to the state before menopause.

Secondly, due to the influence of uterine adenomy muscles, the entire muscle layer of her uterus has partial lesions, which becomes very hard, and the embryo is difficult to bed.

These two situations are very fatal. Generally speaking, the chance of pregnancy is extremely low.Director Fei Xiaoyang analyzed the current situation with her, and suggested that she give up.

But Mary said: "Doctors, many people in the small commodity market in Yiwu in Yiwu successfully have the test tube in your test tube. I believe your technology, and I am willing to try again."

This persistence allowed Director Fei to move. After discussing with difficult medical records, the department team carefully analyzed her condition, and she made the best efforts to help her realize her dream of being a mother.


Only one follicles are left, there is no chance of trying and error

Special treatment plan, successful pregnancy at a time

Detailed discussion in the Department of Economic Affairs, Mary’s uterus can be "repaired" slowly, but the ovaries can’t wait.

At this time, her two -sided ovarian was already very small. There was only one small follicle on the left ovary. Director Fei was decapitated and used a micro -stimulus treatment plan. This follicle began to grow.

When will eggs be taken?One day, the follicles were not familiar. Late day, the follicles were too old, which tested the level of the doctor.Director Fei strictly monitor the development of the egg through B -ultrasound. With years of clinical experience, he seized the best time and successfully took out a egg!And transfer to the laboratory for in vitro training.

There is no chance to try and error in an egg, which requires that each link of embryonic cultivation cannot be a little error.Director Fei and team members managed the whole process, strictly controlled risks, and finally obtained a high -quality embryo.

△ Director Fei is in surgery

The second step is to treat the uterus.Mary’s uterus is like the size of others for 3 months of pregnancy. Director Fei designed and treated the treatment plan to reduce the uterus. After the uterus was reduced by about 30%, the embryo was transplanted.

After the operation, some tire preservation treatment was performed. Under the careful care of the medical staff of the reproductive medicine center, the embryo was successfully imposed, and Mary became pregnant!

In July of this year, she successfully gave birth to a son of 6 catties and two, and her mother dream!

△ Mary’s child


Infertility incidence rate continues to increase

These situations may lead to infertility

There are not a few situations like Mary, especially after the "three -child policy" this year is open, the number of patients who come to hospital for infertility have continued to increase.

There are many reasons for increasing incidence of infertility: delayed fertility, repeated artificial abortion, large social pressure, environmental factors, reproductive organs infections, immune factors, gene chromosomal abnormalities, etc.

If the husband and wife have sex for more than 1 year and have not taken contraceptive measures, but they are not pregnant, they can be diagnosed as infertility at this time.

So how do you know that you might be infertile in daily life?The following aspects can be tested by themselves:





Irregular menstruation

Endocrine disorders

History of embryonication for more than two times

Severe acne or hairy disease (body hair)

History of Mumps

Past urology surgery

Prostate infection

Premature ejaculation

Sperm amount

Ere dysfunction, cryptor test

With the opening of the "three -child" policy, there are more and more women with older pregnancy, and infertility groups are getting wider and wider.If you have the above symptoms and you still have no pregnancy at the same time, it is recommended to come to our college’s reproductive medicine center for further examination to clear the cause of the unable to conceive and take the next step.


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