Papi sauce is sunny, "pet cats" quoted netizens heated discussion, netizens: don’t raise cats in pregnancy

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After women are pregnant, all aspects of life need to be very cautious.Whether women can raise pets during pregnancy have also become a controversial topic. Most people think that pets during pregnancy are not good for pregnant women and fetuses.

PAPI sauce showed the gift from his husband on the social platform, and this is also the first pregnant belly photo that Papi sauce was exposed after pregnancy.In the photo, she was lying on the bed. Although her belly was covered with a quilt, her bulging pregnant belly was still very obvious. It can be said that "full of pregnancy."

While netizens were attracted by the giraffe pillow on her neck, they also noticed the "pet cat" lying next to Papi sauce.The pet cat sometimes lay quietly on the quilt aside, and sometimes stood on the quilt.This harmonious scene attracted controversy from netizens.

For PAPI sauce, cats are raised during pregnancy, but netizens have said: Do not raise cats during pregnancy.In many people’s concepts, cats can easily have an adverse effect on pregnant women and fetuses.So during pregnancy, can you raise "pet cats"?What are the aspects of attention in the process of cat raising?

"Pet cats" during pregnancy are prone to problems

1. Pregnant mother’s resistance to weak infection with toxoplasma disease

For bow -shaped parasites, cats are very good host.Once these bowworms are stored on the cat’s cells, they will begin to reproduce.And if you do not find it in time, it is easy for mothers to be infected.The physical resistance and immunity of the mothers during pregnancy have decreased, and toxoplasma is extremely harmful to people with defects in the immune system.

2. Fetal malformations are prone to

In addition to causing damage to the body of the pregnant mother, the toxoplasma also causes bad symptoms of the fetus.Gow -shaped worms will be transmitted to the abdomen of the pregnant mother through the mother’s placenta.The infected fetus is prone to deformity, such as the fetus and congenital heart disease and other diseases, which will severely lead to the death of the fetus.The possibility of arch-gangs infection causes the fetal deformity as high as 30%-40%, so its influence cannot be ignored.

You need to raise "pet cats" during pregnancy

1. Regular inspection

In order to prevent the "pet cat" infected with the infection of the pregnant mother, it is important to pay attention to the "pet cat" on the epidemic prevention station to check whether the pet cat cells are infected by the toxoplasma infection.And this task is best to give it to the husband or other family members at home to ensure the safety of the pregnant mother.

2. Clean up the excrement in time

"Pet cats" are usually easily transmitted to the human body through feces, so for "pet cats" excrement, etc., pay attention to cleaning up in time, and then disinfect the food disk and bowel movement.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to avoid contact with cats and food disks during pregnancy. After touching "pet cats", they should be cleaned and disinfected in time.

3. Keep distance

In order to better avoid being infected, the pregnant mother should try to keep a safe distance with the "pet cat" as possible during pregnancy, so as not to let the "pet cat" fall asleep on your bed, and do not go to the table with the cat easily.Give the cat a separate living space and try not to approach.

Pets during pregnancy are not completely inevitable, but there are more matters that need to be paid attention to in this process.No matter how much pregnant mothers like pets, for the safety of themselves and fetuses, try to avoid it during pregnancy.In daily life, you must also check the health of pets regularly.

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