Pain cannot endure and endure, 7 kinds of pain cannot be delayed, you need to seek medical treatment immediately

"Pain", as the earliest and most subjective experience in life, is a problem that we often encounter. Almost everyone has experienced pains such as headache, neck and back pain, toothache, joint pain, chest and abdominal pain.But for a long time, people have less perception of pain and one -sidedness. There are a lot of errors in pain in pain. Many people think that pain "to endure it."I can’t stand the doctor.Some surveys show that more than 80%of people will not go to the hospital for treatment if they are not "painful".

The reasons for the phenomenon of "tolerance" and its harm

1. "Forbearance" has always been considered the advantage of the Chinese, a strong manifestation, and is respected by society.If someone always tells and complains with pain, it will be considered weak and coquettish.Therefore, many people would rather endure pain, and they would not go to the medical treatment.

2. It is believed that pain, especially to endure, is normal, which will disappear naturally.However, the international medical community has confirmed pain as the "fifth largest vital signs" after breathing, pulse, body temperature and blood pressure.

It is known that the high blood pressure is abnormal, which may lead to serious consequences such as cerebral hemorrhage. You need to go to the doctor as soon as possible, find out the cause, and actively treat it.The same is true of pain, and it is also the abnormal signs of life and need to be diagnosed early.Many pains do not disappear naturally, which may increase, causing serious consequences or chronic pain.

3. Lack of understanding of the alarm effect and harm of pain.New pain, that is, acute pain, that is, the pain within one month, usually related to surgical trauma, tissue injury or certain diseases.When the human body is damaged, disease, etc., pain occurs, reminding us to avoid danger in time or go to a doctor.

If the human body lacks pain, it will not be perceived even if it is hurt.For example, a sudden stomach hurts, and it is prompted that it may be appendicitis. Hurry up or surgical resection; for example, suddenly chest pain is very severe, and it may be a heart disease.These pains remind people to seek medical treatment or avoid danger.

If you do not seek medical treatment in time and tolerate pain, there may be serious consequences such as appendix perforation, myocardial infarction, and stopping heartbeat.And pain has adverse effects on multiple organ systems.

For example, for the cardiovascular system, pain will increase the heart rate and increase blood pressure, increase the consumption of myocardial oxygen in patients with heart disease, and may increase myocardial ischemia. For the respiratory system, pain will make the respiratory light and fast, leading to ventilation volume.A decrease, unable to remove the respiratory discharge through strong cough, leads to complications of the lungs; for the digestive system, pain can slow the gastrointestinal tract motility and delay functional recovery.Therefore, pain should be medical treatment early, early diagnosis should be clear, treating primary diseases, while reducing pain and reducing the adverse effects of pain.

4. Abstracts will become lack of understanding of acute pain.Acute pain often turns "short pain" into "long pain" and "small disease" into "big disease".Pain is the symptoms of many diseases. Usually, with the cure of the disease, the pain disappears naturally.

However, there are exceptions, such as patients with lung resection surgery, pain may last for 1 month or more. Some of them will evolve into chronic pain and require nerve block and other methods to improve.The occurrence of this kind of chronic pain has the patient’s own factors, but if it gives perfect postoperative analgesics, the incidence of chronic pain will decrease significantly.

After the age of 40, the joints will not be flexible. From the beginning, many people do not take it seriously. Until the joints of the joints up and down the stairs, they dare not work hard.I ca n’t afford it, when the joints, swelling, or even deformation, I think of treatment, but I found that many methods do not work, so I have to change the joints.

Schiopus is often small blisters in acute period. Patients may not be painful and have no good rest and treatment. Although many patients have pain, they only pay attention to skin injuries. They think that as long as the skin heals, the pain will naturally disappear.However, some patients still have persistent and severe pain after a long period of skin healing. They can not eat meals, and they cannot sleep at night.It’s really difficult.

In fact, if sufficient pain treatment is given early, it can reduce the occurrence of this sequelae.Therefore, once shingles are suffering from shingles, in addition to seeing dermatology, they should also go to the Department of Pain Department. The doctor will give the corresponding analgesic treatment.Otherwise, the longer the pain last, the worse it is to cure, and the more expenses.

5. Insufficient understanding of the harm of chronic pain and difficulty in diagnosis and treatment.Chronic pain, that is, pains that last more than 1 month, often cause patients to have sleep disorders, depression, depression, loss of labor, decreased quality of life, and seriously affect daily life. Some patients have the idea of pain or even light.Long -term stretching pain will also cause the function of various organs of the human body to be disordered.

Patients have often moved to various hospitals for many years, and the treatment effect is very small.Because chronic pain not only has difficulty in reversal in the pain site, but also changes the structure and function of the spinal cord and the brain, which makes it difficult to treat the treatment, the effect is not good, and the medical costs are greatly increased.At present, chronic pain has been identified as a "disease" by the World Health Organization.

6. There are also some patients who think that the pain is not good but not to go to the doctor, or go to the hospital for multiple examinations and treatment. The diagnosis is still unclear, the treatment effect is not good, the confidence is lost, and the "endurance pain" is passively chose.

