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Ocean News "Packing things, you can be discharged with peace of mind, to avoid the allergic source I said, avoid strong irritating gas, pay attention to rest, exercise appropriately, and relax."Director Feng Qi said to Ms. Zhong, Ms. Zhong, who was 26 -year -old Maoming, when he was teaching.It turned out that Ms. Zhong was a new mother who had been abortion due to asthma. She was pregnant again last year. It coincided with the high season of asthma in spring. She was deeply troubled. Fortunately, she gave birth to her child.The doctor reminded that once asthma occurs during pregnancy, it has a great impact on the fetus. If female asthma patients have a pregnancy plan, they must start controlling the condition throughout the pregnancy, and asthma for more than 3 consecutive months is suitable for conception.

Frequent asthma seizures during pregnancy

Qiang forbearance does not take medicine and pain out of the first tire

Ms. Zhong, who lives in Maoming, appeared in the students’ time 10 years ago. She had an asthma. She had diagnosed bronchial asthma in the local area. However, she could be relieved after rest, and she had less attention. She did not pay attention to it.Since 2015, repeated shortness of breath is worsen, and sometimes it needs to be inhaled "asthma" or "ammonium cordine" to relieve it.

"In 2015, I was pregnant with the first child. I heard that the family said that it could not take medicine anyway. It would affect the health of the fetus. It stopped drug treatment. Sometimes it was forced to endure.After being sent to the local hospital, the fetus in his stomach was gone for more than 7 months … "Ms. Zhong said.

It is understood that every three years in the past three years, the asthma will occur during the seasonal climate change. Usually, there are breathtaking, cough, etc., and the increasing attack is about 3 to 4 times a year.

Feng Qi introduced that the number and severity of asthma patients during pregnancy did not change much compared to before pregnancy. Generally, at 29 to 36 weeks of pregnancy, the condition was relatively easy to worsen.If the symptoms of asthma are well controlled, it is safe for pregnant women and fetuses.Conversely, if asthma fails to be controlled, it may cause hypoxia in pregnant women, and pregnancy hypertension, signs of eclampath, internal distress, and dystocia, etc., severe hypoxia and even harming the safety of the mother and fetus.

Asthma does not occur in March for consecutive March

Only pregnancy

In January 2018, Ms. Zhong, who came to work in Guangzhou, appeared again. She had a asthma again. The 120 first -aid vehicle was returned to the Southern Medical University Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital for treatment.According to the supervisor Ren Xi in charge, the patient’s breath was aggravated when arriving at the hospital, accompanied by chest tightness, cold sweat, cough, sputum difficulty coughing, discomfort, etc., and 85%of the oxygen oxygen saturation was checked in the emergency department.Tynchise, considering severe asthma. After symptomatic treatment, the blood oxygen saturation returned to 98%. It was a systemic diagnosis and treatment, and the treatment was adopted into the respiratory department.

Feng Qi said that Ms. Zhong was discharged after recovery in January 2018. She did not fully follow the doctor’s order, and she was pregnant before controlling asthma.The seizure is about 28 weeks of pregnancy at the time of retribution. The emotions are more anxious. They are worried about abortion again. Later, the baby is born in strict accordance with the medical order. The baby’s health is born.

"This time the hospitalization is the third time. After becoming a mother, it is more exhausted and asthma. Fortunately, the patient attaches great importance to it, and the illness is relatively mild. I can control it in the hospital for 2 days." According to Feng Qi from Feng, in general, the general situation is generally the case.In the following, patients with asthma patients can not be considered under the guidance of a doctor for 3 consecutive months. It is recommended that the body should be appropriately conditioned and re -pregnancy after stopping the drug. It is not recommended to get pregnant during the treatment of asthma.If asthma occurred during pregnancy, under the guidance of a doctor, you can treat it according to the guidelines of the asthma medication for pregnancy. Do not blindly insist on "no medication during pregnancy."Specifications for asthma patients under the guidance of doctors have a promotion effect on the health of the mother and fetus.

Daily anti -asthma:


Asthma, also known as bronchial asthma, is a chronic airway inflammation involved in a variety of cells and cell components. This inflammation is often accompanied by the increase in airway reactivity, leading to recurrent asthma, shortness of breath, chest tightness, cough and other symptoms.At night or early morning, such symptoms are often accompanied by extensive and changeable air flow obstruction. Some patients can reverse themselves, and most patients need further treatment.

Feng Qi introduced that the causes of asthma have diverse and complicated, mainly including genetic factors, allergic causes, and promoting factors. Generally, it is not absolutely avoided, but you still need to pay attention to avoid common pathogenic factors.Especially patients with allergic rhinitis in respiratory tract.

It is worth reminding that the common pathogenic factor is inhalation of allergies, and the most common in mites, fungi, pollen, grain powder, drugs and food additives.For example, if you are humid, pets, and cultivated plants in your home, you need to pay more attention to the breeding of mold and mites to avoid long -term contact with pollen. The use of drugs must be performed under the guidance of a doctor.

Secondly, atmospheric pollution, chemical gases, viruses and other factors are also closely related to asthma. Pay attention to the environment and personal hygiene when traveling, and try to stay away from strong irritating gases and pollution gases.

Experts remind that suspected asthma occurs after contacting the pathogenic factors of asthma, including symptoms such as seizure cough, chest tightness, and dyspnea.There is no attack for 3 consecutive months, and you can consult a doctor to reduce or stop the medicine as appropriate.

(Guangbao All Media Reporter Zhou Jieying Correspondent Wu Jiayi)

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