Ovulation test strips are always not measured during pregnancy. What is going on?Is it not ovulation?

Many sisters said when preparing for pregnancy,: Ovulation test strips are always not measured. What is going on?Is there a way to solve it?

Come on, let us see how to deal with the problem of no strong yang in the ovulation test strip.If you are helpful to the sisters, remember to give me a praise.

The ovulation test strip does not test the strong yang generally has the following possibilities:

1. When not ovulation.

2. Drink water in large quantities before testing, dilute the urine, and affect the test results.

3. Missing strong yang time, the eggs have been discharged, that is, from strong to weak.

4. Except for the above three determination factors, the problem of hormone levels may be explained.If you fail to reach the peak of LH, you cannot measure Qiangyang.LH is a luteal hormone. Because the level of luteal hormone in the body cannot reach the level, the strong yang cannot be measured.Generally, this situation can cause follicular luteinization or follicles to be too large and cause failure to conceive.


1. Start on the fifth day of menstruation and start using ovulation test strips to test ovulation. Do not use morning urine tests. Correctly use ovulation test strips. After soaking for 3-7 seconds of urine, let’s look at the results after 5-7 minutes.

2. Do not drink a lot of water 30-45 minutes before testing to avoid incomplete urine.After testing, drink water immediately to prepare for the next ovulation test strip.

3. Test one or two ovulation test strips a day after the menstruation. When the yang is tested, five or six roots are measured every day. After the strong yang is measured, the test strip cannot be saved every two hours.Easy to miss strong yang time.

4. If Qiangyang is still not measured according to the above aspects, then B -ultrasound detects follicles in the whole process, and use test strips to test the LH peak. The menstrual period stops on the sixth day of the B -ultrasound monitoring.At 18*18, every day is monitored by B-ultrasound, and the ovulation test strip is not measured at about 20*20 ovulation test strips at about 20*20, the HCG injection of 5000-10,000 units can help the eggs to discharge the eggs.

After analyzing these points, the problem of Qiangyang could not be measured, and it was given a solution. Do you know what happened to Qiangyang?For pregnancy and ovulation, we must find the law of ovulation for a few months.Occasionally, Qiangyang can’t be tested for a month or two. You don’t have to worry about it, and continue to observe. If you can’t even measure it for a few months, remember to ask professionals or doctors.

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