For example, female patients with middle -aged and elderly people often have systemic pain. Many people think that it is the problem left when confinement. Therefore, it is normal to think that women are in pain and they are not cured.Therefore, if you do n’t go to the hospital to see a doctor, you can pinch your head when you have headaches. If you have back pain, you can move your waist and back.

Some diseases, such as waist and leg pain, the examination found that it was mild lumbar disc herniation. Orthopedics looked at it and thought that not surgery, prescribing some medicine, after a few days, it hurt after stopping the medicine.There are still some pain, and the diagnosis is clear. For example, after the pain of herpes simplex, the dermatologist looks good, saying that the skin is intact.Tolerance, I had to take medicine without taking medicine.

There are still some pain. For example, after the ankle joint sprains mild sprains, the entire lower limbs have repeatedly fierce lightning samples, burning sample pain, the lower limb muscles shrink, the skin becomes thinner, and the hair is scarce.Lost labor, the quality of life decreased, irritable, and even diagnosed by some doctors as mental illness.After going to the Department of Pain, the diagnosis is a syndrome of pain in the complex areas, recovered after treatment.

In the traditional concept, there are two kinds of pain relief: one is drugs, mainly opioids, but people are worried about addiction after taking; the other is closed therapy, with limited effects, and many people are afraid of using hormones.Therefore, the vast majority of patients would rather "endure pain".

In fact, the current development of pain department is rapid, the level of diagnosis has improved rapidly, the treatment of pain is increasing, and the effect is getting better and better.For example, patients with neuralgia in the aforementioned area of neuralgia are unclear diagnosis and poor treatment effects in other departments.

The Department of Pain usually treats pain in minimally invasive methods such as drugs, physiotherapy, nerve block, and radio frequency, and laser to achieve good therapeutic effects.Even in terms of drug treatment, the pain doctors can more reasonably apply different drugs for different drugs to enhance the efficacy and reduce side effects.For example, patients with chronic pain are mostly accompanied by adverse emotions such as anxiety and depression, so they often cooperate with anti -anxiety and antidepressants.

Many patients with neuralgia may need to be treated with antiepileptic and antidepressants.At present, 95%of acute and chronic pain can be treated with satisfactory treatment. Whether it is severe or slight pain, standardized treatment must be performed to effectively control the pain.

Do not bear the pain again

The above analysis clearly tells us that when patients are painful, they can be "coquettish". They should talk to their family, friends, and medical staff in time to eliminate bad emotions such as fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc.Help, eliminate pain through timely treatment.Don’t stand it, so as not to become "long pain" into "long pain", "small disease" becomes a "big disease".

The pain that needs to be doctor immediately

Pain in a certain part of the body is commonplace, but some pain must not be careless.The "American Network Medicine Doctor" website has consulted an expert in heart disease, internal science, seniority and psychiatry, and wakes everyone up. Seven kinds of pain cannot be delayed, and you need to seek medical treatment immediately.


No matter what kind of headache, you have to go to the hospital for examination, unless you know the cause.Colds can cause nasal headache, cerebral hemorrhage or brain tumor can also cause headaches, severe headaches may be a precursor of cerebral motor tumor.When you have the following headaches, you should seek medical treatment in time:

The first or severe headache, especially the new headaches over 50 years old;

In recent days, frequent attacks, the degree of increasing the degree;

Always headache on the same side;

Taking painkillers with ineffective headaches;

Cancer patients or AIDS patients with new headaches;

Accompanied by a headache for seizures;

Headaches with symptoms such as fever, neck resistance, rash, nausea, vomiting;

Headache accompanied by mental disorder or disorder;

Headaches with symptoms of neurological symptoms such as visual disorder, hemiplegia, and numbness.

Pain in the jaw, throat, chest, shoulder arm or abdomen

This may be a precursor to heart disease.Pay attention to the typical symptoms of heart disease is not pain, but discomfort.The oppression of patients with heart disease is like sitting on your chest.In addition to the chest area, the discomfort caused by heart disease may also occur in the throat, jaw, left shoulder arm or abdomen.

Pain in the lower part or scapula

In most cases, this is a reaction of arthritis, but it may be caused by heart disease or abdominal diseases.

Severe abdominal pain

First of all, the most likely is an appendix problem.Secondly, gallbladder and pancreas, gastric ulcers, and intestinal obstruction may occur in abdominal pain.

Calf pain

There is a little dangerous people who know, that is, the formation of deep venous thrombosis.The danger is that once the thrombus falls off, it may cause pulmonary embolism and endanger life.Cancer, obesity, long -term beds, long -distance travel, pregnancy, and age can cause calf pain.

Burning of legs and feet

The legs and feet have a burning sensation or acupuncture, indicating that the nerves are damaged, which may be the surrounding neuropathy of diabetes and peripheral neuritis.

Unpredictable pain

Pain is common in patients with depression.Sometimes it is headache, sometimes pain in limbs, and sometimes comprehensive.Don’t stand quietly, because maybe the physiological structure of the brain has occurred at this time.

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