Papi sauce funny video officer Xuan Xuan’s pregnancy!There is an interesting mother, the luck of the child’s life

Papi sauce is pregnant!This woman with a beautiful and talented woman announced the good news of her pregnancy with a funny video.

After the news was announced, netizens sent blessings, congratulations to Papi to be a mother.Many netizens leave a message to sigh

"Papi will definitely be a very interesting mother",

"Papi children must also have an interesting soul."

In 2015, PAPI sauce became popular with a video of "Shanghai Dialect+English First Bomb". Its exaggerated performance and humorous language quickly captured the love of a large number of fans.There are more than 10,000.

PAPI claims to be a woman who is beautiful and talented, and has been nicknamed "the first female net red in the universe" by Zhang Shaogang.And this fun and funny woman will immediately change from "the first female net red in the universe" to "the first interesting mother of the universe"!

There was a survey on the Internet. What is an interesting mother experience?

One of the praise answers: childhood is fun and happy.

Professor of Psychology at Peking University shows that the mother’s personality affects whether the child’s future psychology is healthy and the life is happy.If a person has a happy childhood, then his life is happy, and if a person has a happy childhood, then he will have an interesting mother. This interesting mother will bring him in the child’s growth process.Come to a different happiness experience!

Interesting mom, the family atmosphere is warmer

From the actor Sun Yan’s Weibo, we found that she was a particularly interesting mother. She had no burdens with the child, allowing children to paint at home, travel with children, exercise together, and so on.The husband Deng Chao also showed a funny daily life on Weibo, opening the funny daily model of the family.

Sun Yan’s happy family makes many people envy, and often express love to my mother "I have a good mother, thank you!".At the Golden Rooster Award Ceremony a few days ago, Deng Chao told showing affection and expressed his love to Sun Yan: "Teacher Sun Yan, you are always the best heroine in my heart."

Interesting mom, love life, she can always find the most beautiful place in life, living the life lively and fragrant;

Interesting mothers, know how to appreciate the flashing point of others, under her appreciation and encouragement, the family is getting better and better;

Interesting mothers will treat everyone around them to create a pleasant and warm family atmosphere;

… …

Hong Lan, a doctor of psychology in Taiwan, once said: Mother is the soul of the family, the mother is happy, and the mother is happy, and the mother’s anxiety is anxious.

There is a word in psychology called "emotional infection", pointing out that emotions have strong communication and inspiration.The interesting mother is the catalyst of the family atmosphere. She can always find the hi point of life and pass the pleasant emotions to the family. When the family receives this positive emotion, she will always be kept in a happy state, and this kind of kindness will be kept and this kind of kind.The positive emotions are passed out, so a virtuous circle is formed, allowing the family to always be in a warm and happy atmosphere.

Interesting mom, it will create an interesting soul

Writer Feng Tang’s mother is a very hearty Mongolian wife who loves life. Feng Tang often share her mother’s paragraph on Weibo.

He once said, "My mother is an old lady who is formally educated in elementary school (education level), and is very disgusting! But she is the first frank, she hates what she hates, it is very clear; second she is interesting.If the whole life has no ultimate significance, the warmth and interesting period of that time is very fun. "

The actor Yang Di is funny, and his characteristics are deeply influenced by his mother. Yang Di once reported on the show that many mothers "cheated" his past, let the audience laugh, lamenting that his mother must be sureThere is a son!

It was a fun mother that created Feng Tang and Yang Di "interesting souls" and achieved them today!

In "Perfect Education", Naomi Aldise said: Sharing his life with an excellent child, his excellence is not from fear, but from happiness and love.

Interesting mothers not only make children’s lives full of fun, but also give the child the best guidance in spirit.

Interesting moms, always maintaining curiosity and enthusiasm for life. She is always looking for the joy of life and exploring the cuteness of life.

A boy once said to his mother, "I want to jump to the moon." Mom encouraged him to say, "Okay, but don’t forget to jump back from the moon for dinner."

Many years later, the boy really went to the moon. After returning from the moon, the reporter asked him: At this moment, what do you want to say most?He said, "I want to say to my mother, I am back from the moon, I want to go home for dinner."

This boy is the first person to board the moon -Amsterland!

Mom’s interesting, infection with the child’s thoughts, filling the child’s soul, protecting the child’s dream, and encouraging children’s progress. Such a child has unlimited possibilities in the future.

Interesting mom, strong child’s heart

Tesla’s founder Musk said that when he was a child, his family crowded in a small apartment. His mother never complained, always smiling, creating a better life for the family.

This positive and optimistic attitude of mother has a great influence on Musk. Even if her career is not smooth, and encountering various setbacks, Musk has never complained and never thought of giving up.

Mo Yan wrote in the prose "Mother": "What makes me unforgettable is that the mother who is full of sorrow, when working hard, she sang a small song in her mouth.The hardest working is my mother, and the most serious about my mother. But the optimism of my mother suddenly gained a sense of security and hope for the future. This is the solemn promise made by a mother who worried about her. "

The biggest advantage of interesting mothers is that it is always optimistic!

No matter what problems she encounters, she will face it positively and live happily. She is good at finding fun and sunlight from suffering. Her strong spirit and a calm attitude of life will affect the child’s mind and growth.

Under the education of such a mother, the child will naturally form a tough and optimistic attitude towards life.

Teacher Luo Ling, a famous children’s education expert, said that an interesting parent is an excellent and efficient parent.

As the most important guidance of a child’s life, mothers should work hard to make themselves an interesting person, and use their own interesting souls to influence the child’s growth

1. Don’t hold yourself, let go of the so -called majesty and shelf

Elementary school students are popular every day, because imitating Li Jiaqi is famous, his videos he posted every time will get countless likes.Not long ago, my parents recorded a funny video when they appeared in the photo, and netizens suddenly realized that it was such a pair of interesting parents that made a humorous and funny every day!

Be a fun mother, first don’t hold yourself, always take out the parent’s faction, which will only make the child and you get farther and farther.Put down the shelf, break through the psychological shackles of the parents, pick up their childlike heart, and put themselves and their children at the same height.At this time you will find that you will understand your children more and understand children.

2. Learn to make yourself interesting

Mr. Zhou Guoping said, "There are some serious parents who are very boring. When they see the child naughty, they are punished. They are indifferent to hearing the children’s interesting words. I really feel wronged by their children."

Some mothers always glance at them, all kinds of picky children, complaining about life and work, anxiety every day, emotional mania, and chickens flying dogs every day at home.Children who live in such an environment for a long time will also become irritable and lack of security.

Therefore, try to control your emotions, learn to relax your mentality, treat life with a positive and optimistic attitude, and treat children’s growth.

Starting from increasing your own smile, starting from the corner of the home, starting with the running madly with your children, starting with consciously controlling your emotions, starting from humorously responding to the child’s words …

Find the flash point from the bland life, dig the advantages from the family’s body, and be a fun mother who knows how to appreciate others and actively face life.

The gentle mothers are the same, and the interesting mothers pick one thousand miles.

The interesting mother has magical power, and he will use his enthusiasm to lighten the ordinary life to help the children’s lives.

Work hard to make yourself a fun mother, because the mother is funny, the child will be happier!

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