Parenting said: Why do some pregnant women often feel hot?Five reasons, five suggestions, can’t be wrong

Introduction: I was not afraid of heat, because the cold of the palace was 35 degrees.However, after pregnancy, I am particularly afraid of heat. I feel that the office air conditioner seems to be broken. It is the same as it is not on.

Why do some pregnant women often feel hot?

The first statement is blood heat, which is caused by deficiency of qi deficiency and blood deficiency.

You can use winter melon to stew the black chicken soup to condition, and you usually eat too much.

The second statement is the impact of fetal gas.

It is better to adjust after giving birth.I am not afraid of hotness now, but the basal body temperature has always been too low and it is really not good.

The third statement is that the basic body temperature of people after pregnancy will be relatively high.

The speed of metabolism of pregnant women has also become faster, which is normal.

Otherwise, there will always be a situation of judging pregnancy by measuring the basal body temperature.

The fourth statement is the changes in hormone levels in pregnant women after pregnancy.

The reason why pregnant women can get pregnant is that there is a luteal secretion of progesterone in the body, which often increases the body temperature.

The fifth statement is to increase the blood vessels in the uterus after pregnancy.

It is normal to let the capillaries expand and cause heat of the hands and feet.

There are the following suggestions to alleviate the phenomenon that pregnant women always feel hot:

1. When you are hot, you can take a bath more, and wipe the sweaty places with more water to cool down.

2. Listen to light music, nourish your heart, relieve irritability.

3. I often go to the park to take a walk. Sometimes the pressure is too strong and I feel annoyed and irritable.

4. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat less meat, promote digestion and prevent fire.

5. Eat less things that are easy to get angry, such as fried food, I am particularly good when I am pregnant. The fried oil cake is too fragrant, and I have eaten many.The child born with the physique is also irritable.

Pregnant women feel that the heat of fever for the fetus and their bodies:

Pregnant women with high base temperature are full of pregnancy and good health. I am like this. I am particularly smooth during pregnancy and rarely get sick.

Therefore, it is not a bad thing during pregnancy. I always think that cold should pay attention to improving the basal body temperature, otherwise it is not good for the fetus and it is easy to get sick.Just pay attention to relieve the heat.

Today’s topic: Do you feel hot when you are pregnant?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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