Painless stool bleeding is not simple, do not neglect the "red warning" of blood blood

Red Net Moment News May 28 (Correspondent Shu Li) Blood in the stool is a common symptom of disease. For painful blood, it is often easy to be vigilant and seek medical treatment in time.As for painless blood in the stool, it is easy to take people lightly. It is just that it is just a small problem and does not need to pay too much attention. It is because of the negligence of painless blood in the stool that the timing of early detection and treatment of the disease is often delayed.

Zhang Shuhong, the attending physician of the Department of Anorectal Hospital of Changsha Dongda Ethics Hospital, said that painless and bloodless blood is that patients accidentally find abnormal feces, such as bright red, dark red, asphalt -like, or wiping blood, stool drops, etc., not accompanied by pain, no painAnd other obvious symptoms of discomfort, so it is often easy to ignore people.If painless blood occurs, the following diseases should be alert:

1. Internal hemorrhoids

This symptom is a soft mass formed by the lower mucosal sheet of the rectal end of the anal duct to the end mucosal end of the rectal end.The blood in the stool is mostly painless blood, and the blood color is bright red or sprayed.

2. Rectal polyps

This symptom is the bulge lesions on the surface of the rectal mucosa, and painless blood in the stool is its main clinical manifestation.The characteristics of blood in the stool are blood stool without dripping. Generally, the amount of bleeding is less and does not mix with the feces.

3. colon polyps

This symptoms occur in the bulges of the colon mucosa. If the polyps are large and the surface is erosion, it may occur with painless intermittent blood or blood on the surface of the stool. Successive inflammatory infection can occur with mucus or mucus blood stools.Or increase symptoms such as secondary.

4. Ulcerative colitis

This symptom is a chronic non -specific intestinal inflammatory disease. Its typical symptoms are early pain without pain and diarrhea. Light abdominal pain or only mild abdomen discomfort.

5. colon cancer

This symptom is a malignant tumor that occurs in the colon. The early symptoms are generally not obvious. With the progress of the disease, blood stool symptoms may occur. The blood stool is generally dark red, the amount is relatively small, and the blood is often mixed with the stool.Blood or mucus pus and blood.

Changsha Dongda Anorectal Hospital reminds that painless blood in the stool is generally caused by disease factors. Therefore, when it is found that there is symptoms of blood in the stool, even if there is no pain, it should be paid attention to it, and the cause of the diagnosis in a timely manner is clear to avoid delay treatment.

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