Parenting experts tell you that the pregnant mother’s belly has three reasons for black hair and how to prevent

Many people know that after pregnancy, some symptoms that pregnant women have never appeared before they have appeared before, nausea, and vomiting these pregnancy reactions are not counted. What is even more strange is that some pregnant women have been bearded and their body hair.In addition to his arms and legs, there are also black hair on your stomach. What is going on?

During pregnancy, black hair grows during pregnancy, mainly due to the following changes in the pregnant woman’s body during pregnancy.

1. Increase hormone secretion and slow down metabolism

After pregnancy, the amount of hormone secretion in the body of pregnant women becomes more, and the metabolism of the mother’s body becomes slower. A large amount of hormones cannot eliminate the body, which will cause the hair to update the rate of hair slowly, that is, the phenomenon of hair loss will be reduced.more and more.

2. Increase estrogen, and the growth of hair is accelerated

During pregnancy, the body of pregnant women will secrete a large amount of estrogen, and testosterone and adrenal corticosteroids during pregnancy will also increase accordingly. The growth rate of hair will increase by 20%.Hair.

3. Stimulation of androgen is stimulated

Estrogen complement each other in the body.Therefore, the male hormones of pregnant women will also become more. As the male hormones become more, the physical characteristics of pregnant women will change, and the growth of hair is a clear change.Therefore, the black hair on the belly becomes more.

If the pregnant woman finds that her body hair becomes thick, there are a lot of black hair on her belly, so don’t worry.

After childbirth, the various hormone indicators of the body will return to the state before pregnancy, so the hair on the body will slowly fade.And there is a period of hair loss. This is because the hormones in the body will not support so much hair, so these hair will naturally fall off.

1. Eat more vitamin C foods, such as kiwi, which helps prevent melanin from precipitation and reduce the skin’s symptoms.

2. Don’t shave or apply the hair cream.This tired product contains a large amount of chemical components and cannot be used during pregnancy.

3. Reduce ultraviolet rays directly to the skin to prevent the hair from worse.

In short, it is normal to appear black hair during pregnancy, and pregnant women do not need to care too much.

Some people say that if there is black hair in the stomach during pregnancy, the chance of being pregnant is relatively high.This statement has a certain reason, so if it is a male baby, the male hormones will increase, because hair will be more secreted.

However, the various reactions during pregnancy are comprehensive results, the balance of all aspects and the physique of pregnant women to comprehensively decide. Therefore, some characteristics are accurate for some people, that is.

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