Over 60 % of women are unwilling to marry, most of them are afraid of "secrets" exposure.

Marriage was originally a very happy thing, but some small problems experienced before marriage will also cause the emotional twists and turns of the little couples. For example, the procedure of pre -marriage inspection has caused a lot of contradictions between men and women.

Coco and Dadong were a sweet couple envied. After two people got along for one year, they were ready to get a certificate to get married.The program was not married.

Before receiving the certificate, the two also started preparing various materials and procedures. They could find that there was a marriage inspection in the list of marriage before the marriage, and immediately burned the anger and started to ask Dadong.

"Before marriage, a bunch of things had to be dealt with. Time was so tense. Now it has added a marriage inspection project. Who is still doing a marriage inspection now? Are you doubting me?"

Dadong also feels that it is a bit sensitive. The marriage check is originally a normal pre -marital routine project. One inspection is a big move.

The two were very unpleasant because of this marriage inspection. Dadong believed that he could check the physical condition before the marriage inspection, and it was also helpful for the eugenics and eugenics.

In the end, the two were reconciled under the adjustment of their families and friends. Due to time, Dadong also canceled the marriage inspection and Heke went directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau to receive a certificate.

Wedding inspection, as a job to ensure the happiness of marriage, is of great significance for both men and women.However, some surveys show that more than 60 % of women are unwilling to marry a marriage inspection. In fact, there are many reasons.

1) No marriage awareness

Many women think that marriage checks are an old project, and they are all done in the old society. Many young people think that marriage checks are not necessary.

Not only is it troublesome to waste time, the work pressure is relatively high at present, and it has to be free to do the meaningless things. It is not worth overdrawing a part of the cost.

2) Afraid of your privacy exposure

Before marriage, living in this era is no longer a matter of inconsistent things, but sometimes some girls did pay their feelings wrong when they were young, and people who encountered the wrong person did regret.

Although the man who is open to the man now does not mind, many women can’t pass their own level, and they also want to protect the feelings of the two people. They don’t want to be exposed to this marriage because of some past secrets.

3) Think that the other party does not trust

Many women think that the man’s marriage check often wants to know his past. It is completely unwilling to trust themselves. Many girls also quarrel with boys because of this.

In fact, it is necessary for the marriage inspection project to give young people science. The marriage check does not include the content of the history of fertility and abortion.

Even though experienced doctors can judge whether they have giving birth and miscarriage through women’s physical body, these results will not appear on the report form. For women, women do not have to worry about their past privacy.

The most important thing to check the marriage test of genetic medical history is to confirm the family history of both sides and the two sides to see if there is a genetic disease. If two people with some genetic medical history are married, the child’s health will also be affected.Sometimes the plot of dog blood is also found in a marriage check, because the other half of your half is your sister and sister who has lost many years.The marriage inspection is also good for the health of the next generation.Increasing the chance of conception and promoting eugenics can not only know whether both parties have infectious diseases, but also detect disease -related diseases between men and women, but infertility cannot be detected.Many people do before they are married before marriage. They need to prepare a lot before marriage, and their spirit is in a busy state. It is not suitable to do a comprehensive health check. It is best to do a marriage check -up three months ago.

【Mu Mu Mu Mu]

In fact, the marriage check will not expose any privacy of women. The marriage check is a good thing for both parties. For the health of each other, the happiness of marriage life, and the health of the next generation, the pre -marital examination is essential.

【Topic today】

Have you ever done a marriage check?

